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REALIVISION vs Religion Racist Radical Renegade Rouge Reptilian RACE = Real Live Vison – InnerVision + RaVision – Amen-Raligion restoring righteousness Jesustice Chriystrix + Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification…

Blog address: http://amenraligion1.wordpress.com AMEN-RALIGION + RAVISION vs RELIGION!!  YES REALIVISION vs. RELIGION!! And artistically articulated. Excellent expressed-enhanced + elevated English language words of wealthier wisdom. Plus+ plain-o-simple saying so; We’s & Us’s are talking all about, Real Live Visions, things that are apparently … Continue reading

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INTERVENTION DIVINE = ArtistCHD’s RealiVision vs Religion-Politics..pt-3

    INTERVENTION DIVINE; For thine is the kingdom beauteously sublime.__”Thy kingdom come” perfectly here right on time; To contain the whole creation of humankind; Black-white, red-brown-yellow skin pigmentation not colorblind; To redeem the spirit soul body and mind; And to … Continue reading

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