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YES REALIVISION vs. RELIGION!! And artistically articulated. Excellent expressed-enhanced + elevated English language words of wealthier wisdom. Plus+ plain-o-simple saying so; We’s & Us’s are talking all about, Real Live Visions, things that are apparently seen with our own opened two eyes. Visually perceived of by sight seeing = sense Sciessence!

NO:  We’s & Us’s no longer let those terming themselves the “White Race”; and somebody else’s Ethnicity the; “Black Race” continue to impose their make believe “God” upon Citizens of  Color of America’s & Africa’s ascendant ancestry.

Adversely attaching an adjective, affront acting against Aboriginal Africoidians, who’re not affectations and aberrations as the color black. A demoralizing and dehumanizing definition – designation, that’s devilishly detrimental, demonically destructive to common decency. Deliberate damages done by hybrid-humans and half-humanoids!!!

“Racists” results from perceptibly pearly pale pink pigmented people, Pinkskins, purposely playing prejudicial politics, pretending to be bio-bodily “white”; but they’re negatively not!

So they’ve concocted their false “God” within their twisted thoughts, thus terrorist thug tyrannical terminology!

Radicalized racialist rightest redneck renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion.  Raiders raping – robbing rare rich royalties, raw rendered resources = rapine!

Dare to bravely read the full story and total told truths 100%+ positive proofs:

ani blue light

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RealiVision_color neg image

“Power is the ability to define reality
and to have other people respond to your definition
as if it were their own.”
Dr. Wade Noble

Exception To My Rule: I am an person who do not need, nor like or desire to promote publications. Expressly, being books broker, help someone sell their written works, literature, journals, magazines, etc.

Basically because, I’m an avid book buyers and also reader. And have seen how far too many manuscripts, texts, tampers with one’s mind in adverse and negative ways. Persons who’re profiteers  preying upon others feelings and emotions. A form of entrapment and enslavement, in surreptitious stealth. Stealing spirituality out of individuals too attached to them to let go!

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Albeit, I Am AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 Avatar Avenger, revealing to y’all who and what they truly are, pulling no punches and not giving anybody an automatic ritual right of passage = personage PASS!!!

Among an approx. 10% to 12%, decent, clean cultured – completely cured Caucasian Caucasoidian citizen of The USA. And as an individual person; The First Coming of his HueMainKind!!! As opposed to being a corrupted criminal CauCrazian!!!

Co- creating compounded capital cash currency, cosmic creative chemistry, concurrent connected circuitry.

How do one protect their money, retirement savings, when the next crash comes along? Remember what happened in 2008; and is still happening to millions of citizens here in the USA as the Stock Market – Wall Street came tumbling down. Numerous losers who never new how to play the “game”!
I strongly suggest, investing a portion of your income, savings, with CKNWCA, anointed artworks, a secret safe secure storage – sacred sanctuary of Spiritious Symbols. Our old originating ancient ancestry and authentically authorized appointed and anointed artistry. All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. The baby birthplace, beginning of all humanity-humankind!
First and foremost, featuring financial fortunes, for family foundations – forthcoming funds. Mutual money making methods, molding multimillionaire mental models. When you go to my Main Website Homepage,;,

Yes, you’ll see the ancient Egyptian ANKH, of Kemet Africa. And I’ve identified – innovated and invented a new name, by combining – compounding cosmic creativity, correctly called: KemEgypt! It’s an Americanized-Africanized analogy = enhanced – elevated – excelled English expressions!!! 

Christendom vs Islam_color

YES YAWLS: We’re witnessing worldwide warfare = CHRISTENDOM VS ISLAM!! YES YAWLS:

Christendom vs Islam_color neg image

“Ye Shall Know The Truth. And The Truth Will Make You Free.”YES; YAWLS, We’s & Us’s were misled-misguided, mentally mistaken and our minds maimed. 1. Nobody, no not one historically actually lived as human bio-bodily beings. 2. None of the bible characters, persons, people, disciples, apostles, ever even existed. 3. They are all allegory-stories! And there isn’t one single cemetery graveyard site located – documents of any of them mentioned in the alleged and assumed; “Hole Bible” Old & New Testaments. 4.

Thus, this is the total told truths 100%+proofed-proved! According to professor Walter Williams: ‘There has historically never been a man by the name of a “Jesus Christ”; (nor “The Prophet Muhammad); to ever lived. Of no color of skin, creed and “racial”, ethnicity!’ 

Clean cultured cured CaucAsians vs Corrupted Criminal Crazy CauCrazians!! Christianize-d Capitalist-Colonialist Captors!! Truly: These biblical written words are by mad-men, evil enemy entities = Europeans – Euromans, Eu-Rope-ans, Euro-Anglo-Aryan-Ashkenazim-Americans; as antagonist adversaries and alien agencies acting against All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African Americans. [Adversely attached adjectives, as Coloreds – Negroes & bogus branded “Blacks”!)Prison Plantations Privately Produced: People playing prejudicial party politics = Perceptibly pearly pale pink-pigmented persons, PINKSKINS.

Thus those terrestrial tactical terrorists terming themselves the superior – supremacy “white race”; “whites”. Forged, framed, fraud in fact lies of longstanding leading liars and ‘the founding fathers; thereof-herein the USA & Europe!!

Teacher – Pastor: Ray Hagins: “What Makes Religion So Powerful.”

Pastor: “Ray Hagings: “The False Teachings of The Apostle Paul”. Hagins: What Makes Religion So Powerful.

“Jesus Not Coming Back By The Looks Of It” Admits Vatican”There Will Be No Rapture & Jesus Is Not Coming Back – Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins

Dr Ray Hagins – What is Christianity


Embedded Watermarks – Copyrights Coded Copy.

Intelligently Invest Income Interest

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PREHISTORY: Preset Periods Predates; HISTORY = His-Story. There are no written timelines during these terrestrial-territorial timetables. Nor recorded recognition of those who lived during prehistoric periods of planetary people’s populaces. Properly placing persons physical presences!

Artifacts as authentic artworks, as an ancient ancestry, appointed and anointed artistry. Apparently appears as ALLAHYM ATUM-ATOM-AMEN-RA-RAYS. So scientifically studied and solemnly said; SOLAR-SUN. Guaranteed Genesis Genius+Genus x Gallant Genre, and Grand Grace, Great Giver and Gigantic Generator!!!

Ra-Ligion in reality vs Religion restricting-repressing reality. Sometime and somewhere along the lines of life, Ra-ligious rational reasoning, was raped-raided-robbed of rightness – richness – royal resourcefulness. Replaced with/by regressive Religious rationales revolving; recklessly and ridiculously! 

So then truly, I take Wexz & Usxz & Yawls, all the ways back into our Prehistorical pastimes as a personalized priority and perfect preference. Nobody really knows who and what created the heavens and the earth and planetary spheres and stars shining throughout the night skies. 

All humans as biological bodily being, who are baby born and blessedly birthed by bright brilliant brains_KNEW-now-KNOW_ is that there was is still is light. Those that I’ve termed the, leading Lords Love Life Lights-Locks, liberties of longevity. And artistically shows anybody with eyes to visually see, how and what those locking and linking lines look like. 


They’re artfully formulating pyramids, producing panorama phenomena. Photons+Protons Projecting Potent Powered; Phantom-Phatom-Physics-1!

It Is Imperatively Important: That y’all understand my message without making mental mistakes. There’s a constant cause of conscious confusions, and concurrent chaos. Corrupted Christian-ized concocted concepts causing combustible civic conflicts, citywide-countywide – countrywide, crisscross-continentals. 

 So said scholars, sinister sorcerers, teachers and preachers, historians…, are acting antagonistically against another alleged and assumed authority. Through treachery and trickery, they turns and twists things to suit themselves, change the timetables, places and persons. So it all would fit into their faulty frameworks. Fundamentally flawed findings and fraudulent foundations!

          RealiVision_colorRealiVision_color neg image

I’ve intelligently erased His-story, hideous hostile human hate history. So that I could/can clearly see with crystal clarity, in a Real-Live-Vision = REALIVISION.

TRUE TIMELINES: There were no named nations nor nationalities. Expressly, those listed on geographical maps of our globe and whole wide world. Let us be quite clear on this truth. Secondly, nobody’s known continent nor islands were pronounced; privately or publicly!


Nobody’s religions – “races” even ethnically existed earthly. Especially, Judaism – Islam – Christendom, Buddhism, Hinduism, inclusively, no polytheism and monotheism. Humanity was fully free of anyone as; Israelites – Hebrews – Jews – Edomites – Canaanite – Cushites – Hamites – Moabites … likewise, Muslims – Muhammadans, Mullahs, Mormons, Christians, Jehovah Witnesses, Masons and Moors.


Consequentially, compelling circumstances, forces fakers and frauds of fabricated falsehoods, fallacy folklore, fancy fairyland framers, to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. Prioritizing Prehistory!!!

Yes y’all yo, listen to this talent theme tune, instrumental – vocals mp3: horizontal_medRaligion-Relegion_color verticall_med

Blacklanologist: “There Will Be No Rapture & Jesus Is Not Coming Back – Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins”

Howsoever, there are no such living human bio-bodily beings baby born, birthed; “black people”. That’s also a man made manufactured myth. And if he or anybody else religiously believe so, the existence of a “black race”; then, they might as well believe in “Jesus” coming back. Basically because, one bogus belief is no better blessed or cursed than the other one!

Furthermore, they should surely believe in the Christians, Christmas story of Santa Claus and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. What’s the Devil Damned difference? (

Play MP3 Vocal & Instrument songs:


  1. The 3 letter word in the English language, literature, lingo: “God”. a. “Allah”; “Jehovah”; “Yeshua”; “Yahweh”; “Jesus Christ”; “Buddha-Buddhism”; “Krishna”; “Muhammad”…”Hindu-Hinduism”, Jews-Judaism-synagogues.

  2. Christianity-Christians: Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans… a. churches – cathedrals.

  3. Islam-Islamic: Muslims – Muhammadans, Shiites, Sharia, The Nation of Islam. a. mosques, temples, chapters.

  4. Sub-societies: Socialism, Captors Capitalism-Colonialism, Communism-Commercialism, constantly captivating – capturing citizens, collective citizenry.

  5. Blackoligion & Whiteoligion: “Blacks” & “Whites”; ‘brown-red-yellow races’, alleged and assumed adjectives: “black race”; “white race”; “black people”; “white people”; “black folks”; “white folks” “black America”; and “white America”, so forth and so on accordingly.

  6. Popes, priests, pastors, preachers, deacons, gurus, mullahs, bishops, cardinals, dioceses, politicians…..>>>>

  7. Vaccinations – Serums:  shots for flu, pneumonia, chickenpox, hoofing-cough, lockjaw, tetanus.

  8. Vegans Veganism and Vegetarians Vegetarianism:  is a religious politic and or politicized religiosity. A scientifically proven to be a deficient diet, degenerate and deceptive!

  9. “The Black Liberation”; “Black Live Matter Movement”; bogus based beliefs of a “black” biological bodily being; humanoid-ian. One never ever existed!

All above and aforementioned attributes are religions. Bogus based beliefs. Radicalized racialist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion. Raiding – robbing – raping rare riches, royalties, rendered resources. Restricting rational reasoning, repressing realized realities of reverberating, resounding RA-RAYZ(S)!

Historic heroes all were stopped and assassinated – killed – murdered, taken down and out, due to them being leaderships of various religiosity. Expressly, RELIGIOUS POLITICS!!

What has historically happened is that the commonly called Caucasoid-Caucasians, correctly categorized-classified crazy CauCrazians caused cross-continental corruptions, criminality and concurrent combustible civic conflicts. Conscientious confusions and cognizant chaos citywide – countrywide – countrywide!

Howsoever, there is a such of thing, thoughts that I’ve intuited instinctively, imaginatively. Actualities and realities that I have visually perceived of and openly – optically – ostensibly – objectively and obviously see with my own two eyes. Which I term to be REAL – LIVE – VISION = REALIVISION.

 Vision-Visual_colorVision-Visual_color neg image

Excellent expressed examples: BLACKPOWER_ BLACKSCIENCE_ BLACKOSMOS. These are Esoteric Extraterrestrial Energies, existing entities exercising and executing every essential element. Emitting ecology + economy – elevated – enhanced – excelled EcoEnergystics-1! Thoroughly true scientific strong statements:


‘Chriyst Is All And In All’ “The Chriyst In Me The Hope Of Glory”: = given gracious gifts of Genesis genius. Gallantly growing grassroots grounds goodness-greatness-grandness. Leading Lords Love Life Light Locks, Longstanding liberties – lasting longevity!


RELIGION: Repress – restricts these terrestrial talents, gifts of grace, automated-atomic abilities, to exercise and execute these internalized energies. They reside within individuals, on the inside of biological bodily beings, baby born birthrights = better beneficially bestowed blessings – bloodlines!

When We’s & Us’s term themselves; ourselves, as “blacks”, the Spirit Source Science System of our originating organisms, Sovereign Sciessence Systream are severed, stopped!

Spirit-Source-Science System_color  Spirit-Source-Science System_color neg image

A devilishly devised disconnect, designed division between our Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, and our state of physical presence, psychological + physiological personage = Per-Sun.  A place where nobody receives an automatic ritual right of passage + private Pass!

In other plain-o-simple words of wisdom, when these treacherous tricksters, terming themselves the “Whites” and Wexz & Usxz the “Blacks”; they also imposed impressions of inferior and superior, higher and lower lifestyles, etc. And as Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African Americans, accept and embrace these terms, and use them to identify those who look like they do, the politicized problems are perpetuated by these wana-be-black leaders. Who’re mindlessly misled – misguided mind maiming masters of the Sociopath Sex Slavers, supremacists – sadists, satanists, sexists. Expressly, Euro-Anglo-American antagonist adversaries and alien agencies acting against All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!

black white flag_perspective horizontal black white flag_perspective vertical

These bogus black-bandits, of The Blacklanz of Blacklanology, have/has take an oath to keep melaninated minority-majority members, mindsets maimed and massively mistaken about who and what we really are. So that they can also, avail themselves over or off of our ignorance, not knowing what is the total told truths, or whether they tell untruths! (read research ref.  )

Fortunately, the whole of humanity-humankind, nationally and internationally, we have entered territorial-terrestrial TRANSITIONAL timetables. Trials and Tribulations due to transgressions. Compelling circumstances causing curative – corrective Changes, in Cosmic-Creative-Chemistry!

Unfortunately,  there’re those who wantonly wish we would believe that there exist “black humans”; and that the U.S. Federal Government, made us call ourselves: Afro-Americans and or African Americans. Although, they are misleading – misguiding liars!

Really and realistically, no bio-bodily being is “black” nor “white”. And Africans living in the United States of America, are actually African Americans, Americanized Africans, and or any other variation of these two continents; apparently, America’s & Africa’s attributes.  What’s up with these thoughtless traitors of Humanoidians!?

Transitional Timetable_color neg image Transitional Timetable_color

Each and everybody’s Ethnicity, terming themselves, thus terming others as an adjective, color of bio-bodily being, expressly, “blacks” “whites”; ‘white people”; “black people”; has a destructive death warrant issued and; Divinely Decreed Destructive Death deliberation – determination!

Approx. amount about 88% to 90% per-people’s planetary populations, are designated to die, due to their constant – persistent playing prejudicial party politics; of a racialist religious rationale!

They have decided, consciously or unconsciously, to dehumanize and demoralize healthy holistic Humanoids, = humans – humanity – humankind. Simply by categorically classifying biological bodily beings, as “blacks and whites” and browns – reds – yellows – pinks, persons, without using a qualifying English expression, strictly – specifically stating, superficial surface SKIN: Cosmetic Coloration Complexions!

Religious Politics: has no longer a place upon planet Mother Nature Earth. They are being wiped and washed off and out, taken underground to their graves, and or burnt into ashes and dust and decay!!!

Approx. amounting about: 10% to 12%, have righteously redeemed themselves through thoughtful thinking, thus telling the total truths 100%+ positive proofed – proved!

Rayz vs Race_color perspective horizontal Rayz vs Race_color perspective vertical

Ray Hagins: What Makes Religion So Powerful.

Realized real “Racists” are all Americans advancing the concocted concept of “RACES”; instead of RAYZ(S). And We’s & Us’s has historically been guilty, to some extent and or degree, due to wrongful teachings, indoctrination – education. Although the grace period of time ran/runs out!

Howsoever, these terrestrial Transitional Timetables, demands and command changes in our conscious thinking, bible based beliefs, and programmed political positions – propositions, poising and polluting the psychological perspective and perceptions of; populations of planetary people!

They has/have historically served as stepping stones, stairs to step upon to reach a level of understanding. Yet as We’s & Us’s artfully approach, the closed and locked doors of Divine Decreed Deliverance, a Key and counted calculated combination of numbers are required. As a mental mathematical mandated must!


“Divest Yourselves Of All Religions”: Truly this means that Humans who love themselves/ ourselves, grow-up into maturity and master their owned mindsets. Take complete controls of your/our original organic organisms. Letting go of all added adverse adjectives, as affectations and afflictions and aberrations!!! [Professor Walter Williams 2015]

We’s & Us’s are not Coloreds-Negroes-Blacks!!! And Jesus is never/not coming back, basically because He never truly ever came!

Albeit better beneficially bestowed blessed, by expecting the Africanized-Americanized advent of JUSTICE + JUDGEMENT = JESUSTICE-1 (2016)

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The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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