CHINA-ASIA vs. USA Aryan-Ashkenazim Anglo-America + RUSSIAN FEDERATION vs EUROPE-NATO-EU = Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III=3 + AFRICA’S Rock Offense + Stone Defense We The Public People Power Plan + Phantom-Phatom-Physics1 + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD!


Indubitably meaning the common sense-sane society and community-centizenry of our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS entire whole population of people = Afrindians, Afrasians, Afroasitic families. Inclusively, what I name to be  Aboriginal Africoidians, African Americans, Afrindians and my owned self: as Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 Ascendant Ancient Ancestral All Alpha-Alkebun-Africa_ Atom AMEN RA!!!

YES:  And many diverse mixtures combined in unity. Defined to mean The Unified Statutes of  America + Africa = AmeriAfrindica via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: “We Have A Responsibility To Act”!!!

 CHINA-ASIA-AFRICA vs. USA-EUROPE-NATO-EU-Caucasian Caucasoid Coalition Criminal Corporate Capitalist Creatures and Adversary Allies. As Antagonist Arch Angel Alien Agents = Anglo-American Al Qaeda.

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The pearly pale Pink predators & White wizards as Giant Caucasian Caucasoid Creatures; against the  Chinasian Yellow & Red Dragons & Mongoloid militarized men-mean menacing mongers. Mixtures making mastermind Muhammadan Muslims, militant Mullahs, mass marching melaninated marching mutants!

Furiously fighting over the native-natural resources = rare rich royalties, multiple-minerals, of continental geographic map location of our originating organisms, superficial surface skin, cosmetic coloration complexions, Yes; z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz Humanoidian-Negroidian,  Africoidian ALL ALPHA-ALKEBULAN-AFRICA. And also as Africaspora and Americafricaspora!

USA vs CHINA-ASIA: Armageddon Prophetic Holy World War III-3

Collective Continental Combustible Civic Conflicts. Currently Counting Down To  ARMAGEDDON’S Prophetic Holy World War III = 3: A blessing in surreptitious disguise to set the entrapped enslaved captives free unto the perfect HueMainLaw of liberty._

Afrasia – Afrasians = Africa + Asia x Africans + Asians. The United States of America as Aryan-Ashkenazim-Angloidian Americans as an aggregated alien agency; antagonist adversaries,  asinine ass aggressors – angry agitators, acting against all Aboriginal Africoidians, + Asianoidians!!

America accusing Asia’s China of Internet invasions – interruptions – interference, violating Federal employees private-personal emails, internal information. And alledging “Massive Data Breach”; “Computer Hack Attack” as Cyber-Crimes, “Government Sponsored”!

Although, China’s Government Representatives, rightly reported that The USA (Anglo-America) are “Irresponsible for making groundless accusations”! 

DEVIL DAMNED defaulting deceptive demons. Fault finding for failure of themselves, to pay the premium prices for borrowing millions in monetary means, from Chinasians over and repeated again until ending up in trillions of US Dollars debt!

Official Offensive Objectives – Optimizations – Organizations – Operations: Offending opposing others, obviously obscene opponents overpopulation.

Divine Decreed Devil Damnation: doing destructive damages, designed decimation – deaths – demonic demises. Dutifully due desolation-depopulation! Devolution!

Whole World Wide Woven Web Warfare: All around our orbiting Global-World-Nations. Named nations, America – Africa – Arabia – Asia – Russia – China – Canada -Alaska – Australia – India – Syria, Israel; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe-Eurasia, Japan and others. Every continental geographical location on the map that early European-Eurasians invaded, committing crimes against Aboriginal Africoidians as an AfricAspora and AmericAfricAspora avenged; advances Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1! JUSTICE JUDGMENT = JESUSTICE1:

We’s & Us are doing nothing short nor less than, fighting fearlessly for full fledged financed-funded freedoms from foreign forces!

Further, to uplift the down trodden mass melanin majority members, Citizens of Color of America’s & Africa’s & Asia’s ascendant ancestry, that there’s a whole lots of HER healing help, via The Awesome Forces Of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature. SHELISS IS ISISHE = ISIS vs “ISIL” “ISLAMIC STATE”  Working well within Wealthy Womanhood-Womb’s witty wisdom, whirling winds, wrathful weather weaponry!

PLANET PURITY PURGE: Purposely purging poisoned psychotic personalities + persons participating – playing prejudicial politics,  propaganda pushing predatory profiteering politicians. Plaguing the public people’s planetary populations. Perpetrator perpetuating physical – physiological – psychological problems!

Expressly, evilly evolved Europeans = evil enemy energy entities, Ebola engineering eugenicist – extremist Eu-Rope-ans

Courageous Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Arthiest Actionary ANKH ATUM-ATOM-AMEN-RA SOVEREIGN SOLARSUN!!! http// 

“China might be building vast database of federal worker info, experts say”


Definitive Declaration + Divine Decreed Deliberated Decision: I have happily concluded, that there is absolutely, no 96f18-animated-gifs-devils-08other options, alternatives as Aboriginal Africoidians, butt, to let all asinine a-s-s angry Angloidian-Americans go! Carry on their own course of civic conflicts, combustible chaos, constant confusions, countrywide criminal CauCrazians capitalist – colonialist – corporate corruptions!
Consequently causing catastrophes and calamities cross-country, continental culminating collisions, complete capital cash currency collapse!
As I’ve imagined and envisioned: The devilishly demonic divided dis-United States of America Al Qaida Official Operatives, are on their westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTie ways out!
Clashing CauCrazians vs. CaucAsian Caucasoidians!! And of The Russian Federation fighting fearlessly against the Eu-Rope-ans = evolved evil enemy Europeans!
259c1-whipanimationsmonsterCombining China and these Asian Chinese, going up against The USA & EU & NATO = Nazi Angloidian Terrorist Organization. The East violently vs. The West = ‘White on White” world war!!!

Factual Reality: There is nothing upon planetary sphere EARTH, to deter this terrifying thermo-nuclear warfare. Culminating conventional counter-combat, troops on the bloody Battleground of Calvary. Nobody has the political powers to postpone these inevitable events. Nor can successfully force these tyrannical thug terrorists to, 0d7e2d2672034b08Stop Point Blank Period. These things are destined to occur and meant to happen and come to pass. Mobilized military madmen, mean Mongloidian monsters, Caucasoidian creatures, from facing finalizing fatality!

All European nations, countries of Europe, Eurasia, Asiatic Arabs of Arabia, profiteers participated in plunder and pillage. Involving the terrorist tissue traumas, terrestrial torments, territorial tortures, rapes – raids – robberies of our RAYZIAL rare rich royal resources.

Expressly, entrapment and enslavement, of ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa! Reveals + reports Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA x Phantom-Phatom-Physics1 + Original-Org-One1.

Next notes…. Yahoo blog post + CNN…3-18-2014 ….

YES: ‘Russia roulette revolutionary royalties, has happily offered a vitalized variety of advantageous arguments to justify The Spirit of 0b2fc-ropehangmanTruth totally told 100%+. What westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTies, alleges is nothing more meaningful than a longstanding land grab of what originally belonged to the Ruling Russians.‘ The USA’s bullying bluffing Biden said in Poland, ”

But the world has seen through Russia’s actions and has rejected the flawed logic behind those actions.” But ascendant Africoidians in America, says, that Angloidian-Americans, don’t represent “the world” whatsoever. Period.

“It’s a simple fact that Russia’s political and economic isolation will only increase if it continues down this dark path,” Howsoever, I say that the devilishly demonic divided dis-United States of America Al Qaida Operatives, are the ones being forced into “isolation” up a U.S. Presidential; “ I’m Half Black & I’m Half White” psychopath + Supremacy Superiority Superpower Satanist Slavers Sociopath. Reveals + reports, Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

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BLACK Branded brothers and soulful sisters, seeks their total liberation and full fledged freedom, from so self said; “Whites”. Autonomy, separation – segregation in societies. Blackened borders between, whitened, asinine ass angry Angloidian-Americans Al Qaida operatives, Who are all against Africaness attributes; anti-African-Americans, as blackness native national Negroes = Negroidians – “Niger” (Spanishs – Latin)

The exclusive – extremist “Blacks”; are determined to have their own Nation herein, the devilishly demonic divided dis-United States Satanic Slave Ship; as it slowly or suddenly sinks!

Originat-Org-One_color neg image 1500

Albeit, better beneficially bestowed blessed, BUTT, We’s & Us’s are Aboriginal Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, as actualized; blue-blacks, browns, redbones, and high yellows. The Lights & The Darks.
Knowing how that we’re already amalgamated, aggregated, admixtures within the human bio-bodily beings, of our originating organic organisms; ORIGINAT=ORG-ONE-1
Name: Z-BLACKRAYZ Phantom-Phatom-Physics1 OriginatOrgOne1

They’re attempting to ‘Black-a-fy’ everybody of Africa’s ascent, wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Yet as these modern day; “Black-a-Moors”; try to tell Africans in the USA; that they’re fearlessly fighting back against; “Racism White Supremacy” and “The White Terrorist Dominators”! Yes this is what they publicly proclaims and loudly say!

Nevertheless, wickedly, while making melaninated membranes members, who have Brown coloration cosmetic complexions, “all Black”; this is their hidden agenda, ulterior motives. And at the very same time projecting another radicalized racist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion = The Black Supremacy Religiosity!

an heartbutt ass-4anima%20butterfly_4.gif

Authentic Africoidian Adults who’re more mature in their thinking, mental thoughts, are teaching their young children, all about their sexual natures. No longer letting them learn the hard headed knocks ways, out on the city streets, slum societies and sluts sections of inner-urban areas. Middle mainstream mothers and fathers, have come to the realization, that humankind, womankind and mankind, are all spiritual sensual + sexual bio-bodily beings!

Feeling Full Fledged Flowing Flying Freedom of Artistic Expressions >>>>

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YES: herein, the USA, “The Black Autonomy Federation”; fearlessly fights for full fledged freedom from, “Racism White Supremacy” Superiority Superpower Satanist Slavers. “administered under threats of violence and intimidation” by State & Federal US Government. And ‘The Black Militant Minded Men, Black Liberation Leaderships, demands independence and desires their own Sovereign States and Nation, hereon, the North Americas continent. Under One Hue-Main-Law + “International Laws”; Liberated from “The White Terrorist Dominators”, invidious – insidious institutionalized Religious RACISM. Accurately ascertained, as I have happily understood, artfully apprehended and completely comprehend!

“The United States has steadfastly supported the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine since it declared its independence in 1991, and we reject the “referendum” that took place today in the Crimean region of Ukraine,” a White House statement said.”

So why has these “Black Revolutionary Rebels”; not been heard loud and clear, before, all Hades hell flaming fires break loose, here at home in the devilishly demonic divided dis-United States of Angloidian America? And as an Aboriginal Africoidian ascendant of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa, autonomy I KNOW, is the only other option; for We’s & Us’s to be set fully “Free At Last”!!! Reveals + reports, Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1  via COLOR  KINGDOM  NWCA.


YAHOO Blog post: 3-16-2014.

YES: Big Bully, The devilishly demonic divided dis-United States Satanic Slavers ship suddenly sinks. Racially rejected the clean cultured “Crimea secession referendum Sunday” And alleging asinine a-s-s angry Angloidians as Americans, bluffs and bullies, “illegal and readied retaliatory penalties against Russia.” Deliberately distracting the African American people of color of Africoidian Aboriginal ascent. Westernized world warlocks, warlords, werewolves, warmonger wicked witchcraft WhitTies, “while shifting sights to deterring possible military advances elsewhere in Ukraine that could inflame the crisis.” Cause capital cash currency collapse, to criminal capitalists, colonialists, corporatist crooks, corrupt crazy CauCrazian Caucasoidians! Who’re going against clean cultured CaucAsians of Asia as Russians of Russia. Reports + reveals; COLOR KINGDOM  NWCA Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

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YES: ‘The BLACK White House released real racism, radicalized rationalized reasons, aimed against Russia‘s Crimea. In “a statement that said the vote was “administered under threats of violence and intimidation from a Russian military intervention that violates international law.”

And I vehemently agree to disagree, seeing how that herein, the USA, hundreds of thousands and even multimillions, more melaninated membrane members, Mexicans + Africans, are arrested, unconstitutionally. Consequently charged with felonies, compelling coercive confessions, criminally convicted through virtually; all Lilly White kangaroo courts, corruptly concocted crimes and conjured up by criminal CauCrazian capitalist-colonialist – corporatist crooks.
Helplessly held human hostages in hell holes, isolation confinement, for 10 – 20 -30 – 40 years. Terrorized, tissue traumatized, tormented, 6d766-whip-hardslashtortured. By Racist White Supremacist, Slaver Satanist of Superpower Superiority. Evil enemy Eu-Rope-an eugenicist executioners. Prosecutor politicized predatory profiteers, producing privatized prison plantations, imprisoning, entrapping – enslaving Africans in America, people of coloration cosmetic complexions, of Africa’s ascent. Doing so under illegal and unlawful asinine a-s-s angry American-Angloidians adversarial activities. In gross violation of “International Law” and of The United Nations Charters. Committing Crimes Against Mother Nature Earth’s holistic healthy HUE-MAINITY!

Therefore it is high time, ticking away right on schedule, as clockwork, Counting Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War-III = 3. A blessing in surreptitious disguise to set the entrapped – enslaved captive free, unto the perfect Hue-Main-Law of liberty! Reports + reveals, COLOR KINGDOM NWCA + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrican ArtistCHD1.

[Yahoo Blog Posted News Report, ref. 3-16-2014L ]
“This referendum is contrary to Ukraine’s constitution, and the international community will not recognize the results of a poll administered under threats of violence and intimidation from a Russian military intervention that violates international law.”

“French forces in Mali strike at Gao rebel stronghold”

YES: THIS TOTAL TOLD TRUTH 100%+ = KONNA, Mali/PARIS Racist Renegade Rouge Radicalized Reptilian Race Religion, are the cowardice French forces fighting African HueMainKind. Invading their territories, shooting deadly missiles into family homes, of innocent dark skinned human beings living in their own country and native-nations. Being shot and killed by Eu-Rope-an wicked witchcraft WhitTie Whip Cracker criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creatures. In the surreptitious guises of and in the pretext of fighting “Islamist rebels in Mali”
Allegedly seized the airport and a bridge at the rebel bastion of Gao on Saturday. This terrorist tactic is the biggest bullying mad man monster military Satanic Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndrome ‘success so far for an offensive against assumed al Qaeda-allied insurgents occupying the country’s north.”
Butt, in fact of reality these melaninated members of humanity, are citizens, women and kids, school children being bombed, murdered by who they commonly call “White Supremacists” westerners, of European origin. Warmongers and hatemongers, during exactly what they have always been doing, enslaving and killing other Africoidians of Alpha-Alkebulan Africa. Attempting again, to rape, rob and raid our oil fields, native-natural rare rich royal resources; gold, silver, copper, diamonds, fresh drinking water, on and on with their terrorism.
The evil-enemy conspirators of the demonic dis-United States SATAN and Devil Damned Europe, barbaric behaving beasts, back the Luciferian U.N.-mandated Mali military murdering operation. A criminal conquest as a counterstrike against Love Peace & Harmony among Negroidians & Africoidians. Devilish “White people” assaulting – attacking “Black people”!! So they make believe that the terrorist threat of radical Islamist jihadists is “using the West African state’s inhospitable Sahara desert as a launching pad for international attacks.” All fraud in fact lies of leading liars, propaganda published by mass media monsters = Angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda. Revealed – reported by: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Thank yawls YAHOO News report today: Saturday, January 26, 2013…11:41 am documented herein.;


Therefore let us expect China to do something drastic soon and not later. Like helping to fully arm continental homeland Mother Africa, with the most sophisticated military weaponry there is. Nuclear and sonar and biological warfare. Heavy equipment, jet aircrafts, tanks, satellite technologies, communications lines that can see racist white America’s and Europe’s Anglos-Saxons or original German racial groups activities too!!

My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs Certainly as Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD can clearly envision and spiritually see; humanity is Officially Counting Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3; A better benefit blessing in surreptitious disguise to set the enslaved captives free; Unto the perfect law of liberty._ ‘And blessed is he or she; whosoever, is not made offended in me.’ Basically because if tell y’all the total truth, seeing how that only SPIRIT OF TRUTH mp3, can and will and does ‘set you fully free.’

Plus+ in our New Testament Bibles, and in many cases simply borrowed, shared, or copycat plagiarized our Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa’s Egyptian-Kemetian Sacred Spiritious Symbols, Sacred Scriptures, Secrets, sayings and sanctimony. Surely this Euro-Caucasoid CaucAsian White man, Desiderius Erasmus wisely well wrote wealthy wisdom: “You shall know the truth, and the truth well make you free.” Yes, a very talented and gifted writer and poet, he was hired to scribe the biblical, textural scripts of all 9 good news gospels. And as he helped fabricate fictional fraud in fact lies of leading liars. And glibly made up the manufactured mythical make believe White male “sweet Jesus”; Lord & Savior & Messiah anointed one, alleging that he was The CHRIST HORUSHEART DEITY!!!!

Blog poetic lyrics MP3:  ARMAGEDDON Prophetic Holy World War-3=My RealiVision vs Religion & Politcs pt-4


YES Wexz & Usxz: are talking military commands commandeered cross-country of our optimized USAA+ PROMISED LANDS. Vietnam Veterans already armed, access to heavy arteries, armored vehicles, tanks, ships, aircraft carriers-destroyers, fighter jet airplanes. Less known worrying about small arms, handguns, rifles of sorts. Strictly because machine guns, hand grenades, missiles and rockets are what our historical hatemonger Evil Enemy Energy Entities Euro-Anglo-America-Al Qaeda = antagonist adversary alien agents, has as weaponry. This is it; Urban Race Riots & Criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creatures Civil War _ &_ America At Guerrilla Warfare. While still in the surreptitious midst of Counting Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III-3.

So The dis-United States Federal Government SATAN; working wickedly in collusion cahoots with the Satanist States, are attempting to disarm all American citizens, to capture, entrap, enslave, jail-imprison, terrify, torment, torture and terrorize helpless HueMainKind {“RACE”)

Furthermore, when we did successfully establish our cities, towns, neighborhoods and communities, businesses, economic enterprises; these terrorist thugs sabotaged them. Wicked witchcraft WhitTie Whip Cracker Criminal Caucasoid Caucasian, destroy our financial foundations. Armed themselves as man men militia, Ku Klux Klansmen mentalities, who violently attacked aerially, and made assaults on the ground. Using fire bombs, missiles, police forces, in mostly the Southern States of America. Tulsa Oklahoma massacre of Americanized Africoidians of Alpha-Alkebulan Africa. Reveals – reports COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Thank yawls.

“The Tulsa Race Riot was a large-scale racially motivated conflict on May 31 and June 1, 1921, in which caucasians attacked the black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It resulted in the Greenwood District, also known as ‘the Black Wall Street'[1] and the wealthiest African-American community in the United States, being burned to the ground. During the 16 hours of the assault, over 800 people were admitted to local hospitals with injuries, and more than 6,000 Greenwood residents were arrested and detained at three local facilities.[2] An estimated 10,000 blacks were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire. The official count of the dead by the Oklahoma Department of Vital Statistics was 39, but other estimates of black fatalities have been up to about 300.”
“The traditionally black district of Greenwood in Tulsa had a commercial district so prosperous it was known as “the Negro Wall Street” (now commonly referred to as “the Black Wall Street”). Blacks had created their own businesses and services within the racially segregated enclave, including several groceries, two independent newspapers, two movie theaters, nightclubs, and numerous churches. Professional black doctors, dentists, lawyers and clergy served the community. Because of residential segregation, most classes lived together in Greenwood. They selected their own leaders, and there was capital formation within the community. In the surrounding areas of northeastern Oklahoma,

YES: As of right now today on this very date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012… 9:34 am, and also now updated: Wednesday, March 14, 2012…11:11 am.  The dis-United States of America-Angl0-Al Qaeda, is acting all pyschotically insane! Rushing off into starting stupid warfare with other sovereign nations, all around our whole wide world. Instigating and perpetrating hideously hostile hate hegemony, against darker shaded skin tones, tans, and people populations pigmented cultural color complexions, as nonwhites!. Satanic sinister ‘savage beast behaving barbaric’, psychopaths and sick sociopaths!!

YES, all of the strategic military maneuvers engaged on the Africoid-Negroid Black continent of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa; and so called Middle East, are well devised devilish plans to take over the many independent small countries natural resources. Especially stealing and robbing and raping the African geographical VegePlanTerRain, of HER, crude oil, diamonds, gold and mineral sovereign sources. Deliberately and purposely to block out, and starve to fatal death Mongoloid mutants of China + Asia!!!

Surely the Nuclear armed Asian continent, KNOWS, this process is surreptitiously taking place. And are also planning to counter-force these wicked Western world White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sorcerers Sinister Snake Serpent SYSTEM SATAN!!!


China vs. USA 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012,,,6:03 pm

‘Replacing’ Iran: Amidst those tensions, Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, is partway through a six-day tour of the Arabian Peninsula. His country is one of the largest importers of Iranian oil, and analysts say his trip is at least partly an effort to line up alternate suppliers.

Wen’s stop in Abu Dhabi on Monday was his first-ever trip to the United Arab Emirates. It followed his first visit to Saudi Arabia in two decades.

The visit was not all focused on Iran: China signed a nuclear co-operation deal with Saudi Arabia, and its state-run oil company, Sinopec, sealed a deal with Saudi Aramco to build a 400,000-barrel refinery in the desert kingdom.

“It’s important to separate the short-term tactical issue, which is about Iran and confirming alternate energy supplies are in place to replace Iran… and then long-term, China’s policy of deepening its ties with the Gulf,” Robin Mills, an analyst with Manaar Energy Consulting in Dubai, said.

Chinese officials have hinted that they will not abide by sanctions on Iran’s oil industry, partly because of their foreign policy, and partly because of simple math. China is the second-largest importer of Iranian oil: it purchases roughly 430,000 barrels per day, roughly one-sixth of Iran’s total output. Those supplies would be difficult to replace in a tight market.

A Chinese company, Zhuhai Zhenrong Co, was sanctioned by the US last week for doing business with Iran’s oil industry. The sanctions prompted a terse response from the Chinese foreign ministry, which expressed its “strong dissatisfaction”.

“Like many other countries, China maintains normal cooperation with Iran in energy, economid and trade fields,” Liu Weimin, a spokesman for the ministry, said in a statement.

But analysts say China is nonetheless trying to identify alternate suppliers, in case international sanctions or war make Iranian oil unavailable.

“It’s dangerous to read too much into state visits, but there is no doubt that when [Wen] was in Saudi Arabia he was discussing whether they would fill the gap should the need arise,” Paul Stevens, an energy analyst at Chatham House, said.

The Obama administration has also tried to persuade Iran’s other major Asian customers, notably Japan and South Korea, to reduce their imports. Japan has reportedly started to look for alternate suppliers. South Korea, meanwhile, wants a waiver from the US sanctions to allow it to continue to purchase Iranian oil.”


YES WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests: as a mandatory must, have our own OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS Internet-Network!!! Online World Wide Web broadcasting command station, linking all those Victors & Warriors up together in a unified SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

Decisively defined to mean Solar Sexus Souls, compatible companions, who strongly desire people’s self-empowerment. TV & Radio & Digital Media strictly owned by, run/ran by, operated by our collective current cultural color complexions and or ColorComplexTrix of our MultiplexRacialBody.

By patterned pathways of AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD‘s Sixth Spiritualized Sense, Genesis Genius Faculty of the Composed Constructive Creative Imagination; it is dutifully dignified to be named: DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY!!!

Fortunately as a better benefit blessing,, no so called White Male or Anglo-American man, Eurocentric Caucasian Caucasoid criminal can own-operate, control and dominate our sources of communicating with and among one another. Simply and plainly because he, is notoriously known to be untrustworthy. Sexist-racist-egoist-fascist-supremacist in his bogusly bias bigotry in news reporting, journalism, columnist writings, broadcasting information to the public people of all national and international societies. Constantly telling his fraud in fact satanic lies of devilish liars. Thus hiring naïve-gullible females to perpetrate poisonous propaganda via Video & Audio mediums. Due specifically to these glib tactics, strategic maneuvers to evade telling the total truth, he has forfeited any possible-potential rights to ever be trusted again. Forevermore banned from having in his sole possession any of these stated weapons of mad media mass mad made-manufactured death and destruction. No more of his crazy corporate capitalist crap, henceforth, here on out and in Love Peace & Harmony vs. USA & Europe’s hostile-hateful hegemony!!!

DEFINITELY: There can be no private personal ownerships of our major-HueMain CyberSpaceAge 21st century Combined Operational Order of our GlobalWorldNations vs. “Globalization“!!.

UNIFICATION: My having said the above stated truths, albeit, the Good Seed Bio-Genotype traits of Decent White males or men, are truly welcomed to join our earthly humanty and sanity. Basically becasue the pearly pink pigmented people’s”pale faces”; has their essential role to play as inclusive performing persons, and meant members of Her Holistic Human “RACE“!!!

Yes we do indeed need our 10% to 12% participating Eurocentric Caucasoid Caucasians, strictly and specifically the saved-redeemed healthful non-racist; RARE RICH ROYAL FEW!!!


REVELATIONS: “Heavy fighting also took place near the key oil port of Brega, where doctors told the AFP news agency that 11 people had been killed. Meanwhile, in the village of Argkuk, near Ajdabiya, Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton reported that what appeared to be a NATO-led coalition airstrike on a pro-Gaddafi vehicle killed seven civilians and injured 25 others when ammunition in the vehicle exploded. Ibrahim, the government’s spokesman, termed the strike a “crime against humanity”.

USA Instigated-Instituted: Nasty Nose Nazi NATO’s “Operation Unified Protector” still murdering civilians in Afghanistan-Pakistan, and now in homeland continental Mother Africa’s Libya! Today, Friday, April 1, 2011… 8:16 pm.


Howsoever, some of our want to be African centered “Black” groups, still refuse to adjust to new world developments. The wars going on internationally and globally, such as the US bombing of Mother Africa’s Libya. So short sighted still wanting to only talk about self-centered subjects. On their digital radio shows about the all black community, that don’t truly exist and that which does, has major problems created-concocted from outside and not on the inside of these so called minority neighborhoods.

Therefore let us learn how Paramount important it is, to think outside the slum mentality ghetto box and criminalized cages. Especially, some hard headed stubborn so called African American sisters. Those who persist to go against and work hard in opposition to Divinely In-Spirited African males of America the United States. She is habitually acting as an enemy energy entity, and is to be manly challenged. Or simply left completely alone, and divorced and let her be. No negative name calling, wife battering, trying to change the way she is, just don’t F….k with her kind. Wearing phony-fake African garb-locks-naturals-braids, wigs, weaves, processed, skin bleaching, dyed blond, or not! Live and let live!!

BUTT BEWARE: Yes look and learn, just don’t lay a hand on them and touch. Git the hell up off of her ass man and move back! Sight see, appreciate their fine fit feminine female bodies for what they are worth. A spectacle to watch without falling in love with one of them. Be very wise and careful who you choose as a girlfriend or wife, date or mate with. OBSERVE!

Man haters and self-hatred hid behind lewd sex orgies, and glamorous lifestyles are falsely promoted and is deceptive. Think, and know how to identify true LoveSexRomance, before getting involved and emotionally attached. Because these specific types are pre-programmed, bio-genetically, generations coming into being, designated by RNA & DNA CODES, to cause incompatibility between the would be loving Black Family structure. Do not have sexual intercourse, lay in bed promiscuously with these argumentative girls or females. Never allow your selves to be enticed or lured in by her superficial kindness, pretty smile, make-up, flashy eyes and bedroom soft spoken voice. It’s a trick to fool the unaware young teenage boys and inexperienced men. And after you foolishly marry her, she shows her true face of wickedness, nagging, and like to fuss and fight and called her white “God” police state forces of 911.

PEOPLE POPULATION CONTAINMENT CONTROLS; Know these truths. Preserve your innate manhood until a better beneficially blessed day. And realize that most males are potently fit to have kids at any older ages, unlike females who can’t. So what’s the hurry to bring more babies born into a bloody war zone and birthed inside toxic living conditions, drinking water-air pollutions and food poisoning. Selfishly doing so whether in holy wedlock, unholy matrimony or unmarried?  Stay single and strong!!!

StopPointBlankPeriod producing these unwanted and unloved infant babies and unfortunate pregnancies, I vehemently tell our young and old males. Keep ya little digalings jipped up in your own pants. As today’s warriors and soldiers and victors, practice celibacy and abstinacy. Comprehending that We’s & Us’s are at racist war engaged against true Black African males worldwide. So might we cease pussy footing around down town!!!

Albeit, a revealed reality, fortunately, I’ve only found some real Princesses, Goddesses and so indeed at least a few Rare Rich Royal African Soul Sisters who are self-respecting Beautiful Black Females, Lovely looking African American women. And at least one leading lady Queen is portrayed in one of my artistic compositions. See her face and name later on down these blog posts, shown herein and her picture at;

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+Positive Protests = MAAT’s Wings of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship + COLOR KINGDOM NWCA AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD anscend ancient ancestral AFRICA’s Egypt = KEMET+ LoveGoddess Cynthia Mckinney! or


 YES; “DIVEST” ourselves of the imposed radicalized racist religions. European Imperialism = Colonialism = “The Inquisition”; forced compliance of the crusading Catholic Church of False Christians, and Christianized US Armed Services of today‘s Christendom. “It is time for you to go” to Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!!

As We’s & Us’s free our own selves from the above religious politics, our COSMIC CREATOR enables our active Pineal Glands MELANIN hormonal production that has great potentials of being converted-inverted into the most mighty art forms of Divine Self-Defense & Protection, Guidance & Offense!!!

SPIRITUALITY: being our choice of weapons to combat and defeat decisively all worldly armaments, physical war weaponry, guns-tanks, missiles, bullets-bombs, crude material matter making warfare with and engaged against us as AmeriAfrindians. Focus and concentrate our brain’s mind collectively and individually to cause and effect climatic currency changes. Meaning in order to harness, gather up, generate SUNGOD’S energies, let us reconnect, hook back up with our Authentic Authorized Artistic, Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Spiritual Metaphysical Powers & Forces of Nature’ Laws & Universal Laws!!! My True-Up Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!!

Our GLOBALWORLDNATIONS vs Their Globalization!!

VICTOR CKNWCA THE COMFORTER: And bravely and boldly spearheads and leads the angry voices of the poor down trodden masses. Those who are sober, illicit drug free, ready-willing-able to help bring about clean cultured current climatic “CHANGE”. Using common senses sound minded reasoning, practical rationale, logical none religious and in nature Spiritual!

Old Wicked World USA & EUROPE “GOT TO GO”!! By The Very Same Token Spoken by the west wicked white witch woman Capitol Hill Hillary & President Barack Hussein Obama Dictators; “GADHAFY GOT TO GO” President of Homeland Mother Africa Libya! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, also bogus bias bigots and hateful hypocrites of the wicked White Western Eurocentric nations of Caucasoid Caucasian RACISTS & DANGEROUS DEVILS & DEMONS!!!

“HE MUST GO”: “Regime Change” of the Right Wing Conservative Republicans & Left Wing Liberal Democrats. All of them, each political party and every one of these Official Leaderships are telling their regular fraud in fact lies piled upon already existing stacks of lies told by these same liars!! And at the same time imposing their military police political policy practices upon other populations of people of color, butt, constantly lying about it and claiming verbally that this is not what they are doing. By words saying that they are not fighting the rebels warfare battles, although, reality clearly indicates the very opposite. “Savage beast””Barbarian…blood lust” of vicious vampires of European Dark Age – “Medieval Crusades” of Colonial Imperial Racist White Supremacy Superiority sociopathy, mental complex psychopathy!!!

Pyschotic Denialists: They chose sides right from the very beginning, rhetorically dictating to the Libyan citizens, talking for them publically media wise, yet who they actually don’t really know what they think or believe on the ground as a general overall population. So then the United States of America and European nations are fighting for their own survival, personal financial freedoms and liberties to take control of all independent oil producing countries, who has small military defenses. Especially those who can be overpowered by the Criminal Christian Crusaders, Caucasoid Caucasian Coalition Creatures, Corporatist Capitalist Empire Builders!!

OUR CONSTITUTIONAL HUMANE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM: And “by all necessary means” and methods take them out of office and ejected from political power positons. By not only voting measures or the electorial system; butt, also by force of arms. The very same way they claim that the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 gives them the right to remove foreign government leaders and presidents. Expressly President Muammar Gadhafy!

In True Reality of Fact: These dictatorial officials, elected and or appointed to offices, has already sold the American people out, a long time ago. It is also them who have committed treasonous acts and traitorous deeds by off-shoring, out-sourcing, sending our very much needed jobs over seas to foreign lands. Selling America’s citizens out to legalized Immigrants in the hundreds of thousands, by giving multitudes of them our employment opportunities. Letting aliens come inside our nation and go to our colleges and educational institutions and universities, at the incredible expense to the American tax payers. Whose children are being denied college entries, and the costs for tuitions are flagrantly going much higher to keep long-standing citizens completely out of the professional careers of higher pay; gainful employment, and lucrative salaries, etc.

Certainly, these racist tyrants have used whites against blacks, browns against yellows and reds, and vice versa. Deliberately and intentionally dividing the country into prejudiced factions, bigoted and bias fractions, isolated-separated segments. In order to render all of them/us powerless as a collective citizenry and aggregate whole societal body.

Therefore, these TERRORIST TREASONOUS TRAITORS, have to be forcefully removed from public offices, on the local State & Federal Government levels. And this surely do mean, as a Mexican American man once said on talk radio KTSA: “Nothing short of a revolution”!! San Antonio, Texas 2011.

Self-proclaimed freedom fighters for democracy. However, true realities clearly shows all of us in our righteous minds of sanity and of humanity, that the US Federal Government & Pentagon are in fact and in truth trying to impose their wicked will on small countries as bullies of oppression-depression-repression!!!

NATIONALISTS & PAN AFRICANISTS & BLACK LIBERATORS: Are those who Washington D.C. Captitol Hill Oval Office hate on, by Institutionalized Racism. Thus to abort, neutralize and stop our self-determination, self-sufficiency, freedoms, civil liberties, and independence of thoughts and causes of action under the Constitutional Supreme Laws of our USA PROMISED LAND!!!

YES: Racism here at home is a dangerous domestic disease, a Widespread Practice & Flagrant Pattern of poisonous pollution. And the States & Federal Attorney General Office, ignores our lawful claims filed, dismisses our Causes of Actions legally brought before the Courts & Judicial Systems, Legislative-Executive Branches of the U.S. Government Body. Butt, tyranny, despotisms, arbitrary law enforcement, criminal Caucasian cops, renegade police forces are terrorizing American Natives, Indigenous Indians, Africans in America, Mexicans and Asians who are impoverished and poorly under-classed. Making regime change a mandatory must DO or Die!!

Moreover, the exact same systematic sinister means and methods that they repress WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER + Positive Protests, street demonstrations, mass marches in order to silence our voices. Through the White Supremacist privately owned-operated-ran local and major mainstream news media; in total possession of filthy rich corporate individuals. Who are sponsoring and sporting false versions of the principles of true democracy; as weatlhy white Tycoon Tyrants & Devil Dictators!!

WE’S & US’S: Are Unified in our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. As ONE, fighting back against: “New Nazis””Medieval Crusaders” wicked White Western Warfare Military madness; on LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature’s continent by USA-Europe-NATO-Arab League of Racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

Warrants SUNGOD’S INTERVENTION DIVINE = The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!! 

Factual reality in truth; systematically in effect these are declarations of WAR, against the continent of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!  Which Libya is a member state of. And it is SHE who shall deliver the hardest blows back against Europe & Arab leaders, and everybody else who has joined these thugs, “Medieval Crusades” of Christianized criminals called Caucasian Caucasoid creatures!!!

 Decisively deliberated: SHE, neutralized and severely crippled, the island of Japan, in HER earthquake. And purposely flooded the lands with wrathful weather patterns, expressly, terrifying tsunamis, great tidal waves, sudden after shocks. Compounded by nuclear radiation, chemical concoctions contaminations of drinking waters and food stuffs, toxic waste materials that has long-term negative health factors going against the Japanese population. Seeing how they foolishly and unwisely have allowed and permitted the United States Government & Pentagon’s military madness station their armed forces on and around the island nation and Asian peninsula. SUNGOD detests and forbids. Plus, Japan is a member monster of the “Tri-lateral Commission” made up of USA & Canada on this side, and European nations on the other side. Forming a coalition of Three Barbaric Beasts of Sinister Savage Serpent SATAN LUCIFER THE HATEFUL DEVIL!!! Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good healing humor, yawls.

PROPHETIC PROOF: Apr 19, 2011; 11:55 PM ET “With severe weather assaulting the United States, historic tornadoes, springtime snow and wildfires have wreaked havoc nationwide. Along with radio and television, social media is playing a more significant role in providing the public with up-to-the-minute weather information during the severe weather.”

YES REVELATIONS: the USA & EUROPE blatantly attacked LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature, with killer cruise missiles; military mass madness bombings upon HER continental geographical map. Now SHE retaliates as I Have divinely decreed: To Heavens Hades Hell Fires, horrific hurricanes, terrifying tornado twisters, flooding, tsunami tidal waves, earthquakes and y’all ain’t seen nothing yet. Down with devilish hatemonger-warmonger Eurocentric-Anglo-America’s INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!!!  UNCLETOMISM + SELF-HATE!!!
FEMININITY counter-forcing mean media MASCULINITY. Her Dynamic Equalizing Bio-Balance; all around our GlobalWorldNations vs “Globalization”!!  Because: White dominance and male criminal controls of females, and killer conquering of Melaninated darker-shaded-toned-tanned-tinted, human beings worldwide is their only crazy conquest. And is in true factual reality, the major cause and primary generating negative entity-energies producing Circulating Currency Climatic Changes. Prompting SUNGODHIS & HER reactive retaliations via The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth Nature’s INTERVENTION DIVINE. Reveals-reports COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts ‘”Thy Kingdom Come” “For thine is the Kingdom”….
Declaration of Warfare against LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature’s continent by USA-Europe-NATO-Arab League of Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome of Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! Warrants SUNGOD’S INTERVENTION DIVINE = The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!!

YES, systematically in effect these are declarations of WAR, against the continent of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!  [Indubitably, the very COSMIC CREATOR’S cradle-birthplace of HIS & HER Happy Healed-Healthy-Humored-Holistic HueMain “RACE”! Which Libya is a member country-nation-state of. And it is SHE who shall deliver the hardest blows back against the USA, Europe & Arab leaders, and everybody else who has joined these thugs. Divinely decreed curses summoned against all involved-Evil Conspirators who are in profiteering-marketeering cahoots with the wicked western nations of Europeanized Chistianized criminals called Caucasian Caucasoid creatures!!! “New Nazis”; “Medieval Crusaders” of insanity and inhumanity. Historic bad-seed-bio-genotype traits = reliigous-political psychopaths and sociopaths!! Rapists-racists-sexists-fascists-egoists-supremacists of LUCIFER THE HATEFUL DEVIL
EXPECT: A long hot summer drought-severe heat spells, raging forest-brush-grass fires. tidal waves of flash floods. Horrific HURRICANE COLOR KINGDOM COME!!! Massive tornado twisters of tsunami terror. Earthquakes and violent volcanoes. Property destruction and deaths due to the same unmerciful military mass media madness of Euro-Caucasian Caucasoid creatures of criminal corporatist-capitalist Racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!
Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good sense of humane humore….y’alls.
Absolutely-positively for sure, the only patterned pathway to put a dead end to these white males media madness, along with all other black jackass uncle toms males, brown nose sucking up sellout sycophant stooges; is to force both the right wing Conservative Rebulicans and the left wing Liberal Democrats to depart their two political party poisonous propaganda platforms!!
YES: WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER Plan + Positive Protests: vehemently proclaims: Certainly, beyond any rational room to reasonably doubt,  they “must stand down”; “must go” because our USA PROMISED LAND, as a mandate, must make meaningful “REGIME CHANGE”!!
AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, reveals and portrays our one and only qualified replacement therapy, Spiritual healing of the historic long-standing Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. The problem solving solutions and correct answers now righteously being presented to our nation and international community. These political pundits now in power positions has to be made to: StopPointBlankPeriod.
SPIRITUALITY: Therefore, in organizational order let us appoint-anoint, as an intelligent interim-intermediate Presidential Per-Sun and Hue-Main being, a caring citizen who I AM naming to be a Presidentress: LoveGoddess Cynthia McKinney Madame. She shall compassionately cause the stabilizing of our internal affairs, policies-political practices that are persisting to destroy the healthy happy lifestyle of all HUMANITY’S SANITY!!! For more info; “We have a responsibility to act”!!!

TRUE FACT OF REALITY: White America is the major causes of mass murders worldwide, the major instigators of slaughters throughout Mother Africa arming both sides with deadly military weapons of warfare. The major mass marketeers of explosive land mines planted on indigenous soils to kill walking unsuspecting citizens as they step on these deadly cluster bombs. The USA, is the leader in supporting and propping up dictator governments, now activated in Iraq and Afghanistan, Columbia, Grenada, and else where. Glibly instituting false versions of democracy, and establishing their hateful hegemony hypocrisy!!

STRESSING THE HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE: That supposed to be potentially happening in northern Mother Africa Libya. Although this good speech making lost black brother, political rhetoric talking young immature US President Barack Hussein Obama (“Obomba” = Bomber), in his National Address 3-28-2011.…acted ignorant towards the history of racist white supremacist America. A true vital national interest. Butt, he ignored the violent damages inflicted on Africans in America; past and present on going, with serious violations of our civil and human rights today. Forked tong: Dualistic Double talk!!

The MASTER’S Mind Melanin Messiahs & Mental Models: Both of us are Sons of SUNGOD, Called & Chosen by Divine Commission Calling, sent anointed-appointed as Solar Sexus Souls; albeit, we are on opposing poles, opposite sides of right and wrong; good and bad.  With him being a traitor on the wickedly wrong-bad side of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM + COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR.

Brother Barack: He is clearly a propped up, sycophant, contradictory-equivocating sellout white house colored boy, real living Negra, and funny looking little tree squirrel monkey man. Faithfully doing as he is ordered by his Vatican-Pope & Elitist Rulers dictate to him. Making this Melaninated brown skinned African American, “I’m Half black & half white” “Mutts like me”, is a sure terrorist threat to the dignity of sovereign nations all around our GlobalWorldNations!!! Theme songsMP3:

A.N.S.W.E.R. = Act Now To Stop War And End Racism: “This is not a war for democracy—Stop the criminal bombing of Libya! Emergency demonstrations across the country. The same global powers that used the force of arms to colonize Africa, suction out its natural resources and enslave millions of its people are now raining bombs and missiles down on the continent’s largest oil producer.”

They happened and thus has come to pass, documented; facts:

Take special notes: That all of the foreign and national polls being run, by Aljazeera on the ground and  US reporters, are no doubt bias bigots and acting racists too!!  By their deliberate ignoring and intentional neglecting asking Native Indians, African Americans, Mexican Americans how they feel about USA’s bombing campaings in Africa’s Libya.

Yet asking nothing other than (suburban middle class) White skinned citizens about what they think or believe. Pretending that we are all one united racial-cultural citizenry, butt, we are absolutely not!

Then reporting publically polls on the numbers who oppose and in favor of these military actions. Acting as if dark pigmented people here at home on the domestic front, do not even exist! Thus their bogus counting is grossly distorted and inaccurate and meant to be misleading. There were in fact protest demonstrations across the United States of America by a large variety-diverse anti-war groups as listed and documented in the aforementioned paragraphs. Solid ironclad proof of hundreds of thousands of Americans who detest these military madness interventions of warmongers.

These media mainstreams are not truthful. And therefore, are co-conspirators launching their Warfare games against Black & Brown pigmented people as white supremacist Arabs & Europeans, including as, Islamic Muslims & Jews Judaism & Christians Christianity of insanity, all disliked!!!

In LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS of these statements of truth: We The Public People Power + Positive Protests, are to create our own original art form of OPERATONS COMMUNICATIONS Networks, Digitalized Media outlets,  Internet Satelite Stations, Radio & TV channel coverage. Named: DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY!!! Listen to our theme song MP3 at MyMusicStream:

‘Most Assuredly’ European & American Governments & Criminal Corporations are Divinely Commanded to compensate the subjected victims for their historical hatred and Institutionalized RACISM.

Moreover, certainly, all of those wicked White Western nations who were involved in, who were profiteers and mass marketeers of human bodily beings, Africans in Americas geographic lands, islands are Divinely Decreed Cursed & Charged to pay for all damages, punitive past and present, physically and psychologically caused by their Devilish White Satanic behaviors. And each and every one of those, who engaged their counties with the North Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades of the “The Land of the Blacks” are proved to be guilty as charged. Including Spain, Portugal, France, Brittian,  USA in particular are criminals who committed high crimes against HER happy-healthy-humorous-healed-humanity, with their falsified Christianity insanity of inhumanity.

ARMAGEDDON Prophetic Holy World War-3=My RealiVision vs Religion & Politcs pt-4

Son of SUNGOD The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HORUSHEART+DEITY. Me-Myself I AM a Divine Spirit Indwelling Being. Vehemently telling y’all that there has never existed any such man person human being by the name “Jesus Christ” living upon the planetary sphere earth. That’s proved to be a historic fraud in fact devilish lie of the fathers of lies as misleading liars. And fabricated by Catholic Popes-Bishops-Pedophile Priests at the Council of Nicea 325 A.C.E. meaning After The Common Era, under Evil Enemy Entity Emperor Constantine! Period.

Also to come down back to ground level zero of monetary naught are, The Vatican & Europe & USA!!! Inclusively the aggregate white American & European citizenry who profited and benefited from their hatemongering-warmongering militaristic madness and terrorist activities are facing financial dooms day gloom. And, as a mandated must be made to pay the costly prices for their evil enslavements of the Africoid-Negriod people of deep dark MELANINATED skin pigmentation.

THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH: Compelled by the mighty forces of circumstances; deep depressions, unprecedent wrathful weather patterns and that’s not all folks. Direly consequential tidal waves, tsunamis, terrifying tornado twisters, flash-flooding rains, rising river waters inundating land masses of allied nations -coalition criminal countries. Righteously they are facing internal financing failures, being hit hard by self-destructive decisions. Devastated indubitably by The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Sublimely Divine Nature via HURRICANE COLOR KINGDOM COME as INTERVENTION DIVINE!!! animation1_hurricank_come_twirls.gif


Pay it to the Piper without asking them pretty please.  The raging winds of wisdom. Now today is the time and season and purpose of redemption and spiritual salvation, RESTORATION + RESTITUTION + REPARATIONS = 100% $$$ Money payments in financial FULL!!

Remember Too: Falling fatally back down with them are all conceivable artless forms of the male and female: Black Jackass Uncle Toms and Brown Nose sellout stooge sucking up bootlickers; wanting to be White. Forsaking their god-selves indwelling spirituality for falsified religions. And are severely infected with the MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses” of Self-hatred!!


THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH RealiVision vs Religious Politics = CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER + ArtistCHD Son of SUNGOD’s True-Up Story E-book Bible pt-2

U.S.A. IMPOSING Criminal Caucasoid Caucasian COLONIAL IMPERIALIST WHITE SUPREMACIST Military Police Rule and “New Nazis””Medieval Crusades” upon LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature & Her Healthy Holistic Happy Healed HUMANITY!!!

YAHOO News Report today Friday, March 25, 2011…9:5O am: Reveal Clear African Union Opposition: “At the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, AU commission chairman Jean Ping said it was planning to facilitate talks to help end the conflict in a process that should end with democratic elections. It was the first statement by the AU, which had rejected any form of foreign intervention in the Libya crisis, since the U.N. Security Council imposed a no-fly zone last week and began air strikes on Libyan military targets.”

“MILITARY ACTION DROPPING REAL BOMBS”: To protect civilians? “Humanitarian Mission”? What a bunch of psychotic crazy crap and hateful-hostile-hypocritical “Honky Ideology”  bull shit!! Where is the so called “no fly zone” stopping “Zionists”? Israelis? Where is US President White House Head Negra’s condemnation of  white supremacist Jews slaughering defenseless-helpless-innocent Palestinian people of brown tanned melaninated skin coloration?
FRAMED FRAUDULENT ALLIES: Besides, the South African government is ran by Apartheid agents of Western European nations; with Black fronts. And can not represent our Black homeland Mother Earth Africa. South America and Central America, are parts and parcels of the humane international community too!
Although, these British of Britain, French of France, USA, foolishly think that they own everybody and our Global-World-Nations. And they, these ego driven devils… are only co-conspirators with the Western American-Euro-Caucasoid Caucasians military interventions and occupations. SUNGOD Forbids!!!!
THE DEVIL SATANIC WHITE SUPREMACIST-COLONIALIST-IMPERIALISTS, are attempting to cast their stealthy sinister sorcerers mental delusions and psychological illusions. To superficially not appear to look like who and what wicked devilish monsters they truly are. By trying to hide behind a so called Colored People’s, elected Black-African American United States President Barack Hussein Obama. Who has been well groomed-polished and produced to be a Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demon, constituent co-conspirator with the criminal corportate Caucasian Caucasoid creatures!!!
“Gadhafi, speaking early Sunday on Libyan state TV, said the U.N. charter provides for Libya’s right to defend itself in a “war zone.” Weapons depots will be opened so that people can arm themselves, he said. “All you people of the Islamic nations and Africa, and Latin America and Asia, stand with the Libyan people in its fight against this aggression,” Gadhafi said.”

DEMONIC DEVILS: English Aljazeera News Report, stating just how these racist white supremacy superpower coalition allied White Western Euro-American military war machines, are always removing their own race of ‘Crusader’ Caucasoid Caucasians out of harm’s way, While leaving the native inhabitants of the lands under their aerial attacks behind in death’s pathways.
YES, USA & EUROPE deliberately intended to stir up intense internal angers, hostilities among the Libyans internal affairs. Pitting and pitching people against each other, creating conditions of civil war; inclusively, worldwide. Further divide and conquer both sides!! Defeat the Rebels and Pro-Government agents. Attacking and destroying the country’s heavy military machines, tanks, aircrafts and national defense capabilities. Yet defending their interests in permitting Europeans & Americans come in as  humanitarian compassionate Christian congregations and Catholic & Protestant Missionaries and Christianized Red Cross. Giving out food, first aid, medicines, vacinnes, and treating injuries as if they were godly and holy human beings without a murderous historicity.
Artificial good faith dealings fronting as if they’re there to help and serve. Butt, howsoever they are member constituents of SATAN, impeding upon sacred grounds of a sovereign nation as systematic invaders and clinical occupiers. In the dark contaminating drinking water supplies with viruses, and spreading test tube laboratory experimental STDs, cholera, TB, alleged “HIV” and “AIDS HOAX”;  in the surreptitious name of humanitarian aid, treating, curing and healing contagious diseases!! Read research blog:  Sinister Science Systemically imposing their religious political beliefs upon the general population of native people!
FIRST MANEUVERS; USA self-serving interests innacted. Seeing how that all of the White Westerners, nationalists, vacationers, tourists, residents of the Eurocentric Caucasoid Caucasians facial features of pale pink pigmented people, were delicately removed from Mother Africa’s Libya. They were safely-securely airlifted to other European lands, carried across the Mediterranean sea waters in military ships-aircraft carrier. Leaving behind the indigenous African-Africoid-Negroid population of citizens and working immigrants. Along with deserting their suppose to had been black-brown-tanned skinned Arab Libyan friends.
And this means that the Wicked White Supremacy Superpower coalition-allies, know that torment and tortures and mass murders, are going to happen to those who were left behind to face the consequences for opposing their strong-armed Government & President Gadhafi Cornell. What a bunch of bull shit and crazy criminal crap! Protecting Anglos basically and saying to humanitarian hell to other dark toned shaded citizens of  Melanin MultiPlexRacialBody of current cultural COLOR complexion.

POLITICAL INTERFERENCE & MILITARY INTERVENTION: Aljazeera News Report reveals today, Monday, March 28, 2011…9:44 am; that these wicked western white warlords, warmongers are now progressing toward total take over of the oil rich lands of homeland Mother Africa’s Libya. By hiding behind and under the umbrella covering of the illegitimate UN Security Council’s Resolution 1973. Glibly claiming that as they turn the whole military operation-occupation over to NATO, they are authorized to protect ALL civilians on both sides. Meaning extending to the Pro-Democracy Rebels side and defending the citizens on the Pro-Gadhafy Government side. Progessively heading towards justifying ground troops!

Russian Leaderships declared and contends, that this United Nations Resolution 1973 do not “sanction”; authorize or tell the United States of America, NATO, Europe to intervene or interfer with a sovereign nation’s C’IVIL WAR!!

Nor does anybody else in their right minds of sanity, give these Racist Rebels the Human Right to arrest-apprehend, incarcerate true African as suspects, in makeshift jails and unhealthful rigged up prison camps of death. Black people obviously shown on TV-Internet Videos…, being these falsely accused and or alleged Gadhafy hired “Mercenaries” who are apparently; by the dark coloration of their skin, as true indigenous Africans of the Africoid Negroid Original HueMain Race. Lawfully and legally according to NATURAL LAW to be in their own continental geographical regions; expressely Libya of AFRICA!!!

DOWN WITH ALL RACIST REBELS & PREJUDICED Pro-Democracy & Pro-Government Groups: Moreover, these Black migrants, tribal groups who have traveled territories across African deserts for hundreds of thousands of years, far before any prejudiced “pale face” Arabs & Europeans ever arrived. Before any of them mutated into the warring radical rebel rag tag teams, and religous racial groups that now poses problems to the native inhabitants. Those kindhearted kinky, nappy haired individuls, who I’ve named to be my kindred brotherhoods: AfriNegrindians!!!

Clearly Criminal “Crusaders” & “New Nazis”, aggressors. Because becoming so apparent, is this stealthy maneuver was already a clandestine plan to eventually expand the mandate-resolution. Thus to stretch it grossly out of its original intentions, to suit and serve the USA’s hidden agendas and ulterior motives of Caucasoid Caucasian controls and dominance of the entire African region. Incremental step by step sneaking in as a sinister snake serpent habitually does. And by using Libya and President Gadhafy as a PRETEXT, and scapegoat. Meant to distract our attention from their overall intentions and specific purpose of capturing the crude oil and other natural resources of continental Africa’s VegePlanTerRain!!!

Yes, this is why they are so righteously and often called “White Devils” by many historical Black Militants & Revolutionaries of the America’s, esp. here in the United States of America. Because of what they say and do demonically in satanic acts and devilish deeds. In spite of and regardless of what the minority of the good decent Whites sanely say or try to do in order stop their Eurocentric aggression, racial hate, prejudices and bias bigotry!!!

Nevertheless I do indeed realize the incredible COMPLACENCY-INDEFFERENCE-APATHY in the face of the Klan Mentality & Nasty Nose Nazi NATO. Meaning that there are far too many lazy: “Dumb ass black people”; “pork chop eating… fat ass Christians”; “Stupid ass Negroes” vociferously says D.A.; an ambitious egoist African centered Black man. He’s “sick” tired and fed up with the white whip “Crackers”!! And let us “leave it just like that”… period.

Crucially & Critically of Paramount Importance: Which is the main reason that it is a necessitated need for our forces, each and every protestor, activist groups join together, unite, combine and intertwine-interrelate-interracial mix and mingle. Artfully forming our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions, in complete-consummated UNIFICATION as WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER + Positive Protests!!!


YES, The European Caucasoid Caucasians Wicked Western White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, are traced historically through their innate biological genotype traits. And Messenger RNA & Mitochondria DNA CODES. Their own truthful scientists has concluded that wheresoever, these so called Euro-Americans go, they also bring along with them their extremely harmful MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses”. Intentionally and unintentionally, knowingly and unknowingly. It’s their very intrinsic nature to divide other people of colored darker melanin skin pigmentations. And disrupt the social-economic order and internal organization. Attempt to Organize seen as Colonize, yet fail to accommodate and try to Control & Dominate!!!

BUTT, those OTHERS, who have repeatedly failed to understand or completely comprehend, these statements of truth, as studied historical facts to date, are suffering severely from allowing them to freely come over into their geographical lands, roam around on the beautiful beaches of sea sands sun tanning, at leisure doing as they please spending money. And permitted to live-settle having dual citizenships; buy and own real estate properties.

Inclusively, these unaware foolish natives-Indians-inhabitants, are utterly deceived to believe that these in coming Eurocentric people are just as culturally humane and psychologically sane as they are. Butt, unfortunately, that’s asking them to be something or somebody who they simply are not and never actually can be; fair and just!! No Know How!

They have to come back into the biological Africoid-Negroid ORIGINAL HUEMAIN RACE Art Form. Through the patterned pathways of  “interracial” dating-mating-mixing-mingling-marrying. And being pregnant carrying the curing “Black Gene” of Spirituality Dominance & Compassionate Controls, which operates far beyond the intellect or brain’s intelligence capabilities. As these Spiritualized Solarized Souls moves at astronomical exceedingly fast speeds and rapid vibrations of Eco Electron Energy Entity Emotions: LoveSexRomance!!!

Their Pineal Gland, is for the most part, frozen, calcified and dysfunctional. A defective gene exists as a Virus and or Disease causing a defective hormonal mechanism which produces MELANIN. That source which allows or enable Black Africoid-Negroid populations to have their natural SPIRITUALITY. Direct contact with our COSMIC CREATOR!!

Moreover, without a proper functional Pineal Gland or “Third Eye“; only faulty intellectual intelligence remains, that can only further mislead the infected racial groups who are deficient. And thereby, basically brutish and fundamentally cut off from direct communications with who and what concept they call their Almighty Lord “God“; fine and dandy, so be it. Butt, I go by how I’m led and spiritually guided by The Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE. of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM.

Likewise, since the Caucasoid Caucasians are deficient in Melanin production, which is apparent by the visual looks or the superficial pale pink pigmented persons complexions; warmongering and hatemongering is part and parcel to their genetic structure and or internal cell membrane programming. Called Whites! Also identified in most cases as being “Savage Beast” ”Barbarians”; Psychopaths & Sociopaths!!


However LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature + HER Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship, has redeemed-saved and delivered by birth right, humane beings inheriting as a better benefit blessing; instead of a divine curse, a Rare-Rich-Royal blood line-lineage, healthy heritage and ancestry. Which I name to be decent-good Great White Hope Abolitionist minded men and women of the mutated Caucasoid Caucasian persuasion.

All others are bad bio-seeds. Thus this is why the real Evil Conspiracies occur, as a direct and indirect result of these virus infected mental states, recognized by geneticists as being due to ancient Africa’s member mutations, as Leprosy and or Albinism.

Direly consequential, is the practices and political policies that automatically follow them as they inhabit foreign lands, indigenous countries, nations and islands. Bringing with them their Devilish White natures that are unnatural to those of us who are caught trapped inside their unmerciful wakes. They come in the surreptitious guises of being friends, allies, coalition forces, tourists-sight seers, explorers, venture capitalists, and every conceivable types that still remain genotyped deceptive. And by the time the national citizenry discovers that they are now so divided in their internal affairs, at one another’s throats to murder-rape-rob, some of us recognize that what is happening is that our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, leaderships, have unwisely started to take on their White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, and act even worse than the originating viral infections caused. And end up suffering more so from imposed upon, induced and internalized self-hatred!!!

Aljeera news report today Wednesday, March 23, 2011.….5:51pm Opposition spokesman Nisan Gouriani told Al Jazeera: “The provisional national council is a legislative body, but we need an executive body to take control and provide an administration.” He said the rebels’ “position has been very clear from the beginning – that Libya is one unit”.”Our capital is Tripoli and will forever be Tripoli,” he said. “We are striving to liberate the western parts of the country, and Tripoli, and keep the country united. We would like to emphasise this over and over again.”

“The rebels had been wary of calling their nascent administration in their Benghazi stronghold an interim government seemingly cautious of signifying a split in the country.” “But they remain committed to one Libya,” our correspondent said. “They want the people of Libya to remain united, just without Gaddafi.”

DUMBFOUNDED: Apparently these eager beaver, chipper,  rag tag team Rebels, are fools, unwise men who will learn the extremely hard head knocks way, that these Western Euro-Americans are historical RACISTS & WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Caring nothing about other people of Melanin colored skin pigmentation whatsoever. And they are stupid warriors who has called on these hateful Caucasoid Caucasian Criminal Creatures to fight their battle for them, also, in effect, help destroy homeland Mother Africa’s Libya! An indirect military assault and blatant attack upon HER Sovereign CONTINENT!!!

YES, SATAN’S agents, means that this attack on a Sovereign Government Official President was in truth aimed at his personal body human being, along with his housing compound. Yet these Satanic liars of the Wicked Western White Supremacy Superpower Snake Serpents, deny their criminal intent and malicious behaviors as usual. And it is the USA’s leading Officials, France & Britain, who should be indicted by the International Criminal Court at the Hague!!!
The boldly brave Mr. President Gadhafy Cornell declared while standing upright on his own two feet firing back vehemently from the US cruise missiles bombed building compound in Tripoli Capitol City:: “I do not scare,””We will not give up,”
 English Aljazeera News Report, stating just how these racist white supremacy superpower coalition allied White Western Euro-American military war machines, are always removing their own race of Caucasoid Caucasians out of harm’s way, While leaving the native inhabitant of the lands under their aerial attacks behind in death’s pathways. Just read the following article:
“The fact that outside powers were unwilling to act while their nationals were on Libyan soil demonstrates their understanding that treating the regime with coercion may lead to civilian deaths either directly as a result of an intervention or indirectly through reprisals against civilians identified as opponents.
Furthermore, the evacuation channels made available to Western nationals – airlifts across the Mediterranean – were not and are not being offered to Libyan civilians nor African migrant workers trapped in Libya. If the humanitarian welfare of civilians in Libya were paramount, they, too, would have been offered this secure escape route. Instead, once Western nationals were safely out of harm’s way, coercive measures were adopted without any effort to protect or evacuate the civilians that were left behind in Tripoli and beyond.”

1. The recognized White activists identified as being the none racist anti-war groups, collectively joining and unifying their separate-individual forces with the Hue-Main Major Motion.

2. The anti-abortion action groups and or those against aborting babies before and after infant births!! Stand sttrongly opposed to the satanic inhumane Planned Parenthood mass murderers of pregnant females fetuses, little living small human being bodies. Reference: PRO-LIFE AMERICA.COM & ANTI-ABORTION ORGANIZATIONS AND WEB LINKS

3. All legitimate Africans in America “Black Power”; non-religious rebelling Revolutionary Militant organizations, belonging to no political party whatsoever! Establishing our militias and combat ready ranks of trained mature men, Hip Hop Gangster Rappers, youthful males specifically. Females are to perform administrative works strictly so; removed from harm’s way; etc.

America At Guerrilla War: 

4. Our lines of OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS COMMAND: are the so self named: Black Liberation Radio, Black Digital Media-Networks, unifying themselves in complete compassionate composure, calmly coming together in Love Life Light Locks, Peace & Harmony.

5. US Military Veterans, who are against the State & Federal Governments warfare against its own American citizens; inclusively, outsourcing jobs, massive layoffs, economic attacks causing high rates of unemployment, professional careers pay check sums degraded. Lower wage earners and low income salaries intentionally and deliberately generated to make more money for the already existing filthy rich and wickedly wealthy ultra ruling elitist secret societies. Allegedly creating more jobs in the private sectors, butt, they are mostly minimum wage jobs, and superficial increases of employment. Another one of their political maneuvers to deceive and to distract protestors and to curb civil unrest!!

6. All organized Labor Unions, joined together as a battalion of brave and bold business minded entrepreneurs, working class citizens of the American citizenry. Definitely discontent with City Hall, The Mayors Offices-City Councils locally and nationally as a collective corporation of criminals in political power positions. Although, incompetent, inept and refuse to address complaints and grievances filed in good faith for them to enforce certain community safeguards, etc.

NO ACCOUNTABLITY: Thus repeatedly neglecting and failing to do their assigned tasks or appointed jobs, and fiduciary duties as public servants under oath. Yet sit up on their sorry big butts drawing a handsome paycheck or salary.

Welcomed aboard CK-NWCA, are all those who are sick, tired and fed up with being raped and robbed of their humane rights to work and civilly earn a decent living for their health, safety-social security and well-being. The fundamental basic elements of a general overall lifestyle.

Vehemently and strongly The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD strongly stresses with emphasis; this is absolutely not and never will be a radical religious restoration, Christian/Christianity, Islamic/Muslim, Jewish/Judaism, Hindu-Buddhist-Mormon movement!!!

COME CLEAN CULTURED: Those who willfully “DIVEST” themselves of all racist religions; even if it is temporary or permanently, are ‘most assuredly’ warmly welcomed to participate as members of our national and international family community. And as beloved brothers and sisters of kindred Spiritual Solar Sexus Souls. RAW + “LIVE” gracious greenery gifts, focusssed cause of action across our USAPROMISEDLAND & VegePlanTerRain!!! Blog:

LADIES & GENTLEMEN: Duly take special notes: Everybody is to be very sensitive toward each other’s dietary dinner menu choices, respecting always ‘n lovin’ faith other family member’s decisions to eat and enjoy whatsoever, kinds of food stuffs that they want or wish or desire to feast on. No one else is to attempt to be their judges and juries and dictators.

SELF -HATRED: And this means no negative name calling, divisive denigrating comments, making sarcastic remarks, dead humor yet slanderous insults against those who like or love to eat so called: “red meat”; “pork chops sandwich eaters”; BBQ ribs-sauce, “pickled pigs feet”; allegedly “fried pigs feet sandwiches”; swine-hog maws, ham hocks, chitterlings- chitlins, sea food fried fish, chicken-poultry, collard-mustard-turnip greens cooked-boiled, potato salad, baked sweet potato pie bashers and haters!! And this long list of silly-childish-immature, verbal assaults are to be compelled to StopPointBlankPeriod.

SELF-CONTROL & EGO DISCIPLINED: Moreover, all those who can’t seem to keep their big motor mouths shut and or refuse to “bridle their tongs”; and insist on trying to put other brothers and sisters down due to their own idiosyncrasies and dietary dogmas, are out. And no doubt not at all welcomed nor are any of them invited to join Our SOLAR SEXUS SOULFOOD = SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT!!!

On The Ground Grassroots Rules & Regulations & Restrictions; Furthermore, nobody has any righteousness to determine what Mother Nature’s Laws are meant to be when it comes to gender and sex and sexual preferences. SHE is… the designer originator and sovereign Lead Lady. No material matter what those who oppose others unlike themselves might think or religiously believe. Because we are all supposed to be living bodily organisms of the human being “RACE”.

AIM AT THE PHONY OFFICIALS ONLY: Calling the Wrong Individual Person a “Fagot” or “Punk” can easily get you stabbed or shot to death! “What’s up my Niga” don’t hurt so much, it’s cool, and all F…ing “hoes and bitches” bloody bastards, wicked witches, and N..words, whip “Crackers”and “Honkies”; are up on Washington’s Capitol Hill & Presidential Oval Office and Govrnment Bodies, and not out on the inner city urban street conrners; expressly on ground grassroots zero level. “What’s up dogs?”

STAY AT ALL TIMES COALESCED-CALMLY COMPOSED + COMPASSIONATELY CARING For and about one another as a Prerequisite Order of today’s COMMAND!!!

Likewise no one is to try and prejudice another person’s mind with their personal misunderstanding or lack thereof ‘inner-standing and over standing’ that in which is surely outstanding. “gay or straight or lesbian”!?. Very difficult to truly comprehend and honestly and fairly and justly apprehend by the common senses or intellect. So I pray tell y’all, come all that may, come as you are, none- racist-sexist-egoist-fascist-supremacist… to them totally bad luck, misfortune and good riddance… so be it!

An Old-School SENIOR REVOLUTIONARY BLACK LEADER maturely decries: “I look at the issues…criminal country that we are… personally I love America.” says Dear John; however, butt bashers and truth haters asked him: “If you hate America so much why don’t you leave?” Insincere idiots asked the Old-Timer these ignorant questions, those who supposed to be loving sisters and brothers. However “you need to flip the switch and look at it another way… I speak out and tell it like it is… first of all I love America…, however, I do hate the 545 criminal bastards in Washington D.C., that’s running America” Dear Mr. John Black vehemently proclaims on his digital talk show radio program, 3-23-2011. Long-standing resident born in Selma Alabama. “And I’ll go to my grave saying that America is ran by 545 common criminals… and put me on trial and I can prove it!”

“BLACK LIBERATION” means to self-loving Africans in America, is the total freedom from White Dominance & Mind Controls!! And the AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, fully comprehend this process-positive progressive concept of the truest liberty and HueMain Right. Thus, as I continue to hear and read, how that most Blacks who are revolutionaries, militants and liberators and warriors of sorts; don’t want to have anything more to do with the so called Caucasoid Caucasian criminals who appear to be white “pale faces“ and pearly pink pigmented people. Yes, understandably so! They are proved, overall and in general trying to kill We’s & Us’s; while they make millions of money dollars to carry out and implement their evil conspiracies to maim-mass murder non-whites and AmeriAfrindians or African American Blacks!!!

Nevertheless, we only need a few good men and women who already KNOW, that the common citizenry of sanity of humanity, as a mandatory must unify our individual efforts. This is a has to do! Not necessarily a wish-want or desire to do. Because our wisdom and matured minds, and cleansed cultured consciousness tell us to combine these collective good faith percentages as 10% black + 10% brown + 10% red + 10% tan + 10% white + 10% pink pigmented people of the aggregate population.  Comprising Mother Earth Nature’s Orchestration & Her Dynamic Equalized Bio-Balance!!


COLORCOMPLEXTRIX of Coalesced Citizens: Of course these are individual separate regiments, ranks and flanks retaining their originality and unique racial-ethnic-cultural composure. Yet combined in a uniform march, demonstration, protest organizational order under the USA’s Supreme Laws of the Land to bear weapons, constitutionally, legally and lawfully. Registered rifles, shotguns-handguns, assault weapons belonging to those actually authorized, trained and certified to carry armed-loaded-concealed or open weaponry. These qualified soldiers are receiving a PASS + rite/right of passage!

BUTT BAIT: Freedom of Artistic Expression maturely portrayed, without military cluster bombs, burried mine fields, missiles and nuclear weapons of warfare. Only ass gas in class passed in mass and nobody gets killed. Non-violent depiction of pure LoveSexRomance!!!

Howsoever, nothing that I’m saying or writing means that some of us are not to be very angry, really righteously upset, about what many call “Imperialism”; “Colonialism”; and those like unto myself, Know also that it is White Supremacy Superiority INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM.

Coupled in collusion covertly as being: Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of the Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN = Lucifer The Hateful Devil!!!  And Beware of the clandestine pit viper snakes as Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons. Because, our primary principal focus is to concentrate our full undivided attention and minds on the, Enemy Energy Entities as Arch Angel Antagonist ADVERSARIES!!!


Albeit WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER + Positive Protests, are to clean up our own personal acts, individual wrong doings, unhealthful habits whatsoever they might be? Before trying to correct the States & Federal United States Government Body of Officials!

Setting the stages as primary examples about how to conduct one’s behaviors. And doing so according to civil common sense society. And also remember that this is absolutely and strictly not some type of religious movement, revival meeting, advocating for Biblical history, nor Koran history, because both of them are wrongly written. And the traditional texts are proved to be very inaccurate, wrongly called Holy Scriptures, that are in no ways Sacred and totally truthful!! Period.

Likewise COME CULTURED CLEANSED: being beneficially blessed compatibly coalescent.  And this means that all of the make believe mythic man sweet “Jesus Christ” as “God” lovers and the portrait pictures often shown publicly, are banned. Not permitted or welcomed during our marches and positive protest demonstrations. Let us be neutral on religions and on what particular political party one chooses to belong to. Keep it to your own self, leave the extra barrage of baggage and garbage at home pretty please.

In fact of reality, they are parts and parcels of the unsolved problems, and can not ever be used again, foolishly, in hopeless efforts to correct the multitudes of many outstanding wrong doings, evil acts and devilish deeds!!!

This goes for certain groups who might want to depict their alleged “Honorable Elijah Mohammad”, and or highlight their radicalized religious The Prophet Mohammad. Thus to exploit expediently our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT. And glibly elevate their political and religious agendas at the incredible expense of our efforts to overcome today. Deal justly with eliminating all dead weights and excessive poundage, that contaminates and corrupts our common coalesced causes that are Sublimely Inspired & Divinely In-Spirited!!

Furthermore, our organizational order does not advocate for or nor work against the popularized “Feminists”; “Gays”; Lesbian females and males movements. It constitutes unneeded dead weights; to be left behind at home and off of the city streets. Because we never want for our antagonist adversaries to be able to use anything negative and denigrating, of these labels against our efforts to achieve success as WARRIORS + VICITORS!!

Camouflage, unseen, well blended in diversities and universities, so that nobody is an isolated target for governmental reprisals, due to being singled out because of poster signs stating their sexual preferences, gender groups, religious faiths such as saying they are Protestants, Baptists, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists.

Inclusively, reframing from publicizing whether or not they are Priests, Bishops, Preachers-Pastors of Christian churches or cathedrals; mosques, synogogues. Although, Ministers can be anybody and any one can have a ministry; however, no pushing, promoting political parties. Here emphasizing again; they are all the main media militaristic madness and major sources of the difficult problems to solve and not the solutions to remedy them! Such as Democrats so called Left Wing Liberals or Republicans as Right Wing Conservatives. This is all corrupt, crazy criminal corporate capitalist “crusader” crap!!!


PSYCHOTIC CAUCASOID CAUCASIANS DENIALS OF DEATH & MURDERS!! They are historically, notoriously known psychopaths and sociopath unremorseful-unrepentant-unregretful SUPREMACIST SATANISTS & DEVIL WHITES!!!

“The reports of civilian deaths were given little credence by coalition forces, which launched airstrikes Thursday near Tripoli, Misrata and Ajdabiya in Libya. “The only civilian casualties we know are for certain are the ones that the Libyan government itself has caused,” U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Bill Gortney said.”

YES: COLORKINGDOMNWCA reveals: The White Racist hypocrite bias bigot egoistically and arrogantly said: “When and where regime forces threaten the lives of their own citizens, they will be attacked,” Gortney said. He urged Libyan forces to cease fighting.” Butt, who gave him or anybody else the human right to attack and murder mercilessly; other than themselves and intimidated hen-picked UN Security Council of only 15 member nations. And not representing the totality of our GlobalWorldNations; however, they are in fact Caucasoid Caucasian criminal coalitions attempting to rule-own-control and dominate our whole wide world through their “New World Order” “Globalization”!!!

YES, from the very start, conception of the “pale face” invasions of the Global World Nations, indigenous native lands of Mother Nature Earth’s geographical VegePlanTerRain, there has been centuries of wicked worldly wars

A Divine Curse decreed in a SPIRITUALIZED AFRICOID, art form going unseen, undetected and invisible. Generations of plaguing diseases, bloody conflicts, civil wars, mass murders and genocides-homicides-suicides! And there is no end to these deadly conditions no material matter whether a dictator or tyrant president-ruler-emperor, king or queen is in power positions.

WARFARE CURSES: And regardless of the alleged concept of a Democracy which is only an hypocrisy. It never truly existed and can not ever honestly be real. Vote civil rights all they want to, butt, nothing shall change for the better. Thus do indeed get much worse! The historic curses remain! Get the Heavens Hades Hell Fires out of other’s lands, of darker shaded, toned-tanned Melaninated SUNGOD people of color’s lands…do or die, according to Divine Will. Period

Common senses are dead, and religious politics has been imposed, replacing benefit blessings. And neutralizing innate gifts, of most of our natural SPIRITUALITY, ancient ancestral African HueMain “Race” Origins. It’s all faulty disconnected intellect so called intelligence that actually know nothing about our true COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR!!! Wrongly assumed to be some man person European Caucasian Caucasoid Concept “God”, none existing “Jesus Christ”, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammad the Prophet, etc., etc. All fraud in fact satanic lies of devilish white skinned liars!!! Arabs & Europeans!!

WHITE SUPREMACY SUPERIORITY CONTROLS & DOMINANCE = Satanic Devilish  INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM: “In the area of Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, several tractor-trailers with cars on top had flipped over. Personal belongings — a child’s doll, an empty shoe, wedding photos covered in mud — lay in heaps where houses once stood. “
Yes this was one of those duping-bribing-brainwashing little baby blond haired blue eyes white dolls, having European Caucasoid Caucasian features; in a Japanese Asian land. And this is a sickness syndrome spread pervasively imposing upon the psychology of these small impressionable youngsters of Asia & Africa. Causing them to dislike and or hate themselves and their own Asian-Oriental, Japanese images and facial features of slanting eyes, epicanthic folds in the corners of the eye sockets, normally dark black straight hair textures, and high yellow-ochre colored skin pigmentations. It symbolizes and represents Racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN.
Military Industrial Complex: Furthermore, anybody, country, nation, island, small or big, little or large, who willfully allow the United States Government and it’s military might locate, settle and become citizens, legalized immigrant invaders… and occupy their regions, the Asian peninsula, has made themselves the Arch Antagonist Adversaries, Enemy Entities of our SUNGOD & LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!
According to their own historians and theologians: These Europeans-American Anglo Saxons, has a notoriously known history of racial hatred, enslavement of their own white people and slavery of the Africoid or Negroindians of continental homeland Africa. Along with genocides on the South-Central-North Americas. And are presently mass murdering innocent pregnant females and their new born babies, females kids by the hundreds of thousands. Inclusively, old folks, and defenseless humans in their wicked wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Columbia, Grenada, Haiti, Pakistan, and in other remote places on planetary sphere earth.
NUCLEAR WASTE-MELT DOWN – FALLOUT:Therefore no honest justifications exists…, regardless of what any one wishes to think, and wants to believe, the superficial false foreign friendships equals INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM = WHITE SUPREMACIST HATE = two-legged upright walking toxic poisons of political pollutions. Chemical concoctions in living inhumane artless forms and existing today in every conceivable artless forms of SUPERPOWER SUPERIORITY SICKNESS SYNDROMES!!!
Poisonous Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex: Contaminated vaccines, alleged medications-toxic treatments, AIDS HOAX, “HIV” myth to spread deadly germ warfare through clinical trials-experiments on human beings, sinister science laboratory test-tube contagious deadly addictive germs-blatantly bad bio-bacteria, inclusively, MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses”. Fear inducing, shocking the cell membranes into submission, destroying our natural immunity and defenses  … and such weakened genetic conditions are culminating into lethal diseases. Listen to my musical song lyrics: HIV vs AIDS!!:
DULY NOTE: Degenerative dysfunctions occurs wheresoever or whosoever territories these invaders intervene and inhabit other’s land masses. And they propagate their Melanin Psychosis Pathology and “H…o…nky Ideology”. Historically known by Great White Hope Abolitionist minded, Good Decent Euro-Caucasian geneticist-scientists, knowing very well about these defective genotype traits plaguing all humanity around our Global World Nations. Constituting PSYCHOPATHY & SOCIOPATHY!!
Prison Industrial Complex: Housing predominantly Africans in America at a 78% to 90% incarceration rates on petty non-violent U.S. CIA’S criminal crack rock cocaine epidemic introduced into the so call Black neighborhoods, etc. A legalized experimental testing ground for imprisoned people of color for these devilish whites to inject their chemical drugs into their body organisms, and think that they are going to keep on getting away with their demonic acts and ungodly and unholy deeds.
Butt, forces today are activated and their domineering grace periods are over, finished and finalized. This is the end time days of reckoning, trials and tribulations are now beckoning as we officially count down to Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3; a benefit blessing in solemn disguise to set the enslaved captives free, unto the perfect law of liberty. Down with Racist White Supremacy Superiority. Forced by surreptitious circumstances and compelled to: StopPointBlankPeriod.
INVIDIOUS & INSIDIOUS: Inclusively, surreptitiously systematically concocting an upper class citizenry, separating societies, causing internal discontent and conflicts and disruption of the people of color’s love-peace and harmony; unity and sense of oneness, togetherness in kindheartedness. Then oppressing-repressing-depressing any rebellious revolutionaries, militants, or protesting populations, by forming a dictatorial military styled police force of cruel treatment, torment and torture. Taking political prisoners and killing them in jails and in prison camps of death!
While White Americans roam around freely at liberty on expense vacations, alllowed to buy exclusive real estate properties…, staying in fine dining hotel restaurants, on the beautiful sand beaches sun bathing showing their profiteering pearly pink pale faces and fair complexioned asses. As poverty proliferates, the impoverished are desperate…,  and the poor work for them as house maids, clean-up crews, waiters and cooks. Others who refuse to bow down and worship the White image Europeanized, trying to preserve their indigenous cultures…are left destitute, having to live and survive in the filthy slums and ghettos of the country sides and small towns.
White dominance and controls of human beings worldwide is their only conquest. And is in true factual reality, the major cause and primary generating negative energies producing Currency Climatic Changes. Prompting HIS & HER reactive retaliations via The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth Nature’s INTERVENTION DIVINE.
The Universal Laws + Natural Laws, are forbidding the continued spread of these toxic nuclear people proliferating poisons across the geographical map. It is a mandatory must do facing financial, monetary defeat asking no more questions and no more pleadings, and no more trying to reason rationally with these hatemonger and warmongering Euro-centric animals of inhumanity and insanity. And dying in huge numbers are every one and anybody being in cahoots, working in collusion, allying themselves with… aiding and abetting the commission of crimes against Her Healthy Holistic Happy Humanity. Thus SHE & HE are attacking all those, baring none, who are forming evil co-conspiracies with these expressed: Caucasian Caucasoid creatures out of Europe, to face the divinely decreed curses.. dire consequences of destruction and the punitive penalty of DEATH!!!
FACTS of TRUTH: Aljazeera News Report Today Thursday, March 17, 2011…10:23 am:
Dozens die as US drone hits Pakistan home_ At least 35 suspected Taliban fighters killed in missile strike by US drone in North Waziristan.” “Increased strikes Missile attacks – believed to be carried out by unmanned drone aircraft launched either from Afghanistan or from inside Pakistan – have doubled in the area last year.There were more than 100 drone strikes, killing over 670 people in 2010, compared with 45 strikes that killed 420 in 2009, according to an AFP tally.There have been around 20 attacks so far this year. Most of the recent strikes have been in North Waziristan.”
YES: Evidential existing solid ironclad proof, sure facts how that these cowardice Caucasoid Caucasians from European origin, in particular, White Americans of racial hatred are persisting to murder millions; collectively, of indigenous inhabitants worldwide who are not “pale face” people; but are darker-shaded-toned-tanned skinned, Melaninated humans beings living in their homes, working in their businesses, schools and hospitals. While these satanic ass holes fly overhead in manned aircrafts and unmanned drones shooting into these family homes, firing missiles into structures destroying properties and killing the citizens. Working in coalitions with the negative nasty nose NATO, the racist Europeans and sellout-illegitimate United Nations so called Security Council. Yet having an affront of artificial bootlicking stooges complying with them as also sellout: Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons, propped up in superficial power positions; however, has no real decision making pull or powers!!!.
BELLIGERENTS“: Unlawfully imposing sanctions of “Suspected” terrorism, stopping food supplies, resources and freezing monetary assets…, starving off millions of children in the falsified pretext of regime changes of dictators. Allegedly hunting their fictitious fabricated “al Qaeda”… and over-throwing tyrannical governments. Those who they propped up and supported with billions of our tax dollars…, at first in many cases, and now hate and denounce the USA & Europe!!
WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER: Vehemently proclaims that: The Europeans-Americans do not in the least represent the world leaderships or international community; as only being a deficient “15 member council” whatsoever. They deny their unilateral Western military movements due to being liars rationalizing, psychotically deceiving themselves and grossly distorting true realities! Nor can they justly talk for the rest of WE’s & US’s at all. None of these hand picked media showcased Uncle Toms-Tommies males or females so called African Americans reflect true Africans of America. They all suffer from self-hatred! Plus, the Arab League are racist white supremacists-oppressors as slave masters… and don’t talk for Islam and Muslims. Neither can the bogus UN Security Council who ignores, advocates for, and condones the false white Jewish State of Israel who are mass murdering defenseless Palestinian people of color.
Albeit courageously, freedom of speech is being exercised herein, bravely and boldly, because I don’t give a Good God Devil Damned about what Toms, Brown nose stooges and white racist say or think or believe about me and my Divine Commission Calling Cause and Artistic Ministry. So be it!!  Smile seriously ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy holistic healing humor. As we watch how the SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of our COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR, intervenes and wipes all Enemy Energy Entities out totally, decisively destroying them consummately!!! Let us enjoy the shows prime time and see who’s the BIG BLACK BOSS!
In spite of their major-mainstream news media madness… owning and operating the TV & Radio Networks-Stations. Our voices are now being loudly heard via the Internet and World Wide Web. Revealing how these diseased white appearing leaderships are slaughtering citizens globally, in the “White Devil’s” name of fighting terrorists, insurgents, rebels, militants, for hegemony-hypocrisy-democracy, and y’all name the insane idiotic slave master whip “Cracker” crap of criminal corporatist capitalist White Supremacist insanity of humanity!!!
SPIRITUAL FORCES OF POWERS AT WORK: Therefore, the whole entire empire building of Med-Section-Middle Class citizenry of wicked white America, is being wiped completely out of social-economic standing-stability. Facing fatal financial fallouts in the jobless-unemployment markets, homelessness-home foreclosures in the multi-millions, lay-off-firings, career teminations, bankruptcies, indentured-indebted slaves, insecure servants of big banks. And fall downs back to ground level zero of economic naught!!!  Help!!!!
They resisted, detested, protested against The U.S. Government’s Federal Affirmative Action Plans-Programs. Attacked and lobbied against integration-desegregation, busing, and equal rights to all Americans. And fled the inner-city urban areas of dwelling in hopes of avoiding having to associate with other indigent “poor white trailer trash”; N…words, stereotyped lazy Mexicans-Latinos. And ran their stupid butts out into the wooded-overgrown forests, hillsides, beach front shorelines of the ocean-seas of on coming horrific hurricanes and unprecedented wrathful weather patterns. Invading and contaminating scenic areas occupying lands, real-estate properites in what is now unsafe-seriously severe DANGER ZONES ‘n HARM’S WAY * WRATHFUL WEATHER WAKE!!!
Today right now they are isolated, separated, divided along religious-racial-ethnic-cultural classification lines. And the very same United States Federal Government has the upper hand, after prejudicing their mindsets giving them white privileges, economic advantages at the incredible expense-cost to others of colored skin pigmentation. Now presently put in place and in tact are Delta Forces, Special Secret Service Agents, FBI & CIA Spies, Snitches monitoring just about everything these falling mid-range citizens are attempting to do, perhaps, treason, tyranny, anarchy and plotting to overthrow the Federal U.S.Government?!
Nevertheless, oppressive police lawless enforcers, they are fully prepared, well armed, in combat riot gear, live ammo, electrifying shock shields and stunguns…., and is in fact forcing its military police state forces of political powers against them. Intentionally and deliberately cutting back thousands of career jobs daily and monthly and yearly, managing their spiffy self-righteous demise and quick sand sinkings. State to state, city to city, county by county, are caught trapped in the direly consequential straits of dooms day gloom. Having no armed militias, outside the assault riffle association, only petty handgun packing citizens who are foolish and not strong enough to fight back against the upper-elitist ruling secret societies who are operating behind the US Presidency & Oval Office of Washington DC!!!
Thus it is all Natural Law’s Dynamic Equalizing Bio-Balance, currency climatic changes counter-forcing their imbalanced belief system of satanist-racist-egoist-fascist-sexist-supremacist religious-political policy practices.
SUBLIME JUSTICE & DIVINE JUDGMENT & CURSE: And nobody is at fault to blame but, they themselves, hypocrites….for their many years long-standing supremacy sickness syndromes of Institutional racism, discrimination, bias bigotry and prejudice judgments against Mother Nature’s earthly HUEMAIN RACE!!!
AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:  Vehemently says: All of these Kings, Emperors, Presidents of the Arab Emirate League & European White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, are propped up and supported by the United States of White America’s Government!!!
Moreover: This notoriously known bad-bio-genotype trait of the European-American RNA & DNA CODES, are traced historically by their own scientists and geneticists. Every conceivable artless forms of political oppression, depression-repression, enslavement, genocides…is created and concocted by Western mutants so called White Caucasoid Caucasians. A dysfunction, defective MELANIN deficiency psychosis-disorder of the Pineal Gland generating psychopathy and sociopathy, leading to warmongering and hatemongers seen as Institutionalized RACISM!
 EVIL DOERS USA & EUROPE: They are behind all of these three major-mainstream religions, man made manufactured myths, mixed with historic fraud in fact devilish lies of satanic liars: false Christians of Christianity’s insanity of inhumanity; Mohammad’s Islam of faker Muslims, and falsified white Jews of Judaism!!! None of these men ever truly existed as human beings living on the surface of planetary sphere earth, whatsoever. There is no true historicity of them ever being born, other than fraudulent biblical texts, wrongly called Holy Bible Scriptures; are there recorded artifacts-artwork, documents, recorded family information. No anthropological findings, archaeological digging has unearthed a single evidential proof of a Moses, Jacob, Isaac, Noah, Abraham, “Jesus Christ“, 12 disciples …nor living during any time… period.
And all the “sweet Jesus freaks”; Krishna, Mohammad the Prophet, were fabricated at the Council of Nicea 325 A.C.E. After The Common Era under Emperor Constantine. Meant to cause criminal conflicts in the societal citizenry, population mind controls and white supremacy superiority domination. Thus wicked wars, turmoil, upheaval.. Due to being the Evil Conspiracies engaged by the Roman Catholic Church, Popes, Priests, Bishops, who are constituent agents, enemy energy entities of the Superpower Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN LUCIFER THE HATEFUL RACIST DEVIL!!!!
You do the realistic research at Yahoo & Google search engines: “The Origins of Christianity”; “The Origins of Islam” and no longer just foolish faith follow famed fables and fairy folklore tales of mythology. Don’t simply think or religiously believe; but, KNOW THE DIVINE TRUTH!!!
AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD predicted back in 1990, foresaw in an artistic vision of prophesy, how that there would be coming soon on the event horizon a burning-blazing ring of fire, indubitably, Heavens Hades Hell Fires. Encircling – encompassing-engulfing, what is wrongly called The Middle East of Asia; although is actually North East Africa.
SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS: Simply and plainly because none of these lands, countries, nations now being owned-occupied by White Supremacist Arabs, belong to any of them. Not Africa’s Eygpt = KEMET, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and a number of others. They are historic invaders who also, as well as European White Supremacists, enslaved Bluish-Blackish-Brownish skinned HueMain beings of the homosapiens Sapiens Species Scientific Specifics; ORIGINAL RACE!!!
As a direct and proximate results, they are all cutthroats, tyrants, dictators, mass murderers, criminal killers, robbers and  rapers of our young girls-females…, and has passed down for generations still to come, the Divine Curses upon their offspring kids, and children, and today’s adult populations who are engaged into bloody conflicts and deadly destructive wars among themselves and with each other. Actively hating the “Negroes”, Negrindians today. Thus would be brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers of the Arab families and tribal members. Blood shed shall continue to enslave them as entrapped captives to their own religious political hatemongering leaders and warmongering Warlords, Rulers, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Emperors all disliked!!!!
Definitively DEPOPULATION + POPULATION CONTAINMENT CONTROLS: calmly concluding decreed by Divine Will: They showed no mercy and no mercy shall be shown to them. Likewise, Europe and the USA and all allies are going to face the worse types of national disasters ever known to them in their histories. I have seen in this year 2011 and can clearly see and envision 2012, long-hot summer draughts, horrifying hurricanes, tornado twisters, flash flooding inundating whole cities-counties-communities. Retribution, retaliation and domestic terrorism!! Raging forest-grass-brush fires sweeping across the states. Earthquakes, mudslides, homicides and suicides…and that’s not all folks!!! Urban Race Riots & Civil War; America At Guerrilla War!!! Yes_ insights revealed according to the Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE!!!

COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS: Read Rich Royal Rare Resources of AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD’s True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Free of charge, cost or money. HUEMAIN Homeland Mother Africa’s Ancient History is financially for freedom and a liberal-liberated access to everybody who wants to know the totally told truth.

Documenting how I AM on the front lines fighting fearlessly back against racist White Supremacy Superiority Oppression-Repression-Depression for Humanity’s Sanity-Liberated Freedoms!!! Period.

YES: Especially tried as a War Criminal committing crimes against humanity, is brown nose stooge sellout sycophant U.S. President House Negra Colored Boy Barack Hussein Obama. Besides he and wife Michelle sold Africa’s Blacks out years ago to the phony Western Eurocentric AIDS HOAX. And glibly had Kenyans taking toxic chemical drug poisons called AZT, which is what has murdered millions, and not the innocent, but, alleged hater and falsely accused serial-viral killer “HIV”!!! Now being vindicated, freed of all fraudulent charges of CRIMINALITY!!!

OBAMA: Furthermore, as I so did envision, could clearly see from within side my Spiritual Soul, this self-hating foolish, ambiguous egoist aided and abetted other bogus mindless medications to receive millions of dollars in monetary support from the giant pharmaceutical industries, campaign financial funds, while running for the US Presidency. Nevirapine criminal concoctions were injected into pregnant African-Africoid females. He and his wicked wife went to Kenya, years ago and told these unaware-friendly and kindhearted people of dark melanin skin pigmentation to trust the faulty-illegitimate “HIV/AIDS” tests to know their stigmatized status. View my blog:

Hundreds of thousands, were misdiagnosed and received false positive test tube laboratory results. Leading to unneeded vaccines that were intentionally contaminated thy racist whites, sinister scientists of European-American Caucasoid Caucasian origins. And these subjected victims suffered severe condemnation, being denounced and separated, isolated, put in hospitals of sickness and camps of death. And or quarantined from their families, tribes, love ones and healthy society all due to the Western Eurocentric Satanist political propaganda and military machines of death and destruction!!

Also, today monkey man see monkey do, , is murdering multitudes of helpless-defenseless Africans in America, pregnant girls unborn babies while still in their mothers wombs; via his Planned Parenthood abortion clinics of racist “White Devils” engaging their Eugenics-Genocide on people of toned-tanned Melanin skin color. Slaughtering about 1500 of our would be baby infants per day. If anybody, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama should be tried for war crimes committed against humanity by The International Criminal Court At The Hague!

Trained parakeet repeat after me dictates his slave master white whip cracker. First Lady’s husband proudly said that: “I’m half black and half white”…“Mutts like me”!! And Mr. Rev. Jesse Jackson said that: “I want to cut his nuts off”!! They, Barack and Michelle are both sucking up stooges hand picked political prisoners of their own egoist ambitions, and should have kept their black…jack……a….s…s uncle tom butts out of the big-brother business of Wicked Wealthy White Supremacy Superiority Elitist Rulers of the USA. His rear end didn’t know what he was getting into, and now he has to play the ball game according to how his Euro-Anglo American Slave master white whip crackers dictate to his brown boyish immature, ambitious egoism!. Kowtow! Eat Caucasoid Caucasian Criminal Corporate Crap!!!


YES COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS: vehemently proclaims that our Native AfriNegrindian or Negroid artifacts are intentionally being broken, damaged, defaced and destroyed by the racist white supremacist superiority Arabs and European Caucasoid CaucAsians. They hate the reality of fact that the historical Egyptians were all BLACK KEMET; great civilization and monumental pyramid builders. And at those thousands of years ago time periods, no mutant “pale face” pearly pink pigmented people existed upon planetary sphere Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature. Consequently, these invaders-intruders-occupiers are contriving to claim our AmeriAfrindian historicity.

They even are concocting their falsified biblical history based on stolen myths-folklore, copied-plagiarized secret sacred scriptures-writings-cave drawing-artistic symbols of our ancestors of dark-shaded-toned-tanned MELANIN skin colorations. These foreigners living there today telling tourists their fictitious stories; calling themselves ancient Egyptians are Fraud in fact lies of liars. Racketeers & Profiteers; Looters-robbers-rapists!

They are now presently suffering our DIVINE CURSES-JUDGMENT-JUSTICE, as they all self-destruct into civil conflicts-bloody-deadly wars of killing and murdering each other. Don’t believe a single word they say about their nation which is not theirs and never shall be. North Africa! And these violent trespassers try to create fake-phony, inauthentic-antiquity artifacts in their advanced technological scientific laboratories in order to write them selves into the history of my ancestors true Blackish-Bluish-Brownish ORIGINAL HUE-MAIN BEINGS “RACE”!!!!

YES COLOR KINGDOM NWCA reveals: The President-Ruler-Dictator-Tyrant Mr. Hosni Mubarak + United States President Barack Hussein Obama, just like all other oppressors of Hue-Main rights; are DIVINE CURSES-JUDGMENT-JUSTICE. Being carried out against Africans in America, inclusively Africa’s Egyptians, ‘pale faces’; who are Middle Class citizens, complacent-indifferent-apathetic towards the poor down trodden masses of their homeland members.

These self-righteous greedy gluttonous spiffy societies are all facing dooms day gloom worldwide and are being forced into civil unrest, bloody-deadly wars and internal self-destruction. Via SPIRITUAL POWERS!

All of Egypt is clearly North Africa’s continental land-geographical map and absolutely not the so called Middle East which in itself is North East Africa, divided intentionally by the white man made-manufactured Suez Canal. These inhumane thieves- rapists and robbers of our (AmeriAfriNegrindian) historic ancient ancestral wealth-royal riches, great civilizations of pyramid builders, are pre-destined to fatally fall as we can now openly see widespread. Counting down to  ARMAGEDDON Prophetic Holy World War III =3

There is one major problem with this center-mid economic classification of citizens; they have all shown hatred toward the bluish-blackish-brownish dark-toned-tanned-shaded melanin original Africans of KEMET. Here in the USA and overseas abroad, oppressing the Black Negroid populaces. And propped up-supported invader-occupier Arab-European Caucasoid CaucAsian Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome of the political-religious Sinister Snake SERPENT! Period.


YES CKNWCA, vehemently proclaims that it is the perfected period of time today, to raise our Original Hue-Main Rights, against all intruders, invaders, occupiers of our Ancient Africa’s Egyptian KEMET. It’s a Divine Curse of justice and judgment that there is civil conflicts and bloody-deadly wars in the stolen Egyptian country. It still belongs to Black Negroid-AfriNegrindians of dark-shaded-toned-tanned skin colorations; deeply melanin bluish-blackish-brownish creations of SUNGOD. And not to any pale pink pigmented people as white Arabs-European Caucasoid CaucAsians.

They are thieves and rapists-robbers of our true African history. AmeriAfrindians: We’s & Us’s are the true pyramid builders and the artifacts-artworks, scientific evidence-proof reveals our DNA CODES of ancestors! Study the origins and real historicity of who are the rightful owners. Their biblical records are all falsified, fraud in fact lies of political-religious liars. Israel-Egypt modern day deceivers: These angry citizens are fighting over something that don’t belong to any of them and they are all in gross violation of the Natural Laws of Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature!!! Period.

This is no predators profiteering-racketeering scheme to feed upon the poor nor impoverished members of society. And is not trying to sell the under-class citizens any types of products whatsoever. That’s not my style nor part of my Divine Commission Calling Cause. I’m openly and only offering key information to help save the Solar Sexus Souls of society and humanity.

Albeit: My artwork is copyright protected and invisibly coded; some for sale at an above poverty level monetary expense, the needy can’t afford to Buy Now anyway. Thereby eliminating any predatory price tag at cheap costs. And these Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs are the only things belonging to Me-Myself I AM.

Knowledge must remain free flowing and financially freed. All y’all have to do is study with a wholesome open mind of gratitude-thankfulness and aesthetic appreciation.


YES SCRIPTURES SPIRITIZED: No doubt the “raven wolves in sheep’s clothing” are running around rampantly, taking high risks never to be caught, black-white or red handed. Sure, we know that these are politicicians and religious leaders who mislead their constituents-congregations-flocks and sheep and lambs. The HueMain reasons I’ve decisively divested myself of these falsehoods and untruths; creating a SPIRITIST ARITISTCHD Unverse Inivers RealiVision vs Religion & Politics!!

SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = SPIRITIST + Spiritistic = Spiritistically = Spiritic = Spiritically = = The Inspirator-Inspiritor Son of SUNGOD pt2

Absolutely Not At All, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, is declining to tell y’all to throw your Old & New Testament Holy Bibles away into the trash cans as criminal crap. Howsoever We’s & Us’s are telling everybody who wish to know that these collections of books are blatantly bogus bull shit, as it pertains to being used as a truthful and accurate historical record or reference. Don’t do it!

Because, in spite of the good words and sound principles that applies to our lives as descent people, stolen from Ancient Mother Africa, fine and dandy do quote some of them such as Palms-Proverbs. Although do not be mistaken to believe in any of the falsified-fiction being sold to naive and gullible citizens,  most definitely a fraudulent HISTORICITY!!! 

BUTT, you and I have a personal responsibility, to hold our own selves accountable for faithless foolishness that we’ve chosen to believe in. Having weakened hearts falling fatally for the greedy gluttonous gains at others expense and suffering. Electing to trust in the untrustworthy and nobody can or could tell us a  SUNGOD-DEVIL DAMNED THING; that we didn’t want to hear. No, fools never willingly cease their folly until true realities hit them inhumanely hard. Then they are forced by critical-compelling circumstances to StopPointBlankPeriod.

Instead of sitting around complaining about how these unseen-invisible filthy rich people, of some sacred secret society, of elitist oppressors, why not just do what you’ve gotta do to help your self. Come up out of economic impoverishing circumstances, that We The Public People got our own selves in by the multimillions. Meaning that once you have lawfully purchased or paid for your digital image files, art specimens, now the FORCE is in your hands to legally enlarge, sell, profit from. PURE POWERS at last to set self financially free and in the investing buyer’s possession = YOU = $$$
REMEMBER ME + CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER: As you grow your income through sales of the bought and paid for artworks; may you also keep in mind the principles applied artfully of being generous. With your continued development and economic prosperity never forget to be nice and appreciative. Thus have a healed healthy heart of kindness or kindheartedness, remembering to share your newly earned wealth with AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD.

Self-employ your positive outlook on life, love it with a heated passion and in Pretty Princess Pattern Fashions. Fine feminine female fabrics. Prints on T-shirts, apparels-clothes, table cloths, handkerchiefs, head scarfs, blankets-sheets-pillow cases, house coats, night gowns, slips, underwear, lingerie. Make perfect pictures framed museum quality sizes too! Think and do it! Post cards, greetings, stationary, hand bags-purses, hats-caps, on and on and so on, intelligently using your creative imagination and free gifts of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = PRETTY PATTERN PRINCESS + AmeriAfrindian Ascended ArtistCHD’s Real-Live-Vision = Profits-Finances-Money-Lucrative-Prosperity-Positive Productions+100%$$$

GIVING + RECEIVING: Surely and honestly this means that you know where the DONATION buttons are located-posted on my Blogs and Web Site Domain. You contribute merchant money made mercifully, in the millions. Sharing your best benefit blessings according to your personal-private discretion, how your loving heart tells you to give an amount of money; respects and regards to COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Already set-up for your financial convenience and easy secured access via PAY PAL. Period.


YES: these lucrative doors and golden gates are opened worldwide for our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions to freely come inside. To consume wealthy wisdom that’s healthy for the Solar Sexus Soul. Thus to replenish and restore our bio-genotype traits to their healthy-wealthy human art forms. Nourished with Vital nutrients in foods eaten, drinking water, while cultivating the body-heart and mind with compassion. TO LOVE THY SELF.

ROCK of OFFENSE + STONE DEFENSE: Moreover, to reverse and nuetralize the toxic political poisons and radicalized religious cancers of our cell membranes. Curing any possible degenerative diseases, birth defects and or dysfunctions in our RNA & DNA CODES.  Coming culturally cleansed from the insides of us to the outside of our living states of beings. Buttressing what we believe and know to be our natural rights to Live ‘n Love Peace & Harmony. So willingly read this forthcoming: Strenthening our immune SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM.

We need this so very much as redemptive salvation.  It’s potently effective! Because CKNWCA  THE COMFORTER, is for UNIFICATION, an artistic approach that unifies humanity, seeing how that we are so divided and not standing together against global tyrants, oppressive-repressive-depressive governments and their self-centered dishonest money craving asses. And no one single isolated,  or segregated, disjointed groups, has the required unified collective forces to defeat the Evil Enemy Energy Entities. Whosoever or Whatsoever they might be!?.

Dr. Rev. Mr. Johnny Hunter = BLACK GENOCIDE, tormenting-torturing our babies while still in their mother’s womb. Burning them up alive. Along with injecting extremely toxic chemical drugs as as the 666 satanic Nevirapine that supposed to stop “HIV” transmission from mothers to infants.  These are weapons of mass destruction. This is all devilish whites wickedness, Nazi & Klans mentalities going under the coded words “Family Planning”; “Planned Parenthood”; “Pro-Choice” =  Maafa21 PT.14 of 14

INCLUSIVELY: Adolf Hilter’s Nazi mentality coupled with the satanist psychotic Ku Klux Klans. Working in collusion for White Supremacy Superiority and Black Supremacy Superiority!!  Political power pundits, professional profiteers-racketeers, slave masters of money green gluttonous greed. Yes: All of the popularized human and civil rights organizations have sold Us We The Public People, out to monetary slavery and financial debt servitude. Inclusively genocide, population controls via sterilization, castration, and abortions. Yes the NAACP, SCLC, NUL, CDC, WHO, NIH, FDA, USA, EU, and y’all can name the rest of these treacherous TRAITORS!!!

“Planned Parenthood Exposed (Exposed!)”

And duly note to remember, that even if you are now-presently considered to be Middle Class American, or of any other Western European nation of a so called higher economic class of citizens; BEWARE!

Because you are going to perhaps, be the next one falling fatally to misfortunes, financial failure, and filing for bankruptcy. And know that millions are in line to be dropped back down to grassroots ground level zero and naught. Pitifully poor! Susceptible to vicious viruses, contagious diseases, false positive medical test results, misdiagnosis due to malnutrition, distressing grief, hopelessness and despairing depressions. The criteria used to destroy defective members deemed at serious threat and danger to healthy humanity. Albeit Who’s The Judge & Jury!?

DEVASTATION & DESTRUCTON: Regardless of who’s behind it, Cheney, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Al Gore, The Illuminati, Elitists, or anybody else, there’s something SPIRITUAL more POWERFUL + FORCEFUL behind them all. Yes men and women are moved-motivated to do all manner of things called wicked and evil, cruel and unjust. BUTT, this is only the subjected victims suffering and not those carrying the painful punishments out in torment and torture and the death penalty!!!

Who is backing up the United States Federal Government? Who’s actually behind POPULATION PEOPLE CONTAINMENT or CONTROLS? DO THE DEFICIENT DESERVE TO LIVE? WHO’S HEALTHY & WHO’S UNHEALTHY?

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + Afrindian Ascent American ArtistCHD 

Later on or right now check out your valuable resource research, and feed faces filled with true knowledge: MAAFA = BLACK GENOCIDE, setting up WHITE GENOCIDE of the impoverished-poor; by self-righteous Psychopaths & Sociopaths in power position!!!

HUMOROUSLY + HAPPILY vs ANGRILY: Let us burn their blatant-bogus butts by Heavens Hades Hell Fires freeing our own selves. And enjoy uplifting one another again, loving our SPIRITIZED Miracle Merchant Money Making Mysterious Magic: YOUR WINDOW OF OPEN OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME ROYALLY RICH = $$$  100%+ Through the patterned pathways of the Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = Know How. Period.

IMAGINED MONEY MADE MANIFEST by patterned pathways of giving and receiving freedom’s gifts of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE.  Our 21 century  CyberSpaceAge Climatic  Currency Change CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP+LapP!!. Thus cease with all of the whinning-crying, complaining about no good paying jobs, immigrants taking them all, employment opportunities are being taken overseas abroad away from Americans, etc., etc. etc.  Shut-up and shut-down and simply and plainly give your support right now today and INVEST in Truth + Honesty + Entrepreneurial SPIRITIZED Self-Sufficiency $$!!



Yes We’s & Us’s are fearlessly fighting back against the Racist-Sexist-Egoist-Fascist White Supremacy Sinisterr Sickness Syndromes. Like wise comprehending that we are more so contending with and combating: The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!

YES PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Certainly it all ties in together. Hooks up! Form an evil energy entity conspiring currency in a vicious cycle. White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, Falsified Christianity’s insanity of humanity, Black Muslims of Islam who like talking big shit and no physical action to back what they say up; an eye for an ey. And, so called Black Israelite Hebrew Jews of Judaism who are still lost in the wilderness of biblical fraud in fact devilish lies of European liars.

All are inseparably related to the White and “Black Holocaust”; Eugenics Genocide of Planned Parenthood, plus the AIDS HOAX, vicious virus myths, “HIV/AIDS” infections rates and false numbers. Hooking up with the so called Christian Black Churches as religious political voting blocks and stockyards of willing and ready “raven wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

Those who viciously violate the HUE-MAIN rights of men and women in order to gain money, wealth, riches in hopes of becoming POWERFUL!!. Butt, they are proved to be WEAKER than ever before selling out their own racial-ethnic-cultural groups; as Black Jackass Uncle Tom Demons!!!

EUGENICS =PLANNED PARENTHOOD = BIRTH CONTROL = POPULATION CONTROL-Deaths and Destruction of helpless-innocent lives. “Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project

And fortunately as the reader being yourself feel as though this openly shared Knowledge has mental-educational-spiritual values for you; then Buy Now and or simply and plainly politely DONATE TODAY…$$$color_kingdom_business111.jpg


Welcome to Black Liberation Radio & Black Liberation TV” +  Y’ALL ENJOY + BE HAPPY 100%$$$+

 Yes, wheresoever there is a DIVINE WILL, there’s a positive productive-progressive-profitable patterned pathway. Our newly created Hue-Main-Stream clean cultured currency capital color constellation of COLORKINGDOM NWCA’S WEALTHY WOMANHOOD WITTY WISDOM vs CHRISTENDOM HARLOT WHOREDOM!!

About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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