REALIVISION vs Religion Racist Radical Renegade Rouge Reptilian RACE = Real Live Vison – InnerVision + Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification…World War3-4 Armageddon! pt2


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The Old Order USA, has thus fallen finally fatal, and ‘is badly become the inhuman habitation of demons and devils, and a foolish family fold, hateful hold of every foul spirit, and Captors Christianized cage, of every unclean – uncultured and hateful human and bloody bird. Blantly bias biggots – bastardized bitchcrafts!’

YES IT IS WELL WRITTEN: everybody in the sinking-sunken Slaver ship USA, is a serial suspect, of culpable criminal guilt – fault – blame, for the incorporated corruptions, civic confusions, chaotic conditions causing the whole nation to be put on lock down in Martial Law, National Homeland Security! Reveals + Reports: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.

anima Devil_headWho or what Rayzial = “Racial” ethnic group, invented, concocted, created, conjured up all of these chemical contagions, contaminants, corrosive cancer causing conditions? Were they in fact those hybrid-humans of European entities? Can we trace back throughout Holistory Heritage Health, = history = His-Story of the commonly called Caucasoid Caucasians to find out? Aren’t Anglo-Americans, bio-chemists, sinister scientists, involved, directly with the tissue tormenting, torturing, terrorizing toxins? Do so self said; “Whites”; have some severely serious soulless sickness, supremacy superiority satanic sociopathy? What exactly is “Racism White Supremacy”? Read:

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animation-rainbow-CK I often hear on alternative media, Internet talk radio shows, hosts and invited guests, proclaiming publicly, that “We have to obey God”! These callers are the very same Satanist Sociopath servants, slavers, who are holding humanity hostage, to their terrorist religions. Bogus beliefs, and foolish faith faulty family foundations. But, absolutely not, never anymore, are ascending Africoidians in America, going to do what the CauCrazian Caucasoidian written unholy bibles dictates; preaches or teaches. Their make believe imaginary “God”; is an apparent mass murderer of melaninated membrane members. As it is well written with westernized world, WhitTies wicked witchcrafts!
“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Saturday backed away from an imminent military strike against Syria to seek the approval of the U.S. Congress, in a decision that likely delays U.S. action for at least 10 days.”
YES: The devilishly demonic dis-United States Satanist of angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda Operatives, are still heading for warfare with Iran as historical hater slave traders of Africa’s Africoidian ascendants.
All Asiatic Arabs, Islamic Muslims, throughout the so said: “Middle East”, has to pay for their Slavery Sociopathy. This artfully applies to the CauCrazian conjured concocted Christian criminals. And I Am Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1; Son of Solar SUNGODD DEITY.
Righteously revealing: Religious warfare in a curse divinely decreed, turning them against another, inverting energies exponentially. We’s & Us’s are talking all about primary principalities, and potent powers, of the Extraterrestrial Ethereal realms that be; in the Highest Heaven Holy Places.
STAND DOWN: “President Obama is abdicating his responsibility as commander in chief and undermining the authority of future presidents. The president does not need Congress to authorize a strike on Syria,” “said Republican Representative Peter King.”
Calmly, cautiously counting down to Armageddon‘s Prophetic Holy World War lll =3; blessing in surreptitious disguise to set the enslaved captives free, unto the perfect law of liberty. “At the ani bat monster gifSyrian news conference, Al-Moallem called the U.S. accusations “categorically false.” And I vehemently profess, that they are all evil enemy entities, egoist eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans + Eurasians. Commonly called CaucAsian Caucasoidian cold climate Caucasus cave crawling creatures. Corrupt criminals clashing – colliding in catastrophic civic conflicts. Chemical weapons_ westernized wicked witchcraft WhitTies, USA & Europe against; The Russian Federation deadly distructive dragons; and Asia-China Mongoloidian mean menacing monsters!
YES: The criminally corrupt CauCrazian Coptic Coon Catholic Church Christians, has ample time to evacuate, escape Syrian soulless soils. Faithful fools refuse to flee for freedom as refugees. And the men folk are irresponsibly, holding back their womenfolk, ego tripping with their macho manhood muscles. Masculinity overpowering Femininity!!
Mothers of small school age children, babies, infants, toddlers, little kids, has to leave as soon as possible, in a hurry, due to it being urgently needed. We should be seeing long trains, Exodus, of citizens migrating out and away from all parts of Syria’s soulless soils. Security & Safety & Survival Firstly Foremost! Says: CKNWCA.
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YES “Black Talk Radio” founded by “Scotty Reed”; “Black Autonomy Federation Radio”; on or about Saturday, September 7, 2013.…8:00pm EST. He made some statements that are very inaccurate and incorrect, concerning the dangers of the “penal”; prision system. With “Black” prisoners being sexually raped, catching “HIV”; then getting out, having sexual intercourse with “sisters”; giving it to her, “Black females”, spreading it everywhere, etc.
He means well, but is new at this liberation – freedom fight, being about 46-47 years old, and only 7 or so years into the war. Scotty Reed, in my opinionated perspective point of view, is a very much needed warrior, ambitious and arrogant Americanized African ascendant.
Howsoever, he has been utterly misled, even maybe, by the idolized Ms. Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, and perhaps, Mr. Nilly Fully, alone with many other misinformed so surely self branded “Blacks”.
Unwitting misleaders: They have unfortunately, not done their homework, studies thoroughly, in a well worthy way. Going by hearsay hand me down gossips vs. scientific synthesis of collective data. Mass major mainstream media manufactured MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”. And are helping the “White Terrorist Dominators”; “Racist White Supremacists” murder multimillions melaninated membrane members, with the Virus Myths & AIDS HOAX! For full story read research ref.
Contact Black Autonomy Federation: P.O. Box 16382, Memphis, TN 38186-0382 or URL:
*>:) devil  YES: Slaver Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Satanists -Sickness Syndromes = Sinister Sorcerer Snake Serpent System SATAN, = sneaky stealthy secret subversive activities, germ bio-warfare, nerve gas, poison purposely released upon human biological bodily beings, then, blame it on others. We’s & Us’s know who is hatefully – hideously hiding behind it all, as usual = cowardice CauCrazian criminals = psychopaths!  *~X( at wits' end*:->~~ spooky
Whitefaces hiding hideously behind Blackfaces & Brownfaces; said: “That’s what makes us exceptional,” Obama said. “With humility, but with resolve, let us never lose sight of that essential truth.” And I say that this Anglo-American asinine a-s-s attitude, is exactly what the major mainstream media monsters, made so self said: “Whites”; wrongly think. Thus, that they are; “exceptional”, Supreme & Superiors, and other nonwhites, people of cosmetic coloration complexions, inferiors as meaningless minors = melaninated minorities! A historical hateful hostile honky dory demon ideology. Biblical based blatantly bad, bias, bigoted beliefs = bastardized bitchcrafts!
“Putin urged the U.S. not to launch a military strike on Syria, saying, “It is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States.” (9-12-2013) Putin’s answer to that? “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation,” he wrote. He concluded with the line, “We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”
Although, I personally know how that The Russian Federation President V. Putin, is trying to effectively communicate with Western Wicked Witchcraft WhitTies, by using the racist religious, bogus biblical expressions, “Lord” & “God”; he, their imaginary – illusionary, “White male” European; is not our Cosmic CREATOR! Reports + reveals; CK-NWCA.

anima tankWarfare is inevitable – unavoidable: “I challenge those who accuse our forces of using these weapons to come forward with the evidence,” he said. Syria would fight back in case of a U.S. strike, he added.” Well we will surely see!
And I personally profess, that Syria should have not or never had any criminalizing controlled chemical concoctions, secret society serial killers, satanic stockpiles of tissue terrorizing; tormenting torturing technological terrorism!
YES: Now y’all wait one Devil Damned minute: Lets keep thinking in terms of being insane and inhumane. Expressly, all commonly called Catholic church Christians, Protestants, and Allah professing Islamic Muslims. Those who wantonly wish to faithfully follow bible based beliefs. That a human bio-bodily being, actually walked upon top of rushing waters and didn’t sink. That a man person being named “Jesus” who supposed to had been THE CHRIYST; died and then came back to life, or resurrected from the dead.
Also, religiously thinking that he, this portrayed picture of a European “White” male messiah, Lord & Savior, performed magical miracles, cast out demons and cured cripple citizens-curses, and removed satanic spells. Then he ascended up in heaven to sit on the right hand side of his Father “God“, yet he is thought to be “Almighty Lord God” himself. Etc., etc., etc.
anima th_snake1So then, why would the religiously not sane and never humane, think not that Syria’s Government & President, didn’t use banned biological weapons of mass destruction. On his own citizenry mass murdering innocent babies, small children and little kids. Isn’t it obvious?! And also, needing no apparent evidential proof, that this “Jesus Christ”; ever truly existed. What’s the differences? And poisonous chemicals, tissue toxins, nerve gas, likewise, needs no actual proofs. Are Christians satanically sure? Are Islamic Muslims – Mohammedans not criminally crazy? Shall we keep the faith? Asks; ARTISTCHD1
“(CNN)– U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry calls it proof “beyond any reasonable doubt.” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says it’s “very clear.” President Barack Obama says the United States has “high confidence” that Syria used chemical weapons — the strongest position the U.S. can take short of confirmation.”
Media Report: “The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), an international treaty banning the use of such arms, has been signed and implemented by all but seven of the world’s nations. Although Syria has not signed the treaty, its acceptance by such an overwhelming majority of the world’s states gives it the status of an international norm to which Syria can be held accountable”.(9-7-2013)
Consequently, an admission of criminal culpabilities and gambling guilt. Going against the odds of foolish fate. Syria’s Government & President & Ruling Family of Elites, fail to realize that by refusing to sign onto the “The Chemical Weapons Convention”; they jeopardized their own national integrity, humane honor and dignity. Self incriminating evidential proofs, that they knowingly, willingly, purposely, and intentionally harbored human hate habits; criminalized chemical concoctions. Expressly, nerve gasses!
Therefore, it is incumbent upon them, Syria’s Leaders, to prove beyond any rational reason to doubt, that they are completely cultured clean and consummately cured of committing crimes against Humanity = HueMainity of HueMainKind!!
NEWS REPPORT: “We are calling on the Syrian leadership to not only agree on placing chemical weapons storage sites under international control, but also on its subsequent destruction and fully joining the treaty on prohibition of chemical weapons,” he said.
“I believe that Russia can be most effective in encouraging the Syrian president to stop any use of chemical weapons and place all his chemical munitions, as well as storage facilities, under United Nations control until they can be destroyed,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California.” (9-9-2013)
Criminal Cocoon Catholic Christians churches-cathedrals, are being bombarded, broken back down destructively. Due to them being built, based on bias bigotries, bigoted biblical beliefs, blatantly bad bitch-crafts!
ChristLikelyenity vs. Christianity: is CKNWCA’s complete cultural cleansing cure, of the concurrent curses. And it just might take the total elimination, extermination, extinction, of each existing evil enemy entity, Eu-Rope-an Eugenicist! Who has historically used false flags, foolish faith followers, to do their demonic dirty dealings. devilish damages.  The non-stop, persisting, oppressions – repressions – depressions; of MY PEOPLE!
Billions of hateful humans, are destined to die, face demise, desolation destruction. Due to continuing to teach their treacherous religiosities, worldwide. Imposing them upon their small children, helpless kids. A corrosive cancerous Christian cause, contagiously contaminating the entire planetary sphere: Love Goddess Mother Nature Ear th!!! Reveals + reports; COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.
Vicious Violation of HueMainLaw of HueMainRights of our original HueMainKind HueMainRayz vs. “Race“! “Syria, which sits on one of the world’s largest stockpiles of chemical weapons, has denied the charges.” But banned, they should have never; whatsoever,  in the first place, had them in their possession!
“Come on. Does anybody really believe that those aren’t chemical weapons — those bodies of those children stacked up?” “The rebels don’t have those weapons,” “The action has to have a very limited purpose, and the purpose is to deter future use of chemical weapons,””The chemical massacre of Damascus cannot and must not remain unpunished.””I don’t know of any responsible government around the world … that has not spoken out in violent opposition to the use of chemical weapons on innocent people,”
anima military 1NO not at all does it really matter what most American citizens, voters, religiously believe and politically think; about going to war. Basically because, insanity’s inhumanity, is irresponsible vs. responsible. Leaderships having no rational reasons reacting; making misleaders irrational and unreasonable. Needing no common sensibilities, soundness, soulful saneness! Protest demon-strations, militant marches mean nothing at all. And anti-war activists… those majority of complainers, crybabies, whiners, will be caught, captured and caged inside FEMA concentration camps, criminalized corral compounds. Continental containment controls. Equals = On Lock Down National Homeland  Security! Divinely Decrees COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.
YES, The “We The People” playing poisonous politics has already spoken, and cast their campaign election votes, during the time periods of those terms of accepted agreements. The local level citizenries, chose their elected officials, early on in the gambling games of devilishly demonic decision making. Taking their chances on whosoever, were selected to run in their communities, districts, for state representatives, congressional choices, so forth and so on accordingly. Now it is prime time for them, the chosen few seated upon Washington’s Capitol Hill and Presidential Oval Office of the United States of America, to decide among themselves. The Senate, House of Representatives, Congress; and absolutely, not any such polls ran/run by national media or anybody else. The collective citizenry, has already spoken, and their present protest voices, are null and void, useless, and deficiently defunct! Meaning nothing! Vehemently voices; CKNWCA!
Promocracy_colorPromocracy_color neg image
PROMOCRACY = Promocratic vs. Democracy-Democratic: Thus this truly says that just simply by being against and anti-war, is ineffective, inept, impotent. It requires a positive productive-progressive perspective. The perfect planting of planetary people’s: Love Peace & Harmony. In this strictly specific sequence!
Civilian Capital Cash Currency Collapse: These are the dire consequences for being historical hatemongers, entrapping, enslaving Africa’s Africoidians herein the Americas, forced free labors to build “White” privileges, prestigious profits, and politicized police powers!
ani Hind-02A Divinely Decreed Deliberated Devil Damnation, concurrent curse, and mandated must: The incredible longstanding – outstanding debt has to be paid in financial full, in blood and dead bodies and demonic deaths. There’s no escaping economic explosion, income implosion, retaliatory Karmic killings, for the lynching, hangings, beatings, burnings, mass murdering melaninated membrane members. Plus+ political prisoners as slaves of the criminal injustice institutions, right now today tortured. Gross Civil & Human Rights crimes, carried on and out by the overall, in general, aggregate Anglo-Americans of European origins! They have not changed to date, nor has repented with remorse and regrets! Nor paid reparations + restitutions = $$$
anim man made manufactfured“We have the means to defend ourselves and we will surprise everyone,” he told reporters in Damascus. But, what is a defense? When one needs an Offense! “We will defend ourselves using all means available. I don’t want to say more than that,” he added.” Is this a big bully bluff, a desperation cry?*[]--- cook*:puke! puke
YES: We’s & Us’s, also, have a Rock Offense Stone Defense Decreed Divine. A Sharp Two-edge sword Spiritualized = SPIRITIZED. And I’ve invented SPIRITICS, strategically straight shooting Spirit Source Science Systems’s Sovereign Sciessence Systream. Via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: 
News reports: “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad described the Middle East as a “powder keg” Monday, saying the region would “explode” if the United States and its allies execute a military strike on Syria. His warning came as the Obama administration pushed legislators to approve punitive military action over last month’s alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus.”
Assuredly actualized: Terrifying “turmoil” is exactly what the Zombies, Demons, Devils wantonly wish. Instability,, insurrections, insurgents, is the Principality of Politicized Powers!
ani-shakycam-colorking.gif“The Middle East is a powder keg and the fire is approaching today,” Assad told French newspaper Le Figaro. “You can’t only talk about what the Syrian response will be, but what could happen after a first strike. And no one knows what would happen. Everyone will lose control of the situation when the powder keg explodes,” he said.”Chaos and extremism will be widespread,” he warned. “The risk of a regional war exists.” “Assad said he did not regard the people of France as enemies, but described the country’s policies as “hostile.” France has indicated that it would support a U.S.-led strike on military targets in Syria. “There will be repercussions, of course negative, on France’s interests” if that happens, Assad said.”
DIVINE DESTINY: And nobody, no one can change the destructive direction, things are presently going. The monstrous momentum, is manmade, but, it is in the controls and commands, of our One only Omnipresent: Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR!!!
Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning; The End Time Days of Reckoning_ instrumental MP3 Equals = fast forewards, fearlessly ferocious. flaming fires! Terrorist territorial terrestrials, forcibly, put on trial, tested to the total told truths 100%+!
anima military might“I can’t conceive he would back down from a very serious course of action,””If he (Obama) decides to use the military, he’s got the greatest military in the world backing him up.””Every nation has a responsibility to make their own decisions.”: In Africa’s Libya: “We have a responsibility to act”; “I gave the order” to bomb on “a humanitarian mission“. “I’m half black and I’m half white”; “Mutts like me.” The painting of blackfaces + brownfaces, over or on whitefaces = The DEVIL’S disgraces running real races!
NEW NOTES: Today, Monday, September 2, 2013. “Obama’s move to seek congressional approval for any military action was called the start of an “historic American retreat” by a Syrian state newspaper on Sunday. The paper also said that Obama’s reluctance to take military action stemmed from his “sense of implicit defeat and the disappearance of his allies.” It said the American leader’s worry about limited intervention turning into “an open war has pushed him to seek Congress’ consent.”
*&lt):) cowboy Yes, the militarized Melanin Messiah Mastermind; Courageous Commander In Chief U.S President animation2Barack Hussein Obama, is being blatantly used, his brown skin solarization, cosmetic coloration complexion; expediently exploited by Eurocentric Ego Ecoenergystics: Reveals + reports: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA:  Here in the beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas.
YES: Obama brown bomber brother, barbing and weaving, is floating like a butterfly and stinging like a humming honey bee. Playing colorblind cards charismatically courageous. Bravely bowgarding and black beaver blockading all American voters out. His sly slick seeking some Congressional approvals, Oks, is a militaristic maneuver move on the chessboard, checkered black and white squares, slips the direct punches and dirty jabs, of the problematic public people. Those ninety percentiles%, who foolishly fail to fully understand, completely comprehend and artfully apprehend propaganda politics!
Now next, all of those anti-war weaklings, angry Americans against aggression, strike on Syria, can no longer complain and crybaby complain, to him and his Administrative Oval Office of the U.S. Presidency Executive. They’ll have to file their grievances, petitions, disagreements, through the proper channels, with their voted for elected local officials, state representatives, congressmen and women; mayors, and district city council personnel, etc. Reveals + reports, COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.
Promocratic: protesting “pro-Syrian political groups”; proclaimed that, “The American Embassy is an operations room for the war on Syria,” read one banner. “Your rockets and fleets do not scare us,” read another; north of Beirut. Lebanon. (9-5-2013)
YES: Straight up, frankly forwards, first of all these ‘people of color’ can clearly see some Satanic Europeans, commonly called, Caucasian Caucasoid citizens of outside origins. Their phrenology, physiology = facial features; are apparent as Anglo-Americans, as antagonist adversaries, and alien agents. So self said “Whites”!
Which or who are historical hatemongers, invaders, intruders, interveners into foreign affairs, and sabotaging internal unity among more melaminated members. Uproots – usurping the Love Peace & Harmony; upon the planet Earth. They tend to stand out like Casper The Friendly Ghost, but they are the Ghostly Trio & Little Spooky! Extremely frightening in the deep DARKS!
They consist of “White” Jews of Judaism in Israel, Islamic Muslims, Christians… and any others of Europe’s evil enemy enmities. None of the pale pink pigmented persons, belongs over in and occupying lands in the thought to be; “Middle East” and or North West Africa! Yes, it’s high time for them to hat up and go, git the Devil Damned hell out of Dodge or die! Vehemently humorous says ARTISTCHD1.
America At Guerrilla

Thank y’all very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING: Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1. *O:-) angel
DeiTrix DieTrix_colorDeoTrox DoeTrix_color ned image
News Report: “Washington and its allies “are using the chemical weapon [allegation] as a pretext,” and “are saying that they want to intervene for humanitarian reasons,” Khamenei said on Thursday. “The United States is wrong about Syria, and it is certain they will suffer… just like in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Khamenei told members of the Assembly of Experts, the body that supervises his work.” (9-5-2013)
anima monsters36YES: The typically same sinister stance, prejudice political  “PRETEXT”; is being used to incarcerate, imprison, multitudes of melaninated membrane members, herein, the United States America Anglo-Saxon Satanists. Legalized entrapments, enslavements under “Three Strikes Laws”; “Stop & Frisk”; “Mandatory Minimums”. They are saying that they want to intervene, humanely help African American “Blacks” & Browns!! To fight crime and violence and illegal drugs. But, they’re wrong, westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazian Caucasoidians. Expressly those who are surely suffering some severely serious Satanic Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, of the stealthy snake serpent SATAN!!! Reveals – reports: CKNWCA.
YES: Ironically, the Anglo-American arguments, about anybody else, let alone, Syria, using banned biological, chemical weapons of mass destruction, is the exact same template. The one that they so very frequently use herein The USA, on Federal & State & Local levels, to accuse Africans in America of various crimes. Being in “Possession of a Controlled Substance”. A CIA Crack Cocaine concoction, Caucasian created – crafted criteria = community contagion = contamination!
Invidiously, insidiously introduced inside Dark skinned societies = People of coloration cosmetic complexions. Their CauCrazian = crazy conclusions, are that everybody else, nonwhite, is a criminal. And needs to be arrested, incarcerated, and imprisoned. Needing no positive proof, evidence whatsoever, to force confessions of criminal guilt. Coercive plea bargain agreements accepted, or otherwise, face long term prison sentences. Acting upon their terrorizing assumptions, allegations, accusations!
anima Bug_man_2Fabricated felony charges, false indictments that are rubber stamped by the faker Foreman of The Grand Jury. They’re angry Agnlo-America Al Qaeda Operatives. Those who carry on and engage injustices for pure psychopaths pleasure + profits = $$$ = Politicized Prison Institutionalized Industry!
The overall in general Eurocentic elements, Anglos are the sole ones oppressing, repressing, depressing nonwhites, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, African Americans, of the blackish, brownish bio-bodily beings! Reports + reveals; CKNWCA.
YES: “an overwhelming case” against America’s Anglos. They violently attacked and assaulted Americanized Africans, through their petty police patrols. Murderous mayhem meant to maim and mangle melaninated membrane members. A renegade rouge reptile racist regime. “We know that the regime ordered this attack, we know they prepared for it,” These terrorist tactics, goes far above and beyond the U.S. Presidency & Oval Office!!
“The Teachers Union”: YES; realized research reveals, righteously reports, how they invested thousands of U.S Dollars, with the Privatized Prison Industrial Complex. CauCrasians criminalizing citizens of color, kidnapped, and hauled off to jails to be enslaved. Even as they are complaining, protesting, marching and demon-strating against the State & Federal Governments & Elected Officials! Shall they not be cut back or completely cut off?
Prosonxz_colorPriosnxz_color neg image
animation16-transition-.gifNEWS NOTES: “(W)e are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act that would help make sure that not only Syria, but others around the world, understand that the international community cares about maintaining this chemical weapons ban and norm,” Obama said Saturday. (9-2-2013)
Albeit, better beneficially born blessed, by being babies, yet the United States Federal Government, the religious racist raccoon Christian churches, on the State & Local levels, advocated the tissue terrorizing, tormenting-torturing toxic treatments. AZT + Nevaripine nerve agents; chemical concoctions causing cancerous cells. Used on pregnant females, expressly, of Africa’s ascent. All in the alleged and assumed negative name of fighting or curing “HIV” and or “HIV/AIDS”! A manmade manufactured myth! Was or is this another one of their “Humanitarian Missions?” Read research ref.:
ani mi_monster_10He added that “part of the challenge that we end up with here is that a lot of people think something should be done, but nobody wants to do it.” Obama stressed his preference for multilateral action, but said “it is not in the national security interest of the United States to ignore clear violations of these kinds of international norms, and the reason is because there are a whole host of international norms that are very important to us.”
But, are also, the African Americans, Mexican Americans – Latinos, who are held human hostages, subjected slaves of their Prison Industrial Complex, apart of “a whole host of international norms?” With some political prisoners being locked down in isolation confinement, demonic detentions, for 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 years, herein the USA? These are in fact violations of International Law + HueMainLaw!!!
NEGATIVE NOTES: Whosoever they might be, whatsoever, their nations and continental countries, they belong to; they’re all Under One Hue-Main-Law!
All anti-humanity weapons of mass destruction, are banned, production-possession prohibited. Inclusively, concocted chemicals, terrorizing tissue toxins, poisonous nerve gasses, bio-bacteria and germs weaponized warfare. They have the intentions of being used to attack and assault biological bodily beings. And it is in and of itself, a inhumane hate crime committed against; HueMain-Kind!
world2.gifNobody, is authorized, permitted, and allowed to have any of them in their possession. This artfully applies to our orbiting; Global-World-Nations. Not needing anymore meaningless: United Nations, Laws and Charters, Treaties, that they have forfeited any right and or authority, due to failing to enforce them, against the USA, Israel, Europe, Russia, for the viciously violent violations!
Caucasian Caucasoidian countries, are the number one; “White” people; who are of a Culpable criminal mental state of guilt. Historically acting above any existing International Laws.
ani _skulls_189YES Satanic Skeletons stealthily sneaking up on: All actors and actresses, pretending this-that or the other, on a staged setting; shall surely, receive a wide wakening; into the realized world of living. Humanity is faced off with Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War lll = 3-4; while Hollywood celebrity superstars are playing their gambling games. Living falacy fairytale lands. Ignoring, existing actualities, and cancerous causes, malignant growths, going on around them. Yet being paid hundreds of thousands and multimillions of dollars $USA Capital Cash Currency, to sedate, seduce, silence, sequester societies. Surely this is systemic staging is Satanic!
 Ref. “Ray Hagins: What Makes Religion So Powerful.”
Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt by American Apparel ~ Article 12414566Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt by American Apparel ~ Article 12414566

Obviously ostensive, as an oval object, oscillating, pulsating, radiating rays realistically. As easy as 123, abc, to completely comprehend and artfully apprehend. Something that is solemnly self-sufficient, self-evident, shining serenely, sublimely, sovereign SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY + Disc Decreed Divine Dimensional Domain.

anima NuclearExpTHE EVENT HORIZON: Is coming up right now today. Wexz & Usxz, are facing fatal finality = World War 3-4. Americans are on the verge of that; in which, is about to emerge. So then militaristically might my mastermind, stay strictly Spiritious, strategically straight shooting, focussed and completely concentrated!

Yet there’re a nameless number of good intentioned, self branded “Blacks”; still trying to teach our school age children, a second language, expressly,   (Key) Swahili of an African tong. But even this is not an indigenous, natural native language of: All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa.

Howsoever, misleaders are. not understanding that there is no more time to waste, spend, efforts exerted, on prestigious propositions. Nice ideas that take too long to develop and grow gainfully. Things that will not; immediately, militarize melanin members mindsets. Nor at onnce, weaponize worldly wisdom, the things that we do already know. And can easily artfully apply = at warfare!

YES: It’s far too late, for debates, arguments, fussing and fighting. Worrying about the so called: “Black Male & Female” relationships; “The Black Family”; and all the rest of these trifling-trivial things. Talking about what kind or types of foods is healthy and unhealthy, cooked or raw; meats or vegetables. Stupid stuff that show simple immaturity, minors and minority mentalities. Thus, Trials & Tribulations, demands and commands, that Americanized Africoidians, are to activate Arch Angel, Ark Anchor Ankh Arthiest Actionary Atom Amen-Ra, of Z-Blac-Keys and of Z-BlackRayz!!! [Atomic Bombs Blasting…]


COSMIC CREATOR’S Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts,  causes capital cash currency changes. Constantly cleanses, completely cures corrupting criminalizing conditional causes!

YES: It doesn’t need to matter; whatsoever, who said she said he said this that or the other; about some prominently popularized, enslaved African in America. All of their trash talks, Hip Hop hatred of self, hoes, bitches, pants sagging, means nothing worthwhile, to try fighting back against. Nor is it worthy, to worry about somebody’s comedic negative N..word usage; profane – insane – inhumane, vulgar and obscene; English language words of wickedness!

Basically because, all of this is gambling grownup gangsters, guilty ghetto gutter garbage. Due to be wiped away, washed down the dirty ditches and drains. Ya see, crystal clear, cause and artistic affects, and energized effects, to git rid of the “Useless food eaters”! Rich or Poor!!

YES: Yawls KNOW, now that these terrorist thugs, politicized psychopaths; are Evil Enemy Entities, Eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans, vs. Europeans, criminal CauCrazians vs. Caucasians, wealthy “Whites” vs. wicked witchcraft WhitTies. Also, angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda Operatives = the whitefaces, hiding hideously, behind the blackfaces, brown-faces, and yellow-faces. Stealthy, sneaky snakes, sinister scientists, subversive sorcerers, sick Slaver Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Satanist of the Systemic System SATAN!!

Holistory Heritage Health = history, informs and tells all of us, that these Caucasoidian Caucasus cave crawling creatures of the cold climatic conditions, are notoriously known, for barbaric beastly behaviors. And will most certainly clash, collide into combustible civic conflict, catastrophic calamities. Fight ferociously for financial fortunes, over, the rare rich royal resources of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa of Africoidians and native-natural Negroidians. World War1 and World War2, and now next; World War3 x Neutron-Nuclear4!!!! Reveals + reports: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.

“Ray Hagins: The Demise of the Christian Faith”

Spiritics_b2-red blood

WHO & WHAT I AM: AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 & Spiritist Sovereign Sacred Solar Sexus Soul Savior. Not to be mistaken to mean spiritualist! Nor spiritualism; butt, specifically, strictly said, Spiritism!!

anima alien-warriorYES: As long as these terrorist thugs, CauCrazian Crackers can continue popping their wicked witchcraft WhitTie whips, then, they’re going to do it. Thus try to tie their evil enemy Eugenicist Eu-Rope-an ropes around Africans in the Americas, necks, nooses hanging heads!

Therefore, what I’ve already done, is to think thoughts, passed personalized, individualized encounters and CaucAsian contacts. And have repeatedly seen how my Spiritious Source, has hit them hard, knock them totally out, into demonic death’s destruction!

Howsoever, I know that more multimillions, are being brought down to naught, nothing, to the grassroots ground zombie zero level. Attacked as an aggregated group, overall and in general Gentry, of angry-Anglo-Americans as antagonist adversaries and alien agents, acting against all Africoidians of the ascending AfricAspora!


anima-psoter-colork.gifSon of SOLARSUN; Special Summons Sublime Sensations Spirit Source Science Systemic Systems, Sovereign Sciessence Systreeam. Subliminal messages sent to and from my biological bodily being!

OK yawls, hear the real deal, digitized dimensional domains. Divinely decreed discography. What will happen by hearing these talented tunes and tones, your inner-ear receives these sensational sounds; subliminally + spiritually. Sharpening sane sensibilities! .

NEWS NOTES: “Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Thursday the United States — which, in addition to being one of his country’s chief adversaries, has led the push to punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government over chemical weapons — has no right to make “humanitarian claims (given) their track record” in Iraq, Afghanistan and at the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.” (9-5-2013)

Likewise, these terrorist thugs, who are Americanized Anglo-Saxon Satanists, are tormenting and torturing, African Americans, AmeriAfrindians herein the USA. “White” people, as they term themselves, doing the devilish destruction, destroying everybody who acts humane and is healthy. Now today, Eu-Rope-an Eugenicists, are criminalizing children, and clinically contaminating them with chemical concoctions, psychotropic drugs, at the earliest ages. Intentionally causing cancerous cells, psychological problems and dysfunctions, etc. Yes, DEMON “WHITES”!! Reports + reveals: CKNWCA.

Spiritics_neg image reb blood

The song selections are sensitizing, solarizing, instead of simply sleepily serenading. I’ve tapped into the energy entities, EcoEnergystics Ethereal realms. And it adjusted the vibration frequency ratio-rates, of my mastermind meta-musicals, melanin messiah mental models. This is precisely how the cosmic color coded chemistries conduct creative compositions. And as one listens to these various wavelengths, layers of love life light lock lords, a complete cleansing currency circulates. Certain circuits causes conscious, conscience climatic charged changes, in one’s contextual character contents. Coming consummately CURED!  

MASTER1: My Mastermind Melanin Messiahs, Meditated-Mediated Miracle Magic Makers, Militarized Media Method, Mental Models, Mega-Modes – Mini-Mechanisms + Meta-Musical Mediums. Not to be confused with Metaphysical!


Vironxz_color violet-purple

YES: Collective Citizenry Insanity Inhumanity: MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” as psychogens = psychotics + psychotropic pharmaceutical prescriptions. Purposely producing politicized psychopaths! Constituting, comprising, equaling = approx. about; 88% to 90%, of the public people’s planetary populations, being biologically + physiologically + psychologically, propaganda poisoned, purposely polluted!

THE DAMNED DEVIL & LUCIER & SATAN: Are suicidal sociopaths. And the SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCES SYSTEM’S Sovereign Sciessence Systream of SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY; Divinely Decreed Death & Destruction! That; in which, westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTie, whip Cracker CauCrazians created, criminally concocted, comes combustible back upon them to terrors.

Thermo-Nuclear-Nuetron negatives: Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra of Z-Blac-Keys and of Z-BlackRayz. Yes, cosmic chemistries + chemical weapons of mass member destructions, destroying, those, who wantonly wished worldly wealth, with world wars wages against Africoidian ascendant of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!

Anglo-Saxon Satanist, has historically to date, refused TO LET MY PEOPLE GO! And I AM, Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = CHIYST HORUSHEART DIVINITY!

Vionxz_color neg image

And also as I’ve envisioned one of these good-o-days, very soon sound sane sensible civilization must make mandated, by legislated laws a first degree felony criminal act, imposing one’s insane religious faiths, inhumane beliefs upon an underage child or minor. Deemed and Divinely Decreed Deliberated as constituting religious slavery. Total freedom for full fledged self-preservation + self-protection = self-defense = absolute IMMUNITY!

Defacto racists, are all religiosities. Basically because religions were in fact founded upon racial ideologies, that ruined relationships with real live humans. They’re each existing Eu-Rope-an evil enemy energy entities. Extending outwards, off of originating offspring, Criminally corrupted Christianity’s insanity, and inhumanity!

Therefore, if in factual reality one is practicing any organized, notoriously known, religious worshiping, praying; faithfully following foolishly faulty foundations, and by believing them to be totally truthful 100%+; then they are the defacto racists, renegade rouge Reptilian Religion Race!

“God is a term that can only be used for religious purposes only. That’s all! Outside of a religion God has no power.” ‘He only gets his power from foolish faith followers who believe in God!’ Professes “Dr. Walter Williams – Steps To Liberation”



RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!!

Yes the young ambitious Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson says ‘religion’ is not the problem’; but it is “the interpretation” that is the problem. And I say that he has his elemental factors all psychotically twisted, truths mixed with untruths. And he’s a trained psychologist, who knows about certain things going on in our school system, that is detrimentally harmful – hurtful to African American youths. He has great potentials in saving some of our; as he identifies as being: “Black boys”. So be it. Fine and dandy. This area of study, research, and his personal experience has he acquired excellent expertise! Earning his A+.

Howsoever, as Mr. Johnson steps out of his assigned arena and appointed category and strategic station in his careering calling cause, he fails fatally the final exam = -D minus.  And I suspect this happens, basically based on what I’ve heard him say and proclaim online, Internet World Wide Web, YouTube and else where. Over ambitious approaches, not abiding his time to grow – develop – evolve into maturity as a Master1 Melanin Messiah. Which requires at least 40 years of age, oldness to completely cover enough life’s experiences. Less known simply just by reading published books

 ~ 453

I KNOW, how that all “Religions” are in factual reality the primary – principal planetary problem. And has always been from the time of their receptions, inceptions, inventions. Meant to divide and conquer and control conscious thinking and believing. Thus to entrapped – enslave soundness, sensibility, saneness, and rational reasoning. Thereby, creating corruptible consciousness, criminal causes and corrosive civic conditions, to say the least!

Moreover, with the utmost regards and respects to Dr. U. A. Johnson, he openly confessed to be an Islamic Muslim and a Garveyite. Which brings into The Big Blac-Keys questions; Do he know that that Islamic faith, is a “White Supremacy” slavers religion? Do he realize that the Asiatic Arabs who enslaved Africoidians + Negroidians of Africa, where “White” skinned Islamic Muslims? Has he himself lost his rational thinking mind? Has he succumbed to political pressures, prompting him to retreat into racist rationalizations; satanic self-deceptions and gross distortions of Rayzial realities?

 ~ 453

For examples; Mr. Johnson says many of our greatest “Black Leaders” were devout and or dedicated religious men and women. And he went on to say that the abolitionist man Nat Turner was a Baptist preacher, Harriet Tubman… to justify his own religious rationale. Stating also that Mr. Marcus M. Garvey was a religious man, a professed Catholic of Christianity. And he named a few others in hopes of casting some sort of psychotic delusion and sorcerers illusion right before our eyes and ears. Butt, never on your dearly loved lives, ever totally trust anybody ambitiously arrogant!


I have artistically ascertained actualities, made my mastermind methods mental model modes. Have artfully analyzed, formulated symphonic synthesis of incoming information and consummately comprehending collective computerized digital data.

Furthermore, he rationalized that if a “Black” American don’t participate in the political processes of The USA, their country and nation, then they are aiding and abetting the self destruction of themselves. In other wicked witchcraft words, he says that an African in America must register to vote and do so at election times of politicians of choice, etc. Surely y’all catch my drift!

Nevertheless, it is his psychotic perspectives dictating “demonocracy” democracy, to free American citizens of Africa’s ascent. Who We’s & Us’s are not “all Black”. And he pretends, as a phony playing colorblind. And  is attempting to play psychological gambling games, with his listening audience and their minds. Setting some sorts of silent-subliminal guilt trips!

 ~ 1759

His particular presentation, is politicized pollution poisons = PSYCHOGENS = MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses“. Subliminally stating that if one doesn‘t vote, join his or some religious organization, that they are guilty as charged!

Y’all now KNOW; I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD1 Chriyst Horusheart Divinity. My artworks testifies unto themselves telling total truths 100%+. Absolutely nobody baring none, shall receive an automatic ritual right of passage, past my mastermind Top Secret Sacred Spiritious sceening. Nor may get any kind of personalized PASS. In spite of how I admire him or them for their intellectual capacity to higher learning, educational experise, etc..

Whosoever they might be: Never can dupe – bribe-brainwash my melanin messiah mastermind. Boastfully bully my bio-bodily being, bright brilliant brains!

I’m a Wiser Warrior who will pick him and anyone else apart, piece by piece. If in fact they don’t be very careful and cautious about what they say, proclaim and profess openly online. They’re the ones opposing The Son of SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY. All asinine asses are at serious “risk”!

 ~ 378

HIS BIO: “Umar Abdullah-Johnson is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who practices privately throughout Pennsylvania and lectures throughout the country. Umar is a blood relative of Frederick Douglass, the great Black abolitionist and orator. As a school psychologist Umar evaluates children ages 3-21 in an effort to determine if they have educational disabilities and a need for special education services. Umar is considered a national expert on learning disabilities and their effect on Black children, as well an expert on helping schools and parents modify challenging behaviors that can ultimately lead to disruptive behavior disorder diagnoses in Black boys. As a child therapist, Umar specializes in working with at-risk, violent, suicidal and depressed African-American boys and girls. For five years he served as the youngest of five African-American male school psychologists in the 5th largest public school district in America 


School District of Philadelphia. Umar has received commendations for his volunteer work throughout the Pan-African community, and has been a featured guest on various Black talk shows throughout the United States. In addition to his media appearances, Umar is a highly sought after motivational and informational speaker who has presented at workshops, conferences, awards ceremonies, graduations and expert panels throughout the country. As an educator, psychologist, therapist and historian, Umar is considered an authority on the education of African-American children and on mental health in the Black community.” and

Raceryst_color brown

Moreover, as I keep on hearing online over various motor mouths talk radio shows, hosts and guests speakers, saying that religions are under attack, particularly, (false-fraudulent) Christianity is being blatantly assaulted. By the alleged, “Illuminati”; Secret Societies, Elites, Ruling Super-Class citizens, and the U.S. Federal Government…on and on and on!

Raceryst_T-shirt front femal model

Albeit, if in fact these things are true, well then, I say fine and dandy, so be it. Basically because, when one truly studies history = Holistory, each and every one of these manmade, manufactured, mythological religions, are actualized antagonist alien agents, asinine ass arch angel adversaries, aimed, armed against and anti-All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa.

Predatory pirates – poisonous parasites, piranha, politicized religious robbers, raping raiders; inclusively, enslavers, of all HER earthly HueMainKind!!!

Raceryst_neg image color brown

Courageously, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, commandingly counter-combats-competitively, these terrorist thugs, recalcitrant religiosity Reptilians! Meaning my mastermind melanin messiah mental models: RAYZ vs. “RACE”; and RACERYSTS vs. “RACISTS”!!

Raceryst_T-shirt female model

Polarity Poem:

Yes I’ve made my distinction between truths and lies; The Whitexz opposing the wicked witch whipping WhitTies._ Those who I’ve deemed decreed divinely do dies; Due to the rapid increasing hot-heat that fatally fries; Cream colored cosmetic complexioned citizens cancer cells cries.__  

Racist Eu-Rope-an WhitTie sociopath supremacy
.”Part 1, The Cost of White Supremacy and Racism”


ChrisTrixz - KhrisTrixz_color

ChrisTrixz = ChrisTrixzan = ChrisTrixzanity

KrysTrixz = KrysTrixzan = KrysTrixzanity

KhrysTrixz = KhrysTrixzan = KhrysTrixzanity.

KhrisTrixz = KhrisTrixzan = KhrisTrixzanity.

ChrysTrixz = ChrysTrixzan = ChrysTrixzanity.

CrysTrixz = CrysTrixzan = CrysTrixzanity.

Cosmic Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle, Condensed, consolidated, compressed; crystal clear CHRISTRIXZ!

your front design


A circulating climatic condition, airy atmosphere, surrounded by protective projections. Positive proofed protons propellants, photon projectiles. Flashing fiery flames, forthcoming fast force field! Locomotion moving at swift speeds. Exceedingly excelled EcoEnergystics!!

ChrisTrix_T-shirt back feamle model

Faster than the speed of light! Seeing how pseudo-science sold as true sciences, only theorizes and hypothesizes, leaving so many uncertainties. Unknown actualities, RAYZIAL realities!

chrisTrixz - KhrisTrixz_color neg image

Cosmic chemistries creates cool conditions, conducive to life’s art forms, CyberSpaceAge atmospheric living environment. Warmness + Coolness!!

No extreme intensities of hot – heat nor freezing cold climate. Humans could be living inside this Neutron-Neutral Zone. Natively natural nurturer = NATRIXZ + NUTRITRIXZ!!

Perhaps persons populates planetary places; in between, the outer layers and inner layers of our optical SOLARSUN?!.

Maybe, material matter manifests itself upon arrival as Arthiest Actionaries Transitioned from planet earth, Spiritiously or Spiritually? Reconstitute itself in a biological bodily being. In other plain-o-simple words, when a human on earth dies in their flesh and blood, bone and marrow, they return to The Sprit Source Sciessence = Science System’s Sovereign Systream?!.

We’s & Us’s are already in space and outer-space simultaneously. Surrounded by space itself, which is of Z-Blac-Keyz and of Z-BlackRayz!

There’s a potent possibility, that if in fact, one has had a Saved Solar Sexus Soul, then they, may proceed on to other planetary places. Transitioning, transfiguring, transforming from fiery flames, force field, receiving a ritual right of passage. Specifically, strictly said, earned their terrestrial top secret Spiritious safety security-sovereignty. Perfected patterned pathway PASS!?.

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YES Mytholigious persons, individuals, tells meaningful myths, made up allegory-stoies. Admitting that they are not needed to be true, yet truly telling things the way; in which, a visionary artist sees them. As an educational utility tool, aid for understanding existing realities, and also, things, imagined and or envisioned. Anointed Artworks!

Howsoever,  religious people, fail to rationally reason with realities. Restrictively, religions reduces humanity into inhumanity institutional insanity. For anybody to believe that a man died and came back to life, and they think that he raised the dead or brought a person back to life, walked upon waters as a human bio-bodily being; is certainly, clinically crazy!!! A mental state of psychopathy!!

your front design

Furthermore, I intuitively, instinctively, intelligently, intellectually, Spiritiously KNOW, now today, that these terrorists teachings, taught to humankind, mankind, womankind, are being brought back down to nothing, naught!

Extraterrestrial entity energies, are warring with wicked witchcrafts, WhitTie whip cracking criminals, popping political pundits. Wiping the entire so called classes of the middle sector, and upper-classification off of the surface of planetary sphere earth!

Mytholigion_color neg image

Although, CK-NWCA exposed this terrestrial treachery, in operational order to fully – financially free you, to think thoughts that tell the total truths 100%+.

Unfortunate, time has run out for those who are unrepentant, unremorseful, having no regrets, about the longstanding hatred of healthy humanity, worldly-wars, mass member murders, these religions worldwide, has caused. And still do indeed generates; Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Sinister sensations, sorcerers snake serpents of the System SATAN!

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CustomInk: “Digital printing is not a heat transfer or appliqué. With digital printing, we take your design straight from the computer and print it directly onto your garment. We’ve got this method down to an art form, which means that even photographic images can be reproduced in all their glorious detail.” In the beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas. HOME:



1. YES, Cosmic Computerized:  COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts  Center carbon core creation caddle. Cosmology, cosmetically colorized-posterized-spiritualized scientific art formula founded upon Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Africoidian, grandly great gifted genesis genius. AfricOrigninal + AlbinOriginal, Anointed-Appointed  Artistry, Arch Angel Ark Anchor ANKH ATOM AMEN-RA Z-BLAC-KEYZ Z-BLACKRAYZ!!!


CHD_Christrix Horusheart Divinity

2. Son of SUNGOD Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christ Horusheart Divinity, on his Cosmic CREATOR’S commission calling cause. And what is your personal purpose in human being life hereon planetary sphere earth? Do you truly KNOW, who you are, TO LOVE THE SELF? mp3

an butterflylink


Art-structive; Equals = artwork that is constructive, instructive; in and of itself. As opposed to being artlessly destructive and obstructive!

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ARTHIEST, is an artist actionary, who artfully arranges things, draws, and paints portrait pictures. Doing so uniquely, creatively, imaginatively, foremost firstly = originality.

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ArtStrucTrix, encompass everything that has been created by an originating Arthiest. The entire Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix, Maatrix, Soultrix, Spiritrix, were initiated by this FOREMOST FIRST ARTSTRUCTOR COSMIC CREATOR!Arts + Artworks + Artistry = Art-Struc-Trix.


YES: ARTRIX + ARTISTRIX: Defined to mean, art formulation, financed family food foundation. Doing talented things to testify, teaching total told truths. An artful application, appreciation, actualization. An anointed Artistic Real-Live=Vision = REALIVISION vs Religion!

your front design

Yawls see crystal clear, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, serves self-sufficient societies. Those that I’ve named to be ArtiSocial vs. Anti-Social, Arthiests vs. Atheists!!
Personalized, individualized innovators. Intelligent intellectual initiators; independent inspirers. Excelling entrepreneurial enterprising efforts, efficiently executing existing elements. Exercising essential expressions expertly = economics + ecologies = EcoEnergystics = $$$

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In other plain-o-simple words of wealthier wisdom, no longer are we wantonly wishing to impress, convince corporatist-capitalist, commonly called Caucasian Caucasoid citizens. Nor are We’s & Us’s wasting valued time attempting to pacify and politically please so said: prejudiced people, political persons. No not at all!

Howsoever, our optimized originating objectives, only is to open the doors for flaming fame, fortunate financial foundations, fashion fabrics. Equal opportunities ostensibly obvious, officially opened to The Lightxz and The Darkxz! Who’s White – Who’s Black?? Who’s playing colorblind?

your front design

These cosmetic coloration complexions constitutes, comprised continental countries. All around our orbiting Global-World-Nations!!!anima blue_and_gold
Ancient Ancestry + Appointed Anointed Artistry: Wexz & Usxz left solid ironclad proof, carved in hard clay stones, showing the whole wide world web, how Africoidians ate meats, fish – shell food, animal flesh. All real evidence makes it abundantly crystal clear, that there’s no evidence whatsoever, of any “Vegetarians” nor “Vegans”!! (Keep reading to find out why?)

your back design
These asinine asses, make believe based on their religious orientation, indoctrination. Foolishly trusting in the FDA food pyramid diet dictatorship, casung diabetes type-2. Pseudo-science scholarship satanists, mis-educating ‘African American Blacks” = Africoidians of the Americas! U.S. Federal Government: Fraudulent, falsified, fabricated documentation, literature, medical publications. Yet they think they’re smart and educated. These are idiotic ignoramuses = KNOWING NOTHING!

Butt, what we truly know by the pictures, paintings, drawings on temples and cave walls, artifacts well documented; proved beyond any rational reasonable room to doubt, that these non-meat eaters, hog haters, porky pig prejudiced persons, are absolutely wrong! Highly mistaken and utterly misgiving! They’re the Anti-Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Uncletomists – Sellout Samboists – Selfhatists!!!



YES ARTHIEST vs Atheist: Y‘all listen up and pay close attention: “religion vs ancient history and spirituality in Africa (Gerald Slater)” These are the spoken words of a wise young African males, talking with a European…French – British accent, perhaps. He’svery smart, articulate and should be heard, by our Africans in America.

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(1) ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE expresses itself existence through the (2) SPIRIT SOURCE SCIESSENCE SYYSTEM’S SOVEREIGN SYSTREAM; and expresses itself through; (3) The Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, and it expresses itself through the (4)  SOLAR SUNGODD DEITY; and it expresses itself through the (5)  living organisms, plants, animals, creatures, and human beings flesh and blood, bone and marrow.

your back designani-shakycam-colorking.gif

animation16-transition-.gifanima Earth-08-june

Purchase + Prepare + Print Picture Letters on White T-Shirts.

Holistoriorgraphy = Holistoriosity: = whole, wholesome; also, holy history, wholly of all humanity. Human bio-bodily beings born better beneficially bestowed blessed. Encompassing each and every existing geographic continent, land mass, island of planet Mother Nature Earth’s VegePlanTerRain:

Our oncoming optimized offspring, gifted generations of kids, school children, teenagers, are learning lessons, legacies of longstanding Holistory Heritage Health. Holistic healing of humankind. I’m talking truly all about the entire HUE-MAIN-RAYZ!

Artfully Acknowledging, Ascertaining Actualities: The whole wide world web’s human history, is everybody’s story, gory or glory, or allegory. Therefore, getting good understanding of these truths totally told 100%+, teaches that His-story is My-Story too!! Our-Story is her + his story also!

UNSELFISHLY: AmeriAfrindian youths, Africans in America kids, are being taught all about our optical, orgasmic, original organic; Global-World-Nations. Inclusively, an all and in all, Asian + African + Eurasian + Eu-Rope-an, American, Mexican, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philippine-Filipino, Hawaiian-Hawaii, Australian-Australia, on and on accordingly. Enabling them to have, actively acquired accelerated average, the most broad perspectives, perceptions and precepts. The correct circular-curricular courses of creative concepts!

Gospels Synoptic Scripts Desiderius Erasmus

Today, Monday, April 29, 2013…10:45 am

Desiderius Erasmus Holbein the Younger

MASTERMIND MESSIAH: “Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (27 October 1466 – 12 July 1536), known as Erasmus of Rotterdam, or simply Erasmus, was a Dutch Renaissance humanist, Catholic priest, social critic, teacher,and theologian.”

YES: Desiderious Erasmus wrote all of the 3 Synoptic + 6 Gospels of the New Testament Bible. The total told truth 100%+; revealing to y’all how that none of the gospels, nor bibles, is firmly based upon the disciplines of historical facts of reality. HOLISTORY!

YES: Wexz & Usxz know who invented the gospels of their “Jesus Christ”; which was the Europeans, Caucasian Caucasoid “Whites”; as they label themselves to be. Even though their personal names may not be known, they’re all of one people, “RACE” as they call themselves, and I identify humans, homo sapiens sapiens scientific specimens species specifics, bodily beings as RAYZ, radiant reflections of Solar SUNGODD DEITY.

And he wrote words of wisdom wisely: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Yes, the Eu-Rope-ans also borrowed and or shared many; if not most of Ancient Africa’s ancestry, and anointed artistry and Sacred Spiritry. And in far too many cases, corrupted the texts, turned them into their religious ministry and sinister pseudo science!!

Now, yawls realize, that the sayings are sanely soundly sensible. As opposed to somebody’s bogus beliefs, religious rationalizations, self-deception, gross distions of reality, politicized propositions, propagandized publications; respectively.

Meaning, contrary to what so many misled members of the commonly called Christian faith, worship of the alleged; “Lord And Savior Jesus Christ”; and assumed: “God”. Who never truly existed as a real live human biological bodily being, in the flesh and blood, bone and marrow!

Nor are We’s & Us’s to get all rapped up in their Eurocentric confusion and criminalizing choas commonly called “secular” society. No, not at all are Spiritual or Spiritious Solar Sexus Soulmates, involved with such hatemongering hostilities and wicked witchcraft warmongering, cloaked – covertly covered in Christianized innocence!

Furthermore, all of these are manmade manufactured myths. Fabricated fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Those of a Eu-Rope-an evil enemy energy entity. Commonly called: Caucasian Caucasoid citizens of the Caucasus Cave mountainous Asia areas. Later on naming themselves “Whites”!

Are all of them bad and indecent inhumane beings? Why no, fortunately only approx. about 10% to 12% of Z-Lightxz, z-Pinkxz, z-Whitexz, are truly saved, redeemed and divinely delivered. Expressly, The Great White Hope Abolistionist minded men and women. They have a permanent, essential role to play, part to perform that’s indispensible!

They are helping heal humanity, here to truly testify to that; in which, is a Real Live Vision = RealiVision vs Religions and Politiccs poisoning, purposely polluting planetary public people’s populations!

Unfortunatly, the other remaining 88% to 90% are Devil Damned Demons-possessed. Inherently indecent and are predestined to desolation-destruction and deliberated death! No longer a place for them upon the surface of our planetary sphere Mothr Nature Earth. Solar SUNGODD DEITY; Disc Dictates!

This presented percentage, artfully applies to each and every single RAYZIAL or “Racial” or ethnic groups; z-Blackxz, z-Brownxz, z-Redxz, cosmetic colored skin, epidermal pigmentation! She’s seriously, severely purging, cleanssing herself of all modernized-manmade, manufactured  mythological RELIGIONS!

Moreover, in another Worldpress blog, I explain more about why it is immediately urgent to, interbreed, mix – mingle + mate – marry. “Interracial dating”; or Inner-Rayzial blending biologically, bodily, mentally and spiritually. The temperature in degrees has climatically changed, a faster speed and ratio-rate in the vibration frequencies + wavelengths; has not only increased, but accelerated. Fair skinned people of at high heated risk, in hot jeapordy of contacting or catching deadly skin cancers = melanoma. There’s no such of thing as an artificial or superfical cosmetic cream, lotion, or effective epidermal protection!

Look at the portrait photo-pictures I took on my snap shops cameras. Various couples, families, kids at San Antonio, Texas, Fiesta Sunken Gardens, Taste of New Orleans Jazz Fest & Cajun Food. 2005 – 2013 Lightxz & Darkxz. Positive Proof Posted at:


Short Story: On or about Saturday, April 27, 2013, San Antonio, Texas, while I was waiting on the Flambeau Parade of Fiesta to come; setting in on a park bench, some young “Hispanic:” male approached me. He showed a one million dollar bill which was a fake, to get my attention. Thus to ask me questions about these Christian gospels written on the bogus buck. And I immediately informed this naïve, gullible, highly misled youth, married man whose wife was standing at an off distance, that I was an Ordain Minister.

Moreover, that I knew all about the historical origin of Christianity, the so said gospels, the bible, Old & New Testament. And had studied religions in the largest African American-Black Theology Bible schools in Seattle, Washington, under the pastorship of Samuel L. McKinney Mt. Lion Baptist Church. (1983-84 – 85) And was basically born in the Baptist Christian Church house. Family background, etc. Stating that I’m no longer a Christian, but I Am a ChirstLikelyen.

Yes ChrisLikelynity vs. Christianity. That was a bomb shell shattering his face, something he didn’t expect, assuming I was some old-man-easy chump! “Negro”!

I went on to tell him, that: There has never been a man person being by the name of a “Jesus’ who supposed to had been THE CHRIST, who is in fact HORUS or HERU. [No letter J in the alphabet before the 4th century AD] My ancient ancestry; young man, I informed him. And they stole, copycatted, plagiarized my authentic artistry, of All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa. Which is Kemet called Egypt. KemEgypt. I stressed!

The entire biblical text is a fraudulent document, falsified history, and you need to get your head out of the “Holy Bible”; and do some serious research studies. These Europeans don’t KNOW, what in the hell on earth they are talking all about! They are Johnny Come Lately ‘mutant members’ of Negroid Africans = Africoidians. Albinos. Relatively recent arrivals!

And regardless of what your preacher or pastors, told you, he lied. Apparently he is uninformed or he like so many others, deliberately has misled his congregational flock astray. Thus to control your mind, what you believe and think, which is a religion. As it is written: “My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray.” (Jeremiah 50:10)

So he tried to counter with some grossly distorted information he had read. But, I kept blocking him off, stopping his speech patterns, correcting him each time he made mistakes, attempting to educated, me; as I told him, son ‘I Am A Master”; teacher, and it is you who must go back and read more meaningful text, books, literature. And in fact your/our New Testament Bibles, instructs: “Study to show thyself approved unto God.” Yes he was amazed, shocked with sudden awe!

Then, I hit him hard in his head again, telling him kindly, politely, calmly, that Desiderius Erasmus wrote all 9 of the Gospels, after the Council of Nicea under Emperor Constantine 324-25 A.C.E. or A.D. Next there was also The Council of Ephesus 431 A.C.E., Chalcedon 451 A.C.E., and several more meetings. Before then there was no such thing as these gospels! Nor “Jesus”; Christian Church built, nor Holy Bible under one title or cover as the Old & New Testaments. All of these things occurred within the stated time frames!

“The Council of Chalcedon was a church council held from October 8 to November 1, AD 451, at Chalcedon (a city of Bithynia in Asia Minor), on the Asian side of the Bosporus, known in modern times as Istanbul. The council marked a significant turning point in the Christological debates that led to the separation of the church of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. It is the last council which many Anglicans and most Protestants consider ecumenical.”

NARRATIVE: All those leaders, Priests and Bishops in the forefront of these Councils, where criminal minded, psychopaths and sociopath superiority supremacists. They formed Evil Conspiracies to force others to agree that their “Jesus Christ” had two natures, that he was both man and “God” in one person. Everyone who tried to resist, refuse to submit, were condemned om trumped up criminal charges, such as bigamy, blasphemy, forgery, lying, making magic, being friends with those found guilty and subsequently sentenced to death. Systemically, systematically eliminating, exterminating everybody in opposition!

“The Council of Chalcedon was convened by Emperor Marcian, with the reluctant approval of Pope Leo the Great, to set aside the 449 Second Council of Ephesus, better known as the “Robber Council”. The Council of Chalcedon issued the ‘Chalcedonian Definition,’ which repudiated the notion of a single nature in Christ, and defined that he has two natures in one person and hypostasis; it also insisted on the completeness of his two natures: Godhead and manhood. The council also issued 27 disciplinary canons governing church administration and authority. In a further decree, later known as the canon 28, the bishops declared the See of Constantinople (New Rome) equal in honor and authority to Rome.”

Many members, priests, bishops were disgusted, feared the treachery, trickery, stealth or terrified, at the leadership of Pope Dioscorus. He was a very violent tormentor, torturer, terror!

TRUMP CARD: What ever the times and dates you wish to argue son, like I keep on telling you, they plagiarized those gospels off of our originalting Africa’s ancient temples, papyrus-papers, sacred scriptural scrolls, pyramids, cave walls, artifacts-artworks. My Holistory predates what you; religiously biblically believe, for tens of thousands of years. Ok? So what_you_ need to do young man, is go Google on your search engines, get online with your computer Internet, look him up, Erasmus, then try to think; for yourself! Do your own evaluations, analysis of your studies, use your bright young mind son. Don’t listen to me nor your pastor, go and study, read and teach yourself these truths!

To make a longer story shorter, he was a very respectful male of color, who said he was all mixed up, ‘racially’, and often thought to be a European, Russian and even Asian. But was born in Nicaragua = Central America, as he said: “Hispanic”!

Now next, I decided to stop jabbing and punching him in his face, letting him say some of his silly stuff, testimony, about his personal experiences with “Jesus Christ”. Howsoever, I reminded him, that it was his religious belief, along with what these “secular” people claim has been proven ‘beyond any doubt, that a man was living name Jesus Christ of the New Testament bible (allegory story). And they believe that he was not God, this young man proclaimed. And I reminded him again, as you just said, they believed. And son, a belief is not KNOWING!

Anyway, he went on to say, that he was on drugs, drinking alcohol, fornicating, committing adultery, etc. Until he found sweet “Jesus”. And he saved him from these sins! And that he doesn’t do those sinful things anymore, etc. He asked me again what was my first name, and I told him Charles, after I had showed him who and what I was written on my T-shirt with a geometric design of Solar SUNGODD and COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts on the back side. I pronounced the wording that was spelled out in the English language enhanced: AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

In hopes that he would remember it, then go Google and Yahoo it online, to start his research studies. Although, telling me his true life’s testimony about alleged-assumed: “Jesus Christ” was his main objectives. He wanted to share his happiness, feel goods, religious addictions; Christian high, in my view. Not necessarily realizing that he is destined to crash land sooner or later. A head on collision with true-factual reality! “Jesus” never actually existed!

My mastering and overseeing this situation, I at once stated to this young male, that I didn’t want for him to backslide, fall back off into the dirty ditch of sin, fornication, adultery that he was in. But, don’t run out telling other people what I’ve just told you, because, they will persecute you, religiously, and hang you up on a cross. Smiling humorously I did. Simply remember what OUR and YOUR New Testament scriptures says do, go home in private, into the closed closet of your house, where you live and pray in solitude, all alone. Not come out here trying to tell others or push your religious beliefs. Acting so self-righteous. Kept it to your own self!

Remember that your sweet “Jesus Christ” said so! And as written: “But thou, when thou prayeth, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

A little while later on, he and his wife passed back by while I was sitting on my bicycle watching the Flambeaus Fiesta Parade pass by. He spoke saying hi Charles, and held out his arm for a quick handshake!

He did say that he would look up Erasmus and spelled the word out to me to see if it was correct. And I said yes, ya see how smart you can be and quick to learn with your young bright brilliant brains. He grinned. Ate it up!

If in fact he follows through, it would or will certainly be the very beginning of him being Born Again, a brand new world birth in the true CHRIST HORUS HEART DIVINITY!

Desiderious Erasmus

“Erasmus was a classical scholar who wrote in a pure Latin style. He was a proponent of religious toleration and enjoyed the sobriquet “Prince of the Humanists”; he has been called “the crowning glory of the Christian humanists”.Using humanist techniques for working on texts, he prepared important new Latin and Greek editions of the New Testament.”

Early Life: “Desiderius Erasmus was born as Gerard Gerards in Holland on the 28th of October in the late 1460s. The exact year of his birth is debated, with most biographers citing the year as 1467.”


On that very day, earlier in the same general area, two other young 14 and 15 year old Latinos, Mexican boys approached me with their thoughts about “Jesus”. And I also gave them a brief history lesson. Teaching them the total told truths 100%+. Unlike so many others who think that they KNOW, about these racist religions, these two youth, listened very closely. Very attentive and respectful.

I Exported: The entire biblical text is a fraudulent document, falsified history, and you need to get your head out of the “Holy Bible”; and do some serious research studies. These Europeans don’t KNOW, what in the hell on earth they are talking all about! They are Johnny Come Lately ‘mutant members’ of Negroid Africans = Africoidians. Albinos, basically a skin-disease, lepers of leprosy, a vicious virus, infecting the planet, enslaving everybody who they came into contact with. This occurred after they transitioned into what their scientist says, Caucasoid Caucasians. No longer Africoidians nor AlbinOriginals!

Then coming out of the freezing cold ice-ages…. they acted like savage behaving beastly barbarians, sociopaths and psychopaths. Mass murdering, raping, robbing the native indigenous inhabitants, Afro-Asiatic-Indians, my ancestors, Africans, and even imposing slavery upon their own “White” people across Europe & Asia. And as long as y’all bow down and worship their whitish skinned image religiously, “pale faces”; they like that. And seem to be friendly, civilized, but, once you tell them these truths, then y’all shall surely see how hastily hostile, hateful they truly are! With the exception of a few who KNOW, what I’m talking about!

Evil Eu-Rope-ans: They forced their terrorist religions upon Africans = Africa‘s Africoidians, the whole wide world, through many invasive Inquisitions, criminal conquests, Crusades of mass murders, genocides, homicides, hangings, lynching, burning bodies alive at the stake. Historical facts of reality. And you want to try and tell me something about your fictitious “Jesus”? Surely they were stunned, even severely stung! Howsoever, they stood shocked, yet did keep on listening, and that deserves an A+ grade a better benefit blessing!


YES: I am giving Desiderius Erasmus excellent European grades, earned merits, alone with his deserved demerits. In my personalized point perspective, optimized opinion, visualized view, he is most assuredly a mastermind. Reinforcing radicalized religious rationale. Making, manufacturing the mythological messiah mental model man, “Jesus”; strengthening the falsifications, first name attached to the true title CHRIST!

Righteously regarded, respected in spite of him being what is termed a
“Homosexual” “White Male”! As it is well written: “While at Stein, Erasmus fell in love with a fellow canon, Servatius Rogerus, and wrote a series of passionate letters in which he called Rogerus “half my soul”. He wrote, “I have wooed you both unhappily and relentlessly”. OK, are we crystal clear on this truth?

Happily and joyously, my main quest herein this True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blog; is to tell the truth totally 100%+, which will make Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls fully free; unto the perfect legislative law of legal liberty.

These Eurocentric Theologians can continue to argue, fuss fight and debate about the New Testament text all that they want to. And attempt to explain away times and dates, persons, disciples, apostles, faithful followers of their “Jesus” all they want to. Nothing can change one existing reality of true fact, none of them ever actually existed!!!

What these “Jesus Christ” Christian churches, their Protestant preachers, pastors, Catholic priests, popes, bishops, clergy has done, and still doing, is using a ‘dead White man hanging on a cross‘, to dupe, bribe and brainwash human beings into involvement with a Religion!

Whether one believes “Jesus’ is real or not, he’s being exploited expediently, expertly, as Erasmus wrote: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” But better beneficially born blessed, by knowing that this artfully applies today about these mindless ministers, and Reverend Reptilians!!


BIG BLAC-KEYS QUESTIONS: Why would Erasmus write these New Testament Synoptic Gospels? When did he make his manuscript, texts? Was he angry at the Catholic Church, Popes, Priests, Bishops, Clergy? Did Erasmus have a vendetta against his religious, saintly superiors?

“Religious Orders were among the chief objects of his attack in his lifelong assault upon Church excesses.”

Could Erasmus have had a commission calling to condemn and or correct the Catholic Church? Did this make believe man who stood up against the religious radicals of his day, actually represent Erasmus’s internalized feelings, emotions, experiences? Did he choose to create, concoct or conjure up the biblical character, “Jesus Christ”; as being himself? Did he act in revenge, retribution due to their “excesses” in the Catholic Priesthood?

Well then I pray tell yawls, that I KNOW, intuitively, instinctively and Spiritiously, that Desiderius Erasmus envisioned himself as being the man person “Jesus”. Who was boldly brave, enough to stand up against the existing religious powers that be! He made up the fictitious personality, in the strongest sense, like no one had ever done before. And use it as a smokescreen, subterfuge, camouflage, to protect and to defend himself. Thus to preserve his best blessed interests!

Furthermore, The Highest Heaven Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How, also informs my mastermind, that that each and every one of the written about followers, disciples, apostles of  fraudulent European manuscripts + his fabricated fiction, folklore fairytale; allegory story, never truly existed either!

Popes and Priests and he invented key individuals, gave them first names, historical identities; living in various places, locations and time periods. Willfully, wantonly writing a wrongful historicity! Yet was well written wisely! Namely: Matthew, Mark, Luke the first 3 synoptic gospels, similarly seen alike linked together; and later on added John. Then Peter, Paul-Saul, James, Stephen, Bartholomew. Whosoever you want to call his 12 disciples?! So be it! (“The term synoptic comes from the Greek syn, meaning “together”, and optic, meaning “seen”.)

NOTE vs. Vote: “The Synoptic Gospels are the primary source for historical information about Jesus.” Can you completely comprehend these written words? Primary source, states that this is the reference in biblical text by which history is religiously being taught. Bogusly based bias bigotry!

What you are doing is having fraud in fact leading liars tell you all about their lies. Grossly distorting your senses = vision, eyesight, generating psychological and physiological blindness. Thus then, causing you to religiously believe in them; untruths, founded upon blind faith alone. No positive proof, nor evidence existing, of any of these human beings ever living life upon planet Mother Earth!

He’s talking about his hateful religious pope, priest peers; (pastors and preachers of today I’m talking all about!) also-too! These phonies purposely play politics, consciously colorblind!

Not “Jesus”; But blessedly by Erasmus as it stands written: “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Mt. 15:14) And the prophetic proposition has hereby, come to pass!

OK y’all, are ya with me? And this is where we are right now today, many multitudes of melanin member membranes, are adversely astray. Being bodily, bogusly misled by the blind faith following friends, faking fools, familiar freaks, fends faulty family foundation!

Desiderius Erasmus has set strict, specific strategic stages, to expose these treacherous thugs, thieves, treasonous tricksters. Pedophile popes-priests, preachers-pastors. And AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 appointed and anointed artistry, is following fate’s fortunes, finalizing his historian written works, of the New Testament Bible Text, “fulfilling the law” of  fate, and or satisfying Sacred Spiritious Scriptures-Symbolic Sayings!

“Erasmus preferred to live the life of an independent scholar and made a conscious effort to avoid any actions or formal ties that might inhibit his freedom of intellect and literary expression. Throughout his life, he was offered many positions of honor and profit throughout the academic world but declined them all, preferring the uncertain but sufficient rewards of independent literary activity.”

Likewise, I practice non-political, non-religious; Full Fledged Freedom of Artistic Expression! Artfully formulating my own ascertained analysis, symphonic synthesis, effective evaluations of incoming information and computerized digital data!

“His residence at Leuven, where he lectured at the Catholic University, exposed Erasmus to much criticism from those ascetics, academics and clerics hostile to the principles of literary and religious reform and the loose norms of the Renaissance adherents to which he was devoting his life.”

MOTIVES & INCENTIVES: Things and persons and people who went up against him, also angered Erasmus. Pissed him off, period. He, just like I myself, disagree with the majority of these religious racists, radicalized renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religions!

“However, feeling that the lack of sympathy which prevailed at Leuven at that time was actually a form of mental persecution, he sought refuge in Basel, where under the shelter of Swiss hospitality he could express himself freely. Admirers from all quarters of Europe visited him there and he was surrounded by devoted friends, notably developing a lasting association with the great publisher Johann Froben.”

Well then testifying truthfully, Erasmus didn’t appreciate the constant criticism, castigations, condemnations, coming from the other students, teachers, professors, religious clergy, etc. And their “lack of sympathy”; compassion, understanding and leniency, and mean spirited natures, prompted him to depart, vacate the premises permanently. Having no real regrets nor repenting remorse!

Why they didn’t trust nor believe in him? His answer is written: “But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Apparently, these opposing parties, were not the organizations, cordial congregations, family folds, folks, friendly flocks; “sheep”; he was courageously commanded, commissioned, called, chosen and sent to teach and lead. They belonged already to the hateful house of ill-repute. Like himself, entrapped, entangled within the Catholic Church cage-compound, camp corral. Trying to find pathways to evade, escape execution, prosecution and or persecution! They were extremely violent people!

Paralleling paradigm, as he was disheartened, disenchanted, delusively depressed: As it is accordingly, well written by author Erasmus and allegedly written by so said; “Saint Mark“: “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

Erasmus must had felt hung out to drip dry, bleed to death. He in is book writings blamed the “Jews” for his personal problems, pressures, and shortcomings. He was a perfectionist, more than a “humanist”. But kept falling sinfully short of the glory of his Father “God”! As written: “Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.” (John 10:31)

Psychoanalysis: So Erasmus, imagined this “Jesus” split personality, and also made off of him, many multiple-personalities, called 12 disciples, who were his friends, classmates in school, college, university educational institutions. He embellished, enhanced, elevated the Greek and Hebrew manufactured manuscripts.

Friendly advocates and supporters: They tolerated, or affectionately accepted or even embraced his “homosexuality”; or same sex selections. Those spoken of earlier in the aforementioned paragraphs.

“Jesus Christ” became a real living person, man, in his psychotic mindset, state of semi-sociopathy; anti-social behavior! Out of retaliatory revenge, righteous retribution, for being rejected, ridiculed…, he concocted and conjured up the greater Devil Damnation, accelerated allegory-story of his humanized “Jesus”; being crucified on a Christian cross. Died and then came back to life, rose from the dead, now named; His Resurrection!

While still stuck stupidly, in his mental state of psychotic disposition, Erasmus professed that his imaginary “Jesus Christ”; ascended up into heaven: “So after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God”; (Mk. 16:19); inclusively, “And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven.” (Lk. 24:51)

VISIONARY: This was where he would eventually go after dying in the human flesh and blood, bone and marrow. Back to his Father’s house of many mansions, of the heavenly universe; from whence he came; the Cosmic CREATOR: “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you: I go to prepare a pace for you.” And this was or is his vivid vision, and a spiritualized knowing vs. religious belief by, Desiderius Erasmus! Nobody can prove him wrong! He did in fact live as a human bio-bodily being, a European “White” Caucasian Caucasoid.

“He saw himself as a preacher of righteousness by an appeal to reason, applied frankly and without fear of the magisterium. He always intended to remain faithful to Catholic doctrine, and therefore was convinced he could criticize frankly virtually everyone and everything. Aloof from entangling obligations, Erasmus was the centre of the literary movement of his time, corresponding with more than five hundred men in the worlds of politics and of thought.”

So did the “Jesus Christ” who he invented, imagined in his mastermind; as his mental model man; who I see within my own self: “The Christ in you (me) the hope of glory“; =  Christ-Likeness = True ChristLikelyen of ChristLikelyentiy vs. Christianity!!

A preacher of righteousness” = Actualized Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra! animation-rainbow-CKThe truth, the Love Life Light Locks Lord of the whole wide world, SUNGODD DEITY COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: “Ye are the light of the world… Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works (artworks); and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Yes out and up in the heavenly skies shining serenely sublime!

It is written: “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfiil.”

Erasmus: “He declared, “It is only fair that Paul should address the Romans in somewhat better Latin.” In the earlier phases of the project, he never mentioned a Greek text: “My mind is so excited at the thought of emending Jerome’s text, with notes, that I seem to myself inspired by some god. I have already almost finished emending him by collating a large number of ancient manuscripts, and this I am doing at enormous personal expense.”

REVELATIONS: At this juncture in time periods, is where he compiled, “collated” collections of old-age ancient Africa’s ancestry and anointed artistry. Openly admitting, doing this, according to what’s written above. A huge undertaking, “project”. Copying or copycatting our original “ancient manuscripts” namely, sacred scrolls, secret scriptures. Wisdom written in wiser words, translated, often mistranslated, into Latin and Greek!!

A Europeanized version, of our original Africoidian Holistory, converted into history = his story! Now named ‘The Good News Gospels of Jesus Christ’. Which in true reality of fact is the mythological allegory-story of Horus or Heru. The sacred son of Assar or Osiris the Father figure, Asset or Isis the Mother Madame. So they all together equals = The Father, The Son And The Mother = true Trinity!!! As opposed to their Westernized sexist anti-female  version: ‘The Father, The Son, And the Holy Ghost = false trinity.

Nevertheless, Erasmus was a legitimate mastermind, a great genius, who decided to use his talents to tell the total truth about how he actually felt inside of himself. A crucified, rejected, and persecuted person!

And that one day, he would rise again as a literary leader; reincarnated, be resurrected, be born again, come back seeking righteous retaliatory revenge. “Vengeance is minds says the Lord.” As well as myself, he’s the author and leading Lord over his writings!

He was accused of making up Greek words, manipulating manuscripts, that had already been plagiarized, taken out of All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s ancient Egypt + Kemet = KemEgypt. As it is defined:

Meaning: “pla·gia·rism / Show Spelled [pley-juh-riz-uhm, -jee-uh-riz-] noun 1. an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author: It is said that he plagiarized Thoreau’s plagiarism of a line written by Montaigne. Synonyms: appropriation, infringement, piracy, counterfeiting; theft, borrowing, cribbing, passing off.

2. a piece of writing or other work reflecting such unauthorized use or imitation: “These two manuscripts are clearly plagiarisms,” the editor said, tossing them angrily on the floor.”

NOTE: According to Professor Walter Williams, “The New Testament was written in the 16th century, by Desiderius Erasmus.” ‘The bible came into the world for the very first time, in “1475”’ ‘The very first printing came about at this time, so forget about all of that other incorrect history, Europeanized – Westernized Christianity.’ He stresses!

‘It took him 16 years to write it, first 3 synoptic gospels in the Novum Instrumentum, John was written later on in the oncoming King James Version.’

“Novum Instrumentum omne was the first published New Testament in Greek (1516). It was prepared by Desiderius Erasmus (1469–1536) and printed by Johann Froben (1460–1527) of Basel. Although the first printed Greek New Testament was the Complutensian Polyglot (1514), it was the second to be published (1522). Erasmus used several Greek manuscripts housed in Basel, but some passages he translated from the Latin Vulgate.”

“Third, not that this is an adequate excuse, but Christianity is not the only religion with a violent past. In actuality, the crusades were responses to Muslim invasions on what was once land occupied primarily by Christians. From approximately A.D. 200 to 900, the land of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey was inhabited primarily by Christians. Once Islam became powerful, Muslims invaded these lands and brutally oppressed, enslaved, deported, and even murdered the Christians living in those lands. In response, the Roman Catholic Church and “Christian” kings/ emperors from Europe ordered the crusades to reclaim the land the Muslims had taken. The actions that many so-called Christians took in the crusades were still deplorable. There is no biblical justification for conquering lands, murdering civilians, and destroying cities in the name of Jesus Christ. At the same time, Islam is not a religion that can speak from a position of innocence in these matters.”

 TRUE-UP: In factual reality; all of these invaders were occupiers of continental Africa. What is commonly called “The Middle East’ is actually North East Africa, Africoidians – Negroidians homelands. And it was “Whites” as Caucasus cave citizens, criminal Caucasian Caucasoidians, Eurasians, Eu=Rope-ans, Asiatic Arabs; who are all foreign forces, of militaristic madness, mass murders of deep dark skinned melaninated members of HER humanity. Regardless of their religious politics, secular or not, they were and still are transgressors, trespassers, encroaching upon our original Indigenous terrestrial territories. And as far as I’m concerned, A Divinely Decreed Devil Damnation & Curse is presently upon them all. Baring nobody!

Namely as stated above, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria – Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Arabia, belong to ALL ALPHA ALKEBULAN AFRICA!


ChristLikelyen Cross Cruxz ColorKingdom ANKH

Boldly, Bravely Take Up Your ChristLikelyen Cross Cruxz And Calmly Come Follow With Me: ‘The Seat of Christianity was moved out of North East Africa, Constantinople Turkey The Church of Haggia Sophia; into the catacombs, cemetery graveyard of suburban Eastern Europe, where they built The Vatican. Europe became the new seat of Christianity. Due to the fact that under military invasion assaults-attack by the Ottoman Turks army, waiting outside the double walled fortress; they acted wisely. After John8 in 1445 went into Florence Italy, to the historical Council of Farahra?. By merging the East with the West. He gave up his ecclesiastical powers “donations”; authority awarded to him by Emperor Constantine. This tactical maneuver opened the door, paved political pathway.’

Cross Cruxz ChristLikeylen Monarch

Shortly after these things happened, guess what occurred next; Leonardo DeVinci, drew and painted The Last Super. All of a sudden CHRIST, had 12 disciples. Then the writers put stories behind these fabricated fictional depictions. Mary Madelyn appeared out no where. The Crucifixion of Christ came about; concocted-created by mastermind artists Raphael and Michael Angelo. Yet they falsely claim that this “Jesus Christ was born in 30 A.D; butt, why did they wait until over 1400 years to say that Christ was crucified? Why then after so very long The Last Super portraying all of those European “White folks”? As they identify themselves today.

Cross Cruxz Christ Horusheart Divinity

No rational reasons for Wexz & Usxz to doubt, it was with western wicked witchcrafts, Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Severely said, Sinister Sorcerers Snake Serpent Systemic System SATAN!!!

Cross Cruxz ChristLikelyen

All of these bogus biblical characters came out in Europe; under the Caucasoid Caucasians complete controls. All Africa’s Africoidians were wiped out of our own HOLISTORY HEALTH HERITAGE!

ChristLikelyen Ancient Africa Egypt-Kemet Cross

YES: That is our originating organic ChristLikelyen Cross Cruxz. Permanently carved into hard rock clay stone. Pure proof about ancient ancestral Africoidian artworks, Africa’s authentic artifacts and appointed anointed artistry. Therefore, it is of imperative importance, that not only African Ascendants in the Americas; learn lessons about true historical events, happenings, occurrences, but, also, Euro-Anglo-Americans. Who were widely misled, wrongly educated, misinformed, thus in consequential reality, are already indebted, enslaved, entrapped under a fraudulent U.S. Federal Constitution = a falsely = forcefully Christianized country and nation!!!

Spiritiosity vs. Religiously: And this is defined to also mean, that absolutely nobody, regardless of who they are, think or believe themselves to be, baring no one, can or will or shall receive an automatic ritual right of passages. A person can only earn their Top Secret Spiritious Sacred Security PASS!

All Asiatic Arabized, Islamized, Mohammedanized “Blacks” living here in the Americas, dis-United States of the Sinister Scientist-Sorcerer Snake Serpent System SATAN, are Stopped Point Blank Period.

Wexz & Usxz, don’t need in the minutest least, to be associated – affiliated – allied with these nasty nose negative named Nation of Islam, nor any other orthodox artless forms of the Koranic Islamic faiths. The Slave masters WhitTie whip-crackers, wicked witchcraft worshipping ways. HELL NO!


Furthermore, Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Africoidians, and AmeriAfrindians, Africans in America, can clearly tell these terrorist thugs by the unsavory fruits that they bear. Bring into our Occupyneers organic organizations, how they contrive to interface with and relate to the internalized struggles we face and experience daily, whosesoever, darker toned-tanned skinned human bodily being might be?!

CKNWCA + My Positive Planetary Public People’s Population; are of neutral native-natural nations = neutrons. Needing no religions, whatsoever, one wants to call them: Christianity of Christians, Islamic Muslims-Mohammedans, Black Israelite Hebrew Jews, in particular.

They are all arch angel alien agents as antagonist adversaries, rich rulers radicalized royal racist renegade rouge REPTILIAN RACE RELIGIONS! A direct and indirect terrorist threat to all of earthy Humanity = HueMainity. Depressive, destructive detriments, demonic-devilish deceivers of; healthy-holistic HueMainKind. Commonly called human “RACE”!

Y’all listen up and pay close attention: realize that these Asiatic Arab names that these “all Black” militants, revolutionaries have assigned to themselves, are brandings, labeling, that identified their religious political positions. Then they attach to the internal issues, pertaining to the total liberation of African Americans. Blending themselves into the very fabric of the old-school outdated: Pan-Africanism or Pan-Africanists!!


PanorAfrica_color blue

OK Y’all, my mastermind melanin messiah, creates, invents another paralleling paradigm + paradegm; as a courageous counter-combatant-competitor. Opposing polarities, producing positive progress. And this means that I’ve artfully actualized and righteously realized, our official optimized objective options: PanorAfricanism, PanorAfricanists = PanorAfricAspora!!!


Basically because, that dead beat, old-school, outdated pan-Africanism, has been blocked, bombarded, branded blatantly, bankrupt. Therefore, it’s idiot ignoramuses; who insist on continuing in trying to make this concept work. Still stupidly saying African Americans are “descendants”; instead of upgrading, uplifting the minds and spirits of AmeriAfrindians, Anglo-Americanized Africoidians as Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Ascendants. Backwards “Blacks” being bias bigots. They are old-fashioned fools!

PanorAfrica_color neg-image

YES: Artworks for our oncoming offspring, generations of graciously gifted genesis geniuses. Those small children, youngsters, little kids and teenagers who are open minded, receptive to impressionable idea, creative concepts. And are activated inside the 21st Century CyberSpaceAge artistic attributes of Arthiest Actionaries!

anima black_and_green

Maatrix_green color

MAATRIX + DEITRIX = Maatrixity + Dietrixity = Deitrixian vs. Dietitian!! And these talented terms means by divinely decreed definitions; our optimized biological bodily balanced beings; born better beneficially bestowed blessed, by Her holistically healthy diverse varieties of fresh food foundations. Expressly, eating cooked meats and vegetation, inclusively, raw vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, grains; organically off of Love Goddess Mother Earth Nature’s VegePlanTerRain. Check it out at:


RELIGIONS: were all realized, actualized by the above stated human being who became contaminated, by these contagions. MENTAL VIRONS, “mind viruses”; poisonous, politically polluted psychogens. Plundering, pillaging the earthly planet and people’s populations, all around our Global World Nations!!!

CustomInk: “Digital printing is not a heat transfer or appliqué. With digital printing, we take your design straight from the computer and print it directly onto your garment. We’ve got this method down to an art form, which means that even photographic images can be reproduced in all their glorious detail.” In the beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas. HOME:

Battleground of Calvary1

About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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