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CHINA-ASIA vs. USA Aryan-Ashkenazim Anglo-America + RUSSIAN FEDERATION vs EUROPE-NATO-EU = Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III=3 + AFRICA’S Rock Offense + Stone Defense We The Public People Power Plan + Phantom-Phatom-Physics1 + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD!

ROCKOFFENSE=STONEDEFENSE!! WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE PURE POTENCY POWER+ PHANTOM-PHATOM-PHYSICS-1 !    Indubitably meaning the common sense-sane society and community-centizenry of our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS entire whole population of people = Afrindians, Afrasians, Afroasitic families. Inclusively, what I name to be  Aboriginal Africoidians, … Continue reading

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