SPIRITRIX + SOULTRIX = Spiritious vs Religious + RealiVision vs Religion = Spiritics vs Politcs x Rock Offense Stone Defense = “Divest” ourselves of all racist radical renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion = Spiritiousity + Spirituality Sovereign Son of Solar SUNGODD DEITY = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD ascend ancient ancestry-artistry Africoidian Alpha-Alkebulan Africa, Arch Angel Ark Anchor Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Z-Blac-Keyz Z-BlackRayz!


 1. YES, Cosmic Computerized:  COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts  Center carbon core creation caddle. Cosmology, cosmetically colorized-posterized-spiritualized scientific art formula founded upon Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Africoidian, grandly great gifted genesis genius. AfricOrigninal + AlbinOriginal, Anointed-Appointed  Artistry, Arch Angel Ark Anchor ANKH ATOM AMEN-RA Z-BLAC-KEYZ Z-BLACKRAYZ!!!

2. Son of SUNGOD Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christ Horusheart Divinity, on his Cosmic CREATOR’S commission calling cause. And what is your personal purpose in human being life hereon planetary sphere earth? Do you truly KNOW, who you are, TO LOVE THE SELF? mp3


Art-structive; Equals = artwork that is constructive, instructive; in and of itself. As opposed to being artlessly destructive and obstructive!
ARTHIEST, is an artist actionary, who artfully arranges things, draws, and paints portrait pictures. Doing so uniquely, creatively, imaginatively, foremost firstly = originality.

ArtStrucTrix, encompass everything that has been created by an originating Arthiest. The entire Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix, Maatrix, Soultrix, Spiritrix, were initiated by this FOREMOST FIRST ARTSTRUCTOR COSMIC CREATOR!.

Arts + Artworks + Artistry = Art-Struc-Trix.…..

YES: Y‘all listen up and pay close attention: “religion vs ancient history and spirituality in Africa (Gerald Slater)” These are the spoken words of a wise young African males, talking with a European…French – British accent, perhaps. He’svery smart, articulate and should be heard, by our Africans in America.

(1) ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE expresses itself existence through the (2) SPIRIT SOURCE SCIESSENCE SYYSTEM’S SOVEREIGN SYSTREAM; and expresses itself through; (3) The Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, and it expresses itself through the (4)  SOLAR SUNGODD DEITY; and it expresses itself through the (5)  living organisms, plants, animals, creatures, and human beings flesh and blood, bone and marrow.

The Green Growth Garden of Earth Eaton + Atom Amen-Ra. Every living human, animal, creature comes into life’s art forms eating food for nutritional nourishment. Equals Solarized SOULFOOD DIVINE off of Her healthy healing holistic: VegePlanTerRain: http://artistchd.worldpress.com.

Z-BlackRayzuprimacy + Z-Blac-Keysuperior soul power + Z-BlackRayzuperiority Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul-Superpower. Yes, this truly means that We’s & Us’s are artistically actualizing cosmic computerized chemistries, carbons, creativities, concurring charged circuitries! These, Z-Black-Rays, encompasses everthing, everybody, biolologially, physiologically, psychologically, planetary-phenomenally.


Purchase + Prepare + Print Picture Letters on White T-Shirts.
Holistoriorgraphy = Holistoriosity: = whole, wholesome; also, holy history, wholly of all humanity. Human bio-bodily beings born better beneficially bestowed blessed. Encompassing each and every existing geographic continent, land mass, island of planet Mother Nature Earth’s VegePlanTerRain: http://artistchd.wordpress.com
. ….
Three Hundred Sixty Days + Degrees = One Year’s Time Period. Each and every day and month, added up, collectively counted, calculated, calibrated + celebrated. Correctly culminating into the truest timetable totality!
Our oncoming optimized offspring, gifted generations of kids, school children, teenagers, are learning lessons, legacies of longstanding Holistory Heritage Health. Holistic healing of humankind. I’m talking truly all about the entire HUE-MAIN-RAYZ!

Artfully Acknowledging, Ascertaining Actualities: The whole wide world web’s human history, is everybody’s story, gory or glory, or allegory. Therefore, getting good understanding of these truths totally told 100%+, teaches that His-story is My-Story too!! Our-Story is her + his story also!

UNSELFISHLY: AmeriAfrindian youths, Africans in America kids, are being taught all about our optical, orgasmic, original organic; Global-World-Nations. Inclusively, an all and in all, Asian + African + Eurasian + Eu-Rope-an, American, Mexican, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philippine-Filipino, Hawaiian-Hawaii, Australian-Australia, on and on accordingly. Enabling them to have, actively acquired accelerated average, the most broad perspectives, perceptions and precepts. The correct circular-curricular courses of creative concepts!



YES: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: is a clean cultured commission calling cause, courageous career clinical cleansing, curing civic cancerous conditions, Christianized continental corruptions, criminalizing capital cash currencies, corporate conglomerate contagious contaminations! Complete consummated CURE!!!

I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfindian Avatar Aviator Avenger. Yawls guide arm flag barrier. Son of Solar SUNGODD DEITY; and Arch Angel Anchor Ark Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra of Z-BlacKeyz and of Z-BlackRayz!

NOTE vs. Vote: acknowledging that this means strictly and specifically, non-religious. Totally devoid of Eu-Rope-an antagonist adversarial alien agents; evil enemy energy entities existing. Each and every artistic expression, idea, creative conception, perception, precept, is SPIRITIOUSLY based as opposed to religiously based. Y’all are to “K-Now” these total told truths 100%+! (Dr. Yates)

Spiritiosity vs. Religiously: And this is defined to also mean, that absolutely nobody, regardless of who they are, think or believe themselves to be, baring no one, can or will or shall receive an automatic ritual right of passages. A person can only earn their Top Secret Spiritious Sacred Security PASS!

All Asiatic Arabized, Islamized, Mohammedanized “Blacks” living here in the Americas, dis-United States of the Sinister Scientist-Sorcerer Snake Serpent System SATAN, are Stopped Point Blank Period.

Wexz & Usxz, don’t need in the minutest least, to be associated – affiliated – allied with these nasty nose negative named Nation of Islam, nor any other orthodox artless forms of the Koranic Islamic faiths. The Slave masters WhitTie whip-crackers, wicked witchcraft worshipping ways. HELL NO!

Furthermore, Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Africoidians, and AmeriAfrindians, Africans in America, can clearly tell these terrorist thugs by the unsavory fruits that they bear. Bring into our Occupyneers organic organizations, how they contrive to interface with and relate to the internalized struggles we face and experience daily, whosesoever, darker toned-tanned skinned human bodily being might be?!

CKNWCA + My Positive Planetary Public People’s Population; are of neutral native-natural nations = neutrons. Needing no religions, whatsoever, one wants to call them: Christianity of Christians, Islamic Muslims-Mohammedans, Black Israelite Hebrew Jews, in particular.

They are all arch angel alien agents as antagonist adversaries, rich rulers radicalized royal racist renegade rouge REPTILIAN RACE RELIGIONS! A direct and indirect terrorist threat to all of earthy Humanity = HueMainity. Depressive, destructive detriments, demonic-devilish deceivers of; healthy-holistic HueMainKind. Commonly called human “RACE”!

Y’all listen up and pay close attention: realize that these Asiatic Arab names that these “all Black” militants, revolutionaries have assigned to themselves, are brandings, labeling, that identified their religious political positions. Then they attach to the internal issues, pertaining to the total liberation of African Americans. Blending themselves into the very fabric of the old-school outdated: Pan-Africanism or Pan-Africanists!!

PanorAfrica_color blue


OK Y’all, my mastermind melanin messiah, creates, invents another paralleling paradigm + paradegm; as a courageous counter-combatant-competitor. Opposing polarities, producing positive progress. And this means that I’ve artfully actualized and righteously realized, our official optimized objective options: PanorAfricanism, PanorAfricanists = PanorAfricAspora!!!

Basically because, that dead beat, old-school, outdated pan-Africanism, has be blocked, bombarded, branded blatantly, bankrupt. Therefore, it’s idiot ignoramuses; who insist on continuing in trying to make this concept work. Still stupidly saying African Americans are “descendants”; instead of upgrading, uplifting the minds and spirits of AmeriAfrindians, Americanized Africoidians as Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Ascendants. Backwards “Blacks” being bias bigots. They are old-fashioned fools!

YA SEE: while some of the top “Black” leaderships, send out poisonous propaganda, publicized pollutions of the mind of melaninated members. Telling them that they are part and parcels to the problem, if in fact, they don’t join their organization. Sign up with some groupie ghetto gangsters, gamble guilty grown-ups! Attempting to impose – induce a guilt complex!

Moreover, after the naïve, gullible African American Blacks, do become family members to the organization, as false versions of: “Garveyites”; Pan-Afrincanists, African-centered, and the commonly called “Conscious Community”; they also sell the Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls, out to SATANISTS!!!

Acknowledge, these truths too: I’ve witnessed first hand, have seen personally, read and heard them constantly say that they have ‘The Nation of Islam, Final Call columnists, representatives of Mr. Minister Louis Farrakhan, working with their organizations. And on many of their online Internet Talk Radio shows, the CEOs, bring on guest speakers, talking about ‘isa lama laka, hotep‘. As if our originating ancient ancestral Africa, Africoidian Kemet – Egypt = Kush KemEgypt, has something to do with the Islamic Muslim Mohammedan creeds of criminal corruptions. This is demonic deception!

Mixing and mingling mad men: Mulsim militants; Blackface Asiatic Arabs, attempting to penetrate, invade, intrude, intervene into our organic organisms minds, psychologies, thinking and believing. Cancerous contaminations, corrupting “Black Liberation”; “Black Power” movements. Allowing themselves to start aiding and abetting, religious terror territorially, tormenting torture terrestrially. With non-religious-secular societies shot dead, innocent, defenseless, helpless humans caught captives, as refuggess fleeing for safety, security. Trapped in between warring factions, families, tribes, criminal chaos, confused clans, cusbustible civilian conflicts. Having their homes, schools, businesses – buildings bombarded by bilistic bombs!

Inclusively, each and everyone of the Shabazz, Muhammads, Maliks, Mullahs…, y’all name them, are more than questionable, laughable, butt, they are untrustworthy, untruthful and ugly!

Religiously, and radically, the verbal insults, orally attacks, assaults our clean cultured, culinary cultural cooking, cuisines and customary dietary dishes, delicious dinners, delightful desserts.  Butt believe my telling y’all that these foreigners;”Bean pies”pushers of diabetes type-II. And Eu-Rope-an, high carbohydrate concocted concepts, veganism and vegetarianism are alien agents. Anti-Africa’s ancient ancestry and anointed artistry. Hog haters, swine, pork-pig hatemongers. Making meaningless, immature, silly stereotyped sarcastic remarks about self-loving brothers and soulful sisters, who enjoy eating our original organic organisms SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY’S SOUL FOOD DIVINE.

Maatrix_green color


MAATRIX + DEITRIX = Maatrixity + Dietrixity = Deitrixian vs. Dietitian!! And these talented terms means by divinely decreed definitions; our optimized biological bodily balanced beings; born better beneficially bestowed blessed, by Her holistically healthy diverse varieties of fresh food foundations. Expressly, eating cooked meats and vegetation, inclusively, raw vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, grains; organically off of Love Goddess Mother Earth Nature’s VegePlanTerRain. Check it out at: http://artistchd.wordpress.com.

REMEMBER Y’ALL: The We’s & Us’s are at Warfare with wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker criminally corrupt capitalist Caucasian Caucasoid creatures, of the freezing ice-age cold climate Caucasus Caves

RELIGIONS: were all realized, actualized by the above stated human being who became contaminated, by these contagions. MENTAL VIRONS, “mind viruses”; poisonous, politically polluted psychogens. Plundering, pillaging the earthly planet and people’s populations, all around our Global World Nations!!!


SCIESSENCE: Sciessence: Equal = science + essences, essential scientific elements, energies, effectual efforts. Efficiencies, ecologies + economics = EcoEnergystics.

YES: I keep on hearing s number of those calling themselves “all Black”, this-that or the other. Also, at the very same time, saying over various talk radio shows, how that “Blacks” have to or need to hold on to their only “Black businesses”. Howsoever, they are in fact proclaiming that We’s & Us’s Africans in America, must accept, embrace, an Asiatic Arab Islamic Muslim religious belief and mindset of thinking. Another sinister snake serpent Satanist slave master!

REALITY: = Racist renegade rouge radicalized reptilian Race RELIGION! And as long as these idiotic ignoramuses insist on clinging to, holding on to these tissue terrorists wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal concoctions, there is absolutely no hope; salavtion-redemption, nor healthy help for fools who worship the image, concepts of our official adversaries, alien agents, and antagonist angry-Anglo-America Al Qaeda!

YES: Criminally Christianized White Supremacists – Satanists: They use these close contacts, as justifications, to attack, assault, bomb pregnant females, infants, babies, small children, mothers, and their homes, schools, shelters. Aerially – serially killing Africa’s Africoidians. Calling themselves shooting at: “al Qaeda-allied insurgents occupying the country’s north.” Mali, Sudan, Somalia, Congo and else where. Next these terrorist tactics, strategic military maneuvers, are also aimed at, and against Asiatic Arab “Black Militants”; herein, the devilish dis-United States of America.

So then, I pray tell y’all, never let them hide their cowardice “Black Faces” among you and your family members, houses-homes, inner-city urban neighborhood and clean cultured culinary communities + capital cash currencies, customary cures. This is our organisms; SOVEREIGN SOLAR SEXUS SOUL FOOD FINANCIAL FOUNDATION = $$$

So they make believe that the terrorist threat of radical Islamist jihadists is “using the West African state’s inhospitable Sahara desert as a launching pad for international attacks.” Beware, and keep out of their militant muslim moseques!

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA… web page 2 http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art_002.htm

Pharmacidal Religion of Criminal Capitalism!!Pharmacide http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/Pharmacide

SAVING SOULS + KIDS http://save-souls-artistchd.blogspot.com.

4. CHRIST: As I have holistically defined the wealthy word to mean, equals =1.  Cosmic Huemainheart Rises Spiritiously True. Inclusively, 2. Color Hue Ray Infinite Spiritious Truth! Chemical Hellium Radiation Infrared Solar Signifying C.H.R.I.S.T. I AM dealing with Creative Cosmic Chemistries, Artistries and Ancestries!

5. YES, it’s all about how We’s & Us’s choose to create the English wording to be and what it is meant!! No not at all do I have to redefined words, basically because most of them have never been truly defined. And in fact, I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD, then, I give my mastermind inventions, constructions-creations their meaningful names as I please!

6. Y’ALL NOTE: ‘Matter & Life & Mind = Trinity, God is the Material Universe, Christ is the mental and then Matter and Mind interact to produce life, so, that’s all there is’, Dr. John G. Jackson professes.  And also I understand why and how he uses the word religion to talk through, seeing that he was born back in the early 1930s or so. When cerat labels such as good “Colored People”; “Negroes”; Negras were commonly used.

Butt, believe my mentioning these things truthfully to y’all, that times have drastically changed and continues to creatively make more meaningful evolutions + revolutions!!

YES: I am revealing to y’all and to the whole wide world web, this short story about one of our living…. Of course, still alive and well, African Americans of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz pigmented per-suns of these dis-united States of angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda. Smile humorously and happily, basically because this true brother and sister, were saved by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Spared the death penalty, divinely decreed devil damnation! Listen up to his story told truthfully, proclaimed personally in his own words and recorded voice.
Indubitably, the mastermind melanin messiah man Mr. Junious Ricardo Stanton, intellectual genius. “Positively Black”;” Digital Underground”. Who crashed his vehicle while he and his dearly love wife were driving on a highway. On or about a Sunday afternoon…? About three weeks ago today, Monday, August 27, 2012.…4:09 San Antonito, Texas time documented herein: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.
Click here to hear mp3:
1. sungodd_p2-s1a_m (16:33) mp3
2. sungodd_p2-s2b_m (16:33) mp3
3. sungodd_p2-s3c_m (15:49) mp3

4. sungodd_p2-s4d_m (17:04) mp3
5. sungodd_p2-s5e_m (17:08) mp3



1. HueMainRight_p1-s1a_m (17:26) mp

2. HueMainRight_p1-s2b_m (17:37) mp3

3. HueMainRight_p1-s3c_m (16:45) mp3

4. HueMainRight_p1-s4d_m (17:28) mp3

5. HueMainRight_p1-s5e_m (17:34) mp3

My Main page: http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD



1. huemainlaw_p1-s1a_m (16:45) mp3

2. huemainlaw_p1-s2b_m (16:59) mp3

3. huemainlaw_p1-s3c_m (16:57) mp3

4. huemainlaw_p1-s3c_m (16:57) mp3

5. huemainlaw_p1-s5e_m (17:10) mp3

6. huemainlaw_p2-s1a_m (17:43) mp3

7. huemainlaw_p2-s2b_m (16:37) mp3

8. huemainlaw_p2-s3c_m (17:07) mp3



1. huemainkind_p1-s1a_m (17:51) mp3

2. huemainkind_p1-s2b_m (17:16) mp3

3. huemainkind_p1-s3c_m (17:14) mp3

4. huemainkind_p1-s4d_m (17:20) mp3

5. huemainkind_p1-s5e_m (17:10) mp3


1. AFRIC-ASPIRE + AFRIC-A-SPIRATION: = A Shift, Climatic Changes of paradigms, definitions.
2. ALPHA-AFRICASPORA: //= paradigm paralleling African “Descendant” Diaspora!! New world wealthier words of wisdom, as opposed to old-timers, old-school language, having a downward, descending definition. Also remember to dutifully NOTE: that there are those wana-be “black leaders” of the so called “conscious community”; “Pan-Africanists” vs my mastermind PANORAFRICA; who were admonished, cautioned – warmed, about branding themselves, or all Africans in the Americas, as being backwards going “descendants”. Although, they resist righteous recognitions, remedying rewording, which is no different, just a bad or worse as calling oneself a negative N….word — “hoe” or bitch!
3. Africaspora: = Africoidian-Aspiration, African-Ascension, America’s African Ascendance: means by Deified definitions, accelerates, aggradiates, aggregates Africa’s ascent vs. “descent”!! We’s & Us’s are actualizing realities, and not deducing, or deducting or demoting. Yet many meaningful members never seem to learn lessons, basically because they choose to hear, butt, elect never to truly listen. = Stubbornly stuck stupidly!

4. Terminology, the English language wordings that we speak, has adverse or advantageous physiological + psychological effects and affects. To be still calling ourselves an “African descendant” is “Niggerish”; Honkyish & Whitie Whip Crackerish. Impotently primitive, and of old-world slave mentalities, who were taught the wrong wordings, meanings and definitions. Thinking that they are saying one thing, yet, are saying something else. Assuming to be speaking in positive terms, butt, are actually speaking in negative terms. Constituting confusion, unconscious conflicts, due to invidious, insidious Institutionalized + Internalized RACISM!!!

AfricAspoar_color neg image

1. YES: Many melanin members literally hate eating SOULFOOD! Basically because, they sold their sorry souls out to the wicked witchcraft Whittie whip Cracker CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal creatures. They popped poisonous political propaganda pollutions publicly, until darker shaded, toned-tanned skinned people of coloration complexions, detested it. “Defused” to dine on their disowned dietary dishes, designed deliciously to appeal to their palatable appetites. Good stuff!

2. The Euro-Anglo-American negative name calling, adverse labeling whatsoever, Americanized Africoidians, decides to eat, feast on in their culinary cooking, customs, cusines, cultural arts, they deem them too black, too brown, too burnt, over-cooked, “dead food”; “Junk food“; “guts“; “dead meat”; “dead caucuses”. On and on poisoning the psychologies of the persons being indoctrinated, mis-educated, Westernized & Europeanized! Perpetrating perpetual Uncletomism – Samboism – Selfhatism!!!

3. Thus these idiotic ignoramuses, falsify, fabricate Africanism, by giving themselves Africa’s authentic ancestral names, identities and titles. Butt, by the very same black token, misspoken, bankrupt brains blatantly broken: they try to also become Vegans and or Vegetarians. A de-Africanized, yet Europeanized conceptual concoction. Continentally contrary, counter-combative, towards ancient ancestral African Africoidian authenticity! VegeLeoAugustan VegePlanTerRain = Real research ref.: http://artistchd.wordpress.com.

4. Most members are assuredly, lost losers, negated “Negroes” who willfully, wantonly, wants and wishes to identify themselves with “White” values, beliefs, whatsoever, they might be? Dietary, nutritional, nourishments, principles, practices, definitions, meanings of words in the English languages, written and spoken. Although, these certain ones, groupie ghetto gangsters, of the so called “conscious community”; are gone completely out of their truer African American minds!

5. And a high percentage are actually Americas + Africa’s + India’s = AmeriAfrindians. Yes, Afrioriginals in India and in the Natural-Native Americas as new world Indians. Black skins, Brown skins, Red skins, Yellow Skins!
6. Therefore, soulless sorry suckers sold themselves out of the money making merchant markets, on all “Race Cards”; dealt demonically and devilishly. They thought and still think “white is right”. and black is bad! So be it!
7. Consequently, ceasing to co-create commercializing conditions of clean cultured commerce, monetary monumental movements, and sold their sick souls out to Civil Rights Movements. Becoming obsolete, “a permanent underclass”; of unemployable people calling themselves “All Black”!
8. Playing colorblind, ignorantly ignoring realities, failing to realize their testimonies, proclamations, and declarations. And Yes, Black Is Beauteous, as Z-Blackrays radiant Ecoenergystics!
9. Albeit, they have never actually been of Z-Blackxz and Z-Brownxz skin pigmentation, colorations in Spirit And In Total Told Truth. Only biologically, physiological players, yet not psychologically and spiritually. Thereby making themselves bias bigots, bogus bitch bastards, hegemony’s hideous hateful hypocrites!

10. Lets say for instances. “Black Entertainment Television” BET, alleged and assumed; “all black radio”; “black digital media” and such sayings. Howsoever, I have happily apprehended, completely comprehended contradictions. Sorely seen and hurtfully-harmfully heard nothing more than additional Caucasian Caucasoid criminal craps. Painted in Blackface!

11. ArtistCHD residing + presiding over my physical-biological body living organism, artfully formulated foundational freedom in full financial fortunes. Symphonic synchronized synthesis, systemically + systematically. And they are proved, in my melanin mastermind, to be fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

12. Expressed examples, if you want to be a Vegan or Vegetarian, a swine-pork-pig-hog hater, cooked food haters, all raw vegetable eater, “red meat” hater, Soul food hater, Soul musical hater, fried fish – chicken hater, then, you are a faker, falsified Africoidian of de-Africanized Africa. Blatantly bought, branded, bartered, bribed, brainwashed bailouts. Those treasonous traitors, treacherous tricksters, who has become overly processed people of color, Europeanized, and westernized witches, warlocks, werewolves, hiding beneath innocent looking little lambs wool and shy sheep’s shaggy clothing! BEWARE!!!

SOULPOWER + SOLARSUN + Sons of SUNG.O.D.D. = Z-BLACKRAYZ + Moneymarkets x Eco-Energystics – economics, financed fitness fortunes = artworks by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoidian Africa’s Ancient Ancestry + Artistry, Anointed Atom Ark Anchor Ankh Amen-Ra Radiant Rays, Resources Rare Rich Royalties = $$$ Capital Cash Currencies via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt1/4




Our Opioid Orgasmic Organic Original Organ + Organized Operational Order!!! Which predates today’s date, whatsoever, it might be!? And all authentic, anointed and authorized ARTHIESTS, need never to become Atheists, which appears after the factual reality of our original origins as true ArtistCHDs = Christ Horusheart Divinity. Reflecting the inflections of our Occupyneer SOLAR SUNGODD DEITY!!!

Purchase + Prepare & Print Picture Letters on White T-Shirts.

HUE-MAIN-RAYZ: Perfected paralleling paradigm to so said supposed scientific; Human Race!

TRUE TALENT THOUGHT THINK TANK: Thank to: COLOR KINGOM New World Creative Arts; http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com Teaching yawls to know the reality, realizing rays of the solar sunshine!

NOW CHECK THIS TRUTH OUT: “The adjective indigenous has the common meaning of “from” or “of the original origin”. Therefore, according to its meaning in common usage in English, any given people, ethnic group or community may be described as being indigenous in reference to some particular region or location. However during the late twentieth century the term Indigenous peoples evolved into a legal category that refers to culturally distinct groups that had been affected by the processes of colonization These are usually collectives that have preserved some degree of cultural and political separation from the mainstream culture and political system that has grown to surround or dominate them economically, politically, culturally, or geographically.”

YES: I hear how some of those wanna-be Africoid Africans and of the America United States, fail to completely comprehend that ancient Africa has no European concocted concept of a “Religion”!

And some time during western world Caucasian Caucasoid colonization, of native-natural indigenous inhabitants, the word and notions of a religious way of life surfaced. Prior to these so called “White People” invading, intruding, intervening into foreign affairs of independent continental countries and sovereign nations; We’s & Us’s had our original origins in a SPIRITIOUS vs. Religious way of living, believing, worshiping and honoring our own ancient ancestries.

And when someone has become inspirited, they become activated, aggitated, in the sense that powers positively prompts them to do something physically, make things come about in their biological based being and manifested material matter as a living and breathing human organism. This is going beyond and above meditation, praying, hoping and believing without actually doing! So let us be crystal clear in this truth!

Although today in Kenya in particular, a few faith followers are attempting reestablish an indigenous practice by attaching the English language wording to it as a politicized religion. In hopes of being able to equal or parallel the three organized religions that are so popularized and traditional: Christianity of Christians, Islamic for Muslims, and Judaism for the Jewish religious faith. They are calling themselves fighting for equal rights by lying to themselves, and to others who will want and wish to believe that Africa owned and operated, ran and invented Religions!!

BUTT, what truthfully happened is that Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa, had the natively natural, indigenous inhabiting elements, ingredients, resources , riches, wealth of worldly wisdom. Then the Europeans as westerner “Whites” copycat, plagiarized, borrowed, shared, stole and or took what they wanted by force of arms, sneaky stealthy, deception and destructive death of Africoid Africans!

Now today, foolish African Americans are mistaking true historicity for his-story, so that they might be able to get their national Governments to give them some money, financial funding, programs and respectability, etc.

Nevertheless, honest to our Cosmic Creator, Spirituality & Religion are opposing forces, opposite poles, and enemy energy entities. So they can never successfully win anything worthwhile, by calling themselves Spiritual leaders, priests, priestesses, and at the very same time clinging to, holding on to, embracing and attempting to bargain beliefs through religiosity. Good will is never good enough!

Some of our African American Blacks, act so good-god devil damned stuck on stupid! Never seem to learn lessons from historiography, no material matter how much they read and study and research. They persist to say silly things, that have been long since proven to be fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

Further still, good intentions, yet misled, there are those who are setting up what they think are “Spiritual Temples”; butt, then they claim that they are Islamic Muslims, Christians, Black Israelite Hebrew-Jews, Hindus, Kenyan Yoruba, and all sorts of religious rationalizations, self-deceptions and gross distortions of reality. Glibly contriving to establish status, recognitions, yet extort and get monetary capital cash currencies from the Tax Brackets and Federal Treasury, National & International & U.S. Governments!!!

Y’all see even here in America, one can claim that they are a nonprofit organization and or a religion, as a Christian church, to escape having to pay taxes on the financial funding that they receive, written literature, books, DVDs – CDs, merchandise sold, etc. Although, they are technically arms and wards of The STATE = Sociopath Status Quo! Government Grants and charity cases!!!



1. Moreover, now today I keep hearing “The Black Atheists” “Black Son” in particular; and yet not in total agreement is ‘Black Brother ANKH’, vehemently proclaiming that all of this alleged Spirituality and Spiritual stuff, is only “Spookism” and “Tomfoolery”! And says: ‘I think that this Spirit stuff should be thrown into the trash can!’

2. YES: And I completely comprehend why they and or he feels, thinks or believes this to be true. Basically because. based on the above false religious notions, they throw those words around far too much.  And don’t truly know what Spirit means; in essence or essentially. At least not knowing in an ancient ancestral Africoid African sense. And if they did, one would never associate Spiritists; or alleged Spirituality, with a Europeanized definition religion. After highlighting their choice religious worshippers, interfacing with Indigenous Inhabitants as African Africoids, they tend to jump back, by claiming, that their temples are not religious butt, spiritual. Equivocating! So then, I inform y’all to avoid them all together, and keep your hard earned money inside your owned pockets and trustworthy bank accounts. Period.

3. “On Black Atheism: Jamila Bey_ Religiosity “kills your brain cells,” according to this radio host.” “A recent New York Times article profiled African Americans who don’t believe in God or who have eschewed the faith that many assume is central to the black experience. What does the apparent rise in atheism and agnosticism (pdf) among blacks tell us about the utility of religion for African Americans in today’s social and political climate? Interviews with academics, activists and advocates from everywhere on the religious spectrum reveal the diversity of views on this historically fraught — and, for many, highly personal — topic.”

4. “The Root: Are African Americans better or worse off as a result of religion, and why?

Jamila Bey: We are worse off. Religion has enslaved us physically. Religion continues to enslave us mentally. It keeps us away from scientific advancement. It tells us that we know, which gives us no reason to explore and discover. Religiosity kills your brain cells, son. It kills your brain cells.”  http://www.theroot.com/views/black-atheism-jamila-bey

5. YES ARTHIEST ArtistCHD: as I Have creatively evolved + revolved, and learned lessons anew and afresh, I immediately and promptly made My TRUE-UP U-TURN all around to Stop Point Blank Period. Strictly and specifically because We’s & Us’s ancient Africoid Africa’s Ancestry + Authorized Artistry, are ante-religious not necessarily anti-religious. And came cultured clean concurrently; into being before any type of radicalized, racialized Religiosity. FACT OF TRUE REALITY!

6. Spirituous = Spiritious =Spiriticians + = one embued with life forces, having eye sight, optical RealiVision = Real-Live-Vision =  These truer definitions and mastermind melanin meanings are actualizing, still growing and developing as I write today.  These truths transcends what they in the “conscious community” call spirituality, which sometimes, seems to be some spooky stuff.

7. Butt, I’m talking about artwork applied, homegrown green gardening of plants from self sown seeds = saving souls. Spiritics requires one to be actually doing things that they truly love with a heated passion, drawing, painting portrait pictures, graphic designs, making music, manufacturing textiles, producing positive creative concepts, for the wholesomeness of all humanity. Doing so in alignment, unity, Love Peace & Harmony with the native-natural operational – organizational order of planetary sphere and MAAT Matriarch Mother Nature Earth! 

8. REALIVISIOUS vs. Religious!! Equals things physically and chemically and one visually sees crystal clear and with correct clarity. Expressly, WE’s & US’s can clearly see the shining sunlight = SUNGODD = Go >>> ooD = indivisible, entire whole, unified one!

9. SPIRITIOUS: = 1. Solar Planet Internal Radiation Infinitely Terrestrial Intelligence Origin Universal Science. 2. Scientific Photons Intelligently Radiant Interspaces Truths Infinite Organism Ultra Solar. 3. Sublime Protons Interrelated Realities Internally True Intellect Omnipresent Universe System

SPIRITICS: = 1. Solarized Planetary Intelligence Radiated Internally Traveling Infinite Chemistries Sciences. 2. Soultrix Protoplasm Infrared Radiation Inside Tissues Currency Solaration

Spirtiously, Spiritics, Spiritiousity = Love Sensation Spirit Sublime + Spiritism x Spirit. Collectively equals: SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM’S SOVEREIGN SYSTREAM!!!

YES: And by being broken back down into smaller senses, little particles and unique elements, our renewed minds are talking about streams of fresh water-wavelenghts, flooding, flowing fluids, flaming fires-flashing fast. Pertaining also to re-sources as minerals, metals, nutrients – nourishments, carbon, coal, gas, oil, diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, platinum, on and on along these talent tested truths. Adding Africa’s native-natural wealth up as Her self-serving sovereignty. The totaled amount to many sciences of discoveries and inventions, coming about by being inspirited, endowed with the living sunlight – sunshining SPIRIT = SPIRITIOUSITY!!! 

Spiritiouality vs. Spirituality!! Parallels photons and protons positively positioned = put = placed. A propelling profusion + infinite infusion!

Spiritry =Artistry = Ancestry = Chemistry = All atomic activities actualized and as acidic actionaries! Made manifested material matter, in this case, mankind, womankind, humankind, which ever way ones want to look at it all. And they both encompass Ethereal energy entities, exercising and executing existences. They are also the forces of potent powers possessing potential possibilities, positive photon-proton proofed. That in which propels and prompts physical realities, inspires, motivates, excites-incites internalized Love + Life + Light + Locks!!! A locking and linking lineage and leading lines; intertwined, interconnected and interrelated. Equals = SAAC paralleling RNA & DNA!

(1) Spiritate vs. Meditate – Contemplate: requires that an individual per-sun, small size sungodd be a doer of the artworks, and not simply just a talker telling tall tales. To animate art forms, bring things alive, invigorate objects, organs, senses and mental functions. Sparking chemical reactions, that inflames, infuses, enthuses and amuses minds.

Spiritation = speaking sanely, spoken sounds, said soundly, sending sensations, into the sensibilities. After which they are transforms-tranfigurated, transfixed and transmitted or transferred to – through the bright brilliant brain (s) x membranes cellular structures. Cytoplasm + Protoplasm.

(2) Spiritational: means the continued chemistries cosmically concurring, thus inventing internalizing intellectual intelligence x infinite immaculate imagination.

(3) Spiritationality: = the finalizing or finished results, outcomes of incomes = output of input, negative exit x positive entrance. Meaning the locomotion of vibrating frequencies, sound waves, life’s light lengths. Circulating circuit currents. And can concentrate causing combustible concurring conditions, chemical climatic charge changes! Counteracting corruptions, contaminations, contagions, crazed criminalized combatants!!

Therefore nothing pertaining to CKNWCA, is “spookism”; ghostly stories, mysticism, Europeanized Spiritualism summoning up dead people’s spirits-spooks and talking to the deceased, communicating with the dead, Hell No!

SOULPOWER THE BLACKRAYS = Z-Blackrayz of All Mighty Divine Grace + Spirit Source Science System – Sovereign Systream x Ultra-Ultimate Universe IniVerse Real-Live-Vision + Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination. Reveals Prof. (Arch Angel) Gabriel Oyibo = “God Almighty Grand Universal Theorem” – Gagut equation G ij,j via AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts – Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays! pt2


Artistic Analysis + Synchronized Synthesis!!

ARTHIEST vs Atheist & Agnostic!!!

Atheist vs. Agnostic – What’s the Difference Between an Atheist and an Agnostic?The difference between being an atheist and being an agnostic should be pretty clear. Atheism is about belief. Agnosticism is about knowledge. Atheists don’t believe in any gods. Agnostics don’t know if any gods exist or not. These can be the exact same people, but need not be. Every agnostic is also either an atheist or a theist because any given belief is either present or not – there is no alternative to those two options.”

LORD: Equals = by my mastermind melanin messiah mental model metaphysics.

Love Origins Revealed Divine

Life Orgasmic Righteous Decreed

Light Omnipresent Reality Deliberated

Locks Optic Reason Declared

Unfortunately for them, I keep on hearing foolish faith followers insisting and persisting to cling to their fictitious black or white male “Jesus”; who supposed to had been “THE CHRIST” who is actually HORUS = HERU of our originating creativity of Ancient Africoid Africa Ancestry + Artistry. Thus this make believe “Jesus” Lord & Savior, is presumed to be their “God”? So be it!

Fortunately: I AM THAT I AM, an avid ‘Holy Bible’ Old & New Testament reading researcher, all of the days of my boyhood and manhood life. And as a true Christian, who never considered myself of being religious; butt, always ‘n lovin’ faith, Spiritious. So suddenly shifting; away from this hero worshiping “God Concept”; I eventually created clean cultured 21st Century CyberSpaceAge, Cosmic Crossover Chemistry: ChristLikelyenity vs Christianity!! Spiritiousity vs Religiosity!!

SOLAR DEITY SUNGODD: Is the one and only guide, leader, love, light, locks, shining solemnly, sovereignly, serenely in the crystal clear blue skies. The unique, Inventor, Originator, Co-Cosmic Creator, Generator of eco-electron energy entities. All life forces!!!

HEATXZ never spoke a language word whatsoever. Nor wrote words down on material matter manifestations, such as in paper books, bibles, texts, scripts in the least. ‘They worship who they know not what?” Their falsified “God” never said a thing, spoke or wrote nothing either. Only mankind, womankind, humankind, thought up these sayings, beliefs, thoughts and thinking types themselves. Conjuring up through their own imaginations!

BUTT: Extremely testing times, trials and tribulations are coming at them in the art formulas of terrifying tornado twisters, horrific hurricanes, flaming forest fires, flash flooding rain falls, fatally wiping worshipers out completely. Yet they still wonder why? So yawls later on go here and checkout the True-Up U-Turn story book bible blogs: http://mother-earth-nature.blogspot.com. The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature + Her Weaponized Weather Wrath!!!


YES UNIFICATION Of Our GLOBAL WORLD NATIONS: Means molding – mending members MultiplexRacialBody: black-brown-red, tan, yellow, white pigmented people’s public populations together as a single one unit. And this is the truthful track that Her holistic healthy, healed humanity has to keep on going in. >>>  By which Rare Rich Royalty Mother Earth Nature’s Majesty; The Beauteous Queen of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA,  She serves a paved patterned pathway, Divinely Decreed Direction to fulfill CREATIVE EVOLUTION + EVOLUTIONARY CREATION!!

AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD realistically reveals: Some sickened societies say that they would rather stay separated, segregated, divided and or isolated, in the sense of not mixing and mingling with other members of the human family folds. Howsoever, little that they know, is that they can’t consciously decide to do this on their own free will; through politicized prejudice, religious racism and attain joy. Basically because, they are already mixed many years in the making, molded and mended.

Plus + controlling circumstantial conditions, in the airy atmosphere, stratosphere, there are higher heavenly Forces of the Ethereal Realms that Be, directing decisions, choices of mates, marriages, in operational order to amalgamate admixtures to the people’s population compost pile. And unfortunately, those trying to resist righteous Atomic Amen-Ra, shall surely suddenly sink into sickness, sorrow and sadness. While many multitudes of others, are happy, healed and humorously healthy!

NO No no: We’s & Us’s can not necessarily ‘get along’ with RACISTS who are renegade rouge reptilian religions, and their unholy hatemonger hostilities. Never can our loving hearts and minds form well founded relationships with evil enemy energy entities, whosoever, they might be?! Thus truly, the color of one’s skin pigmentation is no longer our criteria to judge a person, nor any more a viable tool to discriminate against another individual, because of superficial appearances. Lovability comes in all coloration complexions. Yet some citizens are acting inhumane and hateful, this is not stopping truths from being totally told. Nor obstructing full financed freedom of artistic expression!!!! 

Butt, believe my telling y’all, that there are always ‘n lovin’ faith exceptions to the rules, regulations, rational reasoning and racialist reality. And one has to Spiritually sense those who will want to come closer to creative characters, then smartly open up allowing others to get near them, take picture photos with, speak to unique individuals, talk with words of wisdom warmly. Without bias, envy, jealousy and strife, lovely looking females are attracted to strong male images, that are powerful and positive. They enjoy standing besides boldly brave warriors + valiant victors; courageously standing out from the in-crowds. And pretty girls naturally gravitate over towards originals, to hug, touch, embrace and show some truer Love Peace & Harmony.

“DIVESTING”: Themselves of all man made manufactured religiosity, plus + political adversarial adiposity!! This is truly a mandated must method, that each and every individual person and or collective ethnic groups, are to artfully actualize. Doing so immediately at once, placed into positive position promptly! Due to the urgency of imminently extreme and seriously severe emergencies. Strictly and specifically because the entire whole of living humanity, of the whole wide world, is under viciously violent assault attacks, antagonist adversary Arch Angels Alien Agents!!!

EVIL ENEMY ENERGY ENTITIES: Are pitting and pitching mankind – womankind – humankind, against one another in operational order to totally destroy all of their earthly sensibilities, soundness and sanity!

SPIRITIOUSLY: Intuitively, Instinctively, Intellectually and Intelligently; The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfridian Avatar Avenger, Me Myself I AM; has artistically formulated his Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!!

Temporary or Permanently: Drop these tissue terrorizing religions, realizing that they are actually the pathways in which wicked witchcrafts of werewolf warlocks, warmongers and hatemongers travel through. And to decisively cut off their sources of intervention, intrusion, interference with human beings, equals = salvation and saving grace!

MAAT Africa Egypt+HARAMBEE-Kenya Interracial Dating+ Mix Mingle Mate Marry MultiplexRacialBody Current Cultural Color Complexions Bio-Genetic RNA-DNA-CODES!!!


Symbolically Speaking: Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes = Sinister Sorcerer Snake Serpent System SATAN!!! A colorless satanic sensation, that is silent yet violent, odorless butt blatantly bad, invisible although actually in existence. It’s the way in which people are prejudiced-programmed to think!

Dispirited and denatured forces of powers in the highest holy heavenly places and spaces. Remotely far above and beyond anybody living hereon planetary sphere earth. No material matter manifested in human being states, are in complete controls of themselves, their activities or actions!

Self-destructive mode, automatic pilot, systemic systematic sentencing, penalty, and the Divinely Decreed Death Devil Damnation. And y’all know that the overwhelming majority of the members of humanity has been politically feasting on and religiously feeding off of sickening Satanist Soulless Foods for financial fame and fortunes. For an unfortunate long standing period of time, throughout the ages. Addicted to intoxicating demonic devices. Even some of our most talented artists-musicians are using their free gifts of grace, to help harm, hurt and devilishly divide the HueMainRace. And they are to be walked over, stepped on, trodden under our feet, beat back down to the dusty dirty ditch of defeat! They just gotta die off the earth!

Y’all Know these truths too: That in spite of these so called super class citizens, ruling elites, “Secret Societies”; ‘The Round Table”, Illuminati, or any other targeted names, families or clans. They are all held humanly accountable for their terrorist tactics, demonic deeds and acts, under one HUEMAINLAW!!!

Likewise, this goes for each and everyone who might be categorized as being upper-class, middle-class, lower-class and or no-class! We’s & Us’s are all in this tissue terrorizing thing together. And as our planetary sphere spins, spirals, in Her orbital objectives, then every ethnic entity is involved, baring none, nobody!!!

Moreover, unless THEY, repent remorsefully, willfully with righteous regrets, for THEIR trespasses, transgression and terrorism, tormenting tortures of others and themselves too; expect dooms day glooms; not later butt real soon; having no escape routes to the moon! And only misled foolish faith followers are attempting to turn towards racialized religions, Muslims Islam, Jews Judaism, and or Christendom’s Christianity insanity of inhumanity. They’re fatally finished!

REALIZED REMNANTS: Equals = approx. about 10% to 12% Rare Rich Royalty, shall survive sentencing. Is being spared extinction, elimination, extermination. Depopulation deployment – development. And are redeemed and delivered and saved via Love Sensations Spirit Sublime!

The back stabbing betrayals, two-faced fakers are so very villainous, viciously violent until they all just got to go! And as I study and research the distant and present day history, past events, prospectively how things will be in the near future, I also discover many meaningful revelations. From what I’ve gathered, so far, most of our leaderships have had some type of religious political party position. The common denominator. They were and are in on the take, being paid off in one way or the other. Bribed bogusly, blatantly brainwashed and dumb down dirty ditch doped dupes!

Conclusively contaminating corruptions, cowardice crookedness, contagious circuits, criminalizing corporatist-capitalist catalysts. Consequently, certain compelling circumstances, cataclysmic catastrophic conditions can cause current climatic changes!!!!

Furthermore, The Black Jackass Uncle Toms, supremacist devils and deceptive demons, are abysmally deep down inside every conceivable crevice of civil rights. “Scull & Bones”; “Alpha Pi Phi”; “Black Bouli” as Uncletomism – Samboism – Selfhatism. Sellout stooges, stupid sycophants, as subservient sinners, submissively serving soulless satanic sensations. Surely they are the very same mentalities who sold Africa’s Africoids and Negroids, off into cruel slavery. Teaching Europeans and Eurasians or Caucasoid CaucAsians; all about how to enslave and capture citizens. The feel good addicts, jungle juice junkies, media aggrandized agents, prominent politicians, pastors, preachers, priests. getting high on fools fortunes, financial fraud in fact lies of leading liars!!!

Actual assassinations, homicides, murders, killings, committed in every imaginable method one wants to talk about and wishes to reference. Shooting with ghetto gangster guns of sorts, toxic substances generating strokes, heart attacks-cardiac arrests, bleeding brain aneurisms, city street warfare blood baths, medicinal mass murdering members, pharmaceutical prescription pill poisoning. Clinical conditions, cancerous chemical concoctions, injected, induced, ingested within the tissues of human beings bodies. On and on and on endlessly = Satanists!!!!

So called brothers and sisters, family love ones, religious relatives, associates-affiliates, betraying the trust of each other, in hopes of gaining some unkind advantage over the other ones. Competing for politicized party pats on the back and stamp of approvals, adulations and awards. Envy and jealousy abounds, in the surreptitious midst of strident strife. Knocking leaders off one by one, to egotistically elevate the sorry self to superficial superiority supremacy. Which is a seriously severe sickness. Something societies suffer socially!

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms self-hatred of Love GODDESS Mother Earth Nature Africa’s AmeriAfrindians and AfriNatindian Ascendants!!!


BUTTRESSING FACTS OF REALITIES: There has not necessarily been, nor ever existed efficient Truths + Justice, living herein a Euro-Anglo-American Caucasian Caucasoid country. One that is operated-owned and ran racially by historical hatemongers, warmongers who were and still are invaders, intruders, and occupying forces of indigenous inhabitants lands. And therefore, the total termination of their terrorist nations, inclusively, the USA & Europe, as we have grown to know it – them, is in factual reality being brought back down to grassroots zero % of naught = nothing!

ARE YAWLS READY + PREPARED: For self-governance, self-sufficiency, self-survival, self-salvation, so forth and so on? Are y’all for mixing and mingling, basically because, one shall no longer have a choice! Compelling circumstances commands compliance! As I’ve envisioned, how that there is a multitude of members being bombarded, baked and boiled and burnt by rising radiant rays of our optical optimized serenely shining sovereign SUNGOD!!!

Destitution, dismay due to disasters are forcing all issues and tissues to turn toward ITS HEATXZ, to KNOW, who and what is the Love Life Light Locks. And if they refuse to or reluctantly reject righteous RA AMEN, then they shall surely die, in body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul!!!

From Top To Bottom & From Bottom To Top: Encompassing everything, everybody living hereon, herein earth’s planetary sphere! They all are learning lessons the hard headed heathen way, through trying trials and testing tribulations! Terrifying tornado twisters, wild whirling winds, horrific hurricanes, ferocious forest fires fatally flaming, erupting earthquakes, violent volcanoes, inundating flash floods falling from heavy rains down pouring. And that’s not all y’all, cause ya ain’t seen nothing yet! JUDICIAL JUSTICE via INTERVENTION DIVINE!!!

What US Constitutional Rights? What Civil Rights? When one does not have their native-natural Human Rights or HUEMAIN RIGHTS! There can be no true equality between Caucasoids & Africoids, Mongoloids & Negroids. Basically because they are not our equals, nor are we theirs. Falsified equations, only get incorrect answers and more falsehoods.

We’s & Us’s are now demanding + commanding the humane righteousness to become and be all that our Cosmic CREATOR intended and meant. Comprehending that this fictitious fraudulent “God” Euro-centric notion is a none existent person and or imaginary CaucAsian male make believe who can’t create anything, nor possibly mediate, mess with, make anyone do anything. People don’t need that criminalizing concept of craziness! Creative Evolution has nothing to do with western world wicked witchcrafts of werewolf warlocks. Not in the biblical beginnings nor in the times endings!!

Absolutely nothing in between or less than complete controls over our owned livelihoods. Full fledged foundational freedom!

After which independent equality, let us then, start talking about friendships, relationships, partnerships, accordingly; thus, as human beings. Howsoever, since seeing that this is never going to happen, willingly, seemingly impossible through intellectual intelligence, moral grounds of doing what’s right; there’re compelling current circuit charges concurring!


YES: On or about Saturday, April 14, 2012…12:00pm: I listened into a talk radio show, head honcho hosting by an ambitious egoist, CEO, angry African in America, who is certainly anti-Jesus! And Mr. J. Black, an old-school warrior fighting for total ‘Black Liberation’, one of his co-host had his grown-up daughter and grandson online talking over the media airways, about her “sweet Jesus”. And every time her father would challenge this black mother, about her religious Christian beliefs, she would refer to the Old Testament, in which we so very often called the Holy Scriptures. Alleging that “God said”!

For primary principal examples: Lets take the chapters “LEVITICUS”: Chapter 12:1: “AND the Lord spake unto Moses”; “And the Lord said unto Moses.” Now ask yourself who actually is saying these things, testifying these thoughts? Is it the assumed “Lord”? Or is it only written by a second or third person, claiming such spoken words were through “Leviticus”? Is this not defined to mean; hearsay? Such as “I heard it through the grapevine!” HELL YES!

Likewise, might we ask as it is written, according to who? Did our bible not tell us as readers who and what actually said this, that or the other? For instances: In light of “John 1:16”; or according to what someone doing the writing said that “Matthew 1:20” said that the “Lord“ or “God“ said. Further still, as it is written: EXODUS chapter 20 first verse: “AND God spake all of these words saying..” Do common sensibilities say that this bible Old Testament made it abundantly crystal clear, that Exodus said this? Surely it does! And who wrote those words in the ‘Good & Bad Book?’ Did their presumed “God” write them? Absolutely not!

Surely J.B., he’s emotionally attached to his dearly loved daughter, butt, I AM absolutely not!  And the head honcho house Negra in charge, has far too much respect for the elder brother man; while he is fevoring hot in the background having to bite his tong and swallow his spite, hold his peace forevermore.  Patiently! While wondering why and how long is he going to have to put up with: “Red Meat” “Fried Pigs Feet Sandwich Eating” “Stupid ass black people”; “Dumb ass Negroes!” ‘All we need to eat is some bananas’! (D.A.)

Yawls smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy, healthy, holistic healing humor!

Yet I’m fully free: To openly speak and talk and write as I good-god-devil damn please. So then, truth totally told is my mainstream melaninated messiah mastermind mental model mode. She is so seriously wrong and lost and has gone remotely astray. Yet she thinks that it is possible to articulately talk the English language, while intellectualizing and rationalizing on the Bible texts; to establish correctness, righteousness and truth. Personal idiotic ignorance!

So then the old-timer African Black American man, tries to go around her clogged and calcified pineal gland. Reminding his hard headed daughter, that he never has tried to impose his beliefs on her, although, if one would do the in dept research studies, they would easily discover that of their “Jesus” idolatrous worshiping is only a mental illusion, psychotic delusion of their minds imaginations. And for her to remember too, that ‘I told you before that you don’t own your young teenage son, or children, butt, that he or they came through you. And your only job is to take good care of them until they are old enough, to leave away from you, “fly off” on their very own. Doing a by-pass surgery on her mindset of stuck on stupid, butt want to be smart. Having all of the quick answers that are also all wrong, each and every single time she says: “God said”! Not knowing what is falsified or truthful?! Are our bibles telling lies, or is it people personally lying to themselves?

Falsely claiming that the “Holy Scriptures” said some things that it simply and plainly never did or does not actually say! Nowhere is there a Chapter, head Title name of a written book or bible stating the word: “God” nor “Lord“!!!

She’s surely a candidate ChristLikelyen crossover from falsified Christianity’s insanity and inhumanity! Better beneficially blessed basically because by her willfulness to profess not being a completely colorblind foolish faith follower. She says: “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual!!” Which is a good sign to start with weaning her off this Lord & Savior “Jesus” trip!

ChristLikelyen Cross Cruxz vs. Christian Crucifixion Cross of Criminal Corruption!! Avatar Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christ Horusheart Deity. Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts.

BUTT, believe my telling y’all that she or nobody else, can truly have them both, Spirituality & Religion!! And it is a true reality of facts, that traditional Christianity, the church congregational worshipping within thereof, is a religiosity. And positively never can be an anointed, authentic actualized-authorized Spiritiousity!!!


Soultrix + Spiritrix is the 6th Suspension Sensation Sublime. A solemnly silent, solitary soundlessness. Of the Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream. Suspended animation, motionless, still, stationary, invisible, unseen, uncontainable, yet it is that it is.

“17th and 18th century…hypothesis. Edmond Halley in 1692 put forth the idea of Earth consisting of a hollow shell about 800 km (500 mi) thick, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core, about the diameters of the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Atmospheres separate these shells, and each shell has its own magnetic poles. The spheres rotate at different speeds. Halley proposed this scheme in order to explain anomalous compass readings. He envisaged the atmosphere inside as luminous (and possibly inhabited) and speculated that escaping gas caused the Aurora Borealis.”

“De Camp and Lev have claimed (in their Lands Beyond ) that Leonhard Euler also proposed a hollow-Earth idea, getting rid of multiple shells and postulating an interior sun 1,000 km (620 mi) across to provide light to advanced inner-Earth civilization but they provide no references; indeed, Euler did not propose a hollow-Earth, but there is a slightly related thought experiment.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_Earth

Holy Hallowed Earth Mother Nature: Not needing to be necessarily “hollowed” inside; butt, spaces occupyneered by thoughts as things, talents, thinking testimonies of truths. Later on after y’all finish reading this info, refer to: The VegeLeoAugustan: VegePlainTerRain: http://artistchd.wordpress.com.

TRUTH TOTALLY TOLD: All so called organic or non chemically treated commercial plants, picked produce farmed food for eating, has living insects, parasites, worms, viruses and diseases contained inside them natively and naturally. And it is idiotic ignorance to stereotype cooked or processed food products as being “dead foods” and uncooked, fresh vegetation as “live foods” as if that’s a badge of honor, wholesomeness, goodness and healthfulness. Nothing could be furthest from the truth, not necessarily so, holistically healthy. True scientific facts proved. Yet these marketers are monkey mimicking money making mean men and women, who are racketeers and profiteers!!!

YES: it’s alive with the vegetable eating creatures crawling around inside the plant cellular membranes, fibers, sugars, starches. Living within the stems, leaves and roots!!! And when one eradiated the living plant crops chemically, and or by SUNGOD’S flaming fires, hot-heat as in cooking them to death, this predigesting process positively kills and destroys these interior germs, bad bacteria, bugs, worms – nematodes, predatory parasite poisons and tissue terrorizing, tormenting, torturing toxins!!!

Practicing Posistive LOVE LIFE LIGHT Homegrown Gardens, bugs, nematodes, worms, pests, insects,

After, the best beneficial blessings, blazing burning, baptizing, boiling, baking, inclusively intestinal cosmic chemistry combustion chamber = acid-hydrochloric high hot HEATXZ, to meats and vegetation, inside and outside the living human digestive dimension; is positively productive. Resulting in, all of the vital nutritional nourishments, are readily released from the captivity of the macro-micro organisms living inside these eatable foods. These dead or deceased creatures are debugged, broken back down, forced to let go of what we need to assimilate through our bodily organism’s blood and tissues to sustain healthy human life art forms. And real dead food as far as we are concerned with, is far after the fact of digestion, extracting all of the vital values, artful attributes, wholesome qualities, vitamins and minerals, from whatsoever one choose to consume, drink and eat as a meal. Its proper name is fecal waste; = feces foul odor, bowel discharge, putrid elimination, decayed doo do, and staunchly bad smelling stinking shit! Truly equals = “Dead Food” = no longer eatable, lifeless = ceased to LIVE = butt lose and lost all activated LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS!!!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature + Hurricane COLOR KINGDOM COME = Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ancient Africoid Africa Ancestry + Authenthical Anointed Appointed Artistry!!!

Uniquely Envisioned, the Solar Sexus Soul is the center carbon core cradle creation. A Universal IniVersal RealiVision world within worlds. Encompassed by the Spirit, which is the life force field fortress; surrounding it. The Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix. And this is why I say spiritualized Soultrix and or Soultrixity.

Perfected Planet Promocracia: Equals the underside, inner inversed inside spherical space. Sixth Soultrix + Spiritrix Suspension. Dream domain decreed deified. Sleeping steady state, serenely silent, sublimely still, stationary and solemnly sensational!

ENVISAGED, seeing how and why that the earth’s plates do indeed shifts, moves in motions. Seeming to be floating on what? Water wave lengths, soundlessness, oxygenated air and atmosphere of Intra CyberSpaceAge activities; atoms, vibrating frequencies, executing energies, concurring circuits of The Electromagnetic Field Co-Creator Cosmic Christistry ColorComPlexTrix!!!

CyberSpaceAge Cytoplasm, of the positive proofed photon + proton Protoplasm x Promocracy.  Produces Promocratic Plasma, Nebula, Fluid, Magma, Lava, as the flowing flotilla foundation. Fortress of fame and financed fortunes as generated graceful golden gifts, and silvers and brownz. Floating fiery flames, blazing and burning in the midst of wet-waters. Sacredly symbolizing, synchronizing, symphonic synthesizing, one another in cosmic chemistries, currents, circuits and climatic charged conditions. Condensed, consolidated, compressed, containment controls. Consisting of a white calcium shell around its inner section. Carefully caressing, cultivating and culturing the continental crusts, earthly soils, dirt, mud, sands, clays, humus of the planetary sphere: Hallowed Mother Earth Nature’s outer + inner SUNGOD SELF!!!

Truthfully there is no other optical orgasmic original “God”, man person being, nor invisible unseen “God” in existence herein our solarized Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!

Neither did or has their religious rationalized “God”; in whosoever, artless forms, create anything. Butt, believe my informing y’all, that our one and only SUNGOD & GODSUN, is a cosmic creation of the Originator Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR!!!

Thus truly I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger, against all antagonist adversaries, alien agents, who forsook our origins and ancient ancestral Africoid Africa’s ascendance. And decided to become Europeanized “descendants”; knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, wittingly or unwittingly. Basically because they have all been repeatedly admonished – cautioned – warned about their wicked witchcraft westernized Whittie ways of worshiping, religiously racist and politically poisoned and perpetually polluted!!

Definition of PROTOPLASM 1: the organized colloidal complex of organic and inorganic substances (as proteins and water) that constitutes the living nucleus, cytoplasm, plastids, and mitochondria of the cell 2: cytoplasm — pro·to·plas·mic \ˌprō-tə-‘plaz-mik\ adjective pro·to·plasm (prt-plzm) n. The complex, semifluid, translucent substance that constitutes the living matter of plant and animal cells and manifests the essential life functions of a cell. Composed of proteins, fats, and other molecules suspended in water, it includes the nucleus and cytoplasm. proto·plasmic (-plzmk), proto·plasmal (-plzml), proto·plas·matic (-plz-mtk) adj.

Biologically + Physiologically: It generates and produces time tested talents, genesis gifts of great genius. And creates crystal clear currencies, clean cultured Rare Rich Royalties, due to its condensed circuitries, compressed composition, consolidated climatic charged conditions. Love Life Light Locks on the inside and outside, externally + internally!!

‘SUNGOD HEATXZ High Holy Father artworks in heaven, hallowed be though thy name, your ColorKingdom come currently cultured clean. To Love Thy Self, will be divinely decreed done, on and in planet earth, as it is in the hot holiest heavens, Atom Amen-Ra.’ Our Original, Organic, Opioid, Optimized Spiritious Inner-Vision of Prayer.

READILY REALIZE: When one burns materialized matter, some Europeans and now misled African Americans; will claim that cancerous carcinogens are contained on smoked food stuffs, such as BBQ and cured meats. Howsoever, the cancer causing conditions, are internalized chemical concoctions, added to the foods, before eating them; and or in advance to heating it directly by fiery flames. And in fact filtering and sifting, purifying, sterilizing, sanitizing these toxic substances, are these neutron-neutralizing activities concurring.  And, as charcoaled cooked meats or vegetables or fruits, they collectively, certainly carry culinary cleansing carbons, that can cure clinical conditions, clear clogged circulation inside various membranes. Thus convert tissue terrorizing toxins, into other art forms of energy, that are healthful. Such as potassium salts, called potash from burnt wood, material matter as fleshly cells; plants and animals!!

Y’AL KNOW NOW: That invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racism, trickle down through far too many members of the African America Blacks, into their families, neighborhoods and local living environments. False notions demonically devised by Eurocentric enemy energy entities, whosoever, they might call themselves to be?! Having an unhealthy intent to cause serious harm and severe injury and destructive damages to our organically original art forms; customary culinary cuisine = cooking cultures. Expressly, aimed at programming people against eating SOULFOOD! And another by-product of that process is: = Self-hatisms!!

Sinisterly & Satanically + Systematically & Systemically: Thus to truly undermind and demean our native-naturalized melanination angry-Anglo-Americans try these teacherous tricks too. They begin by attacking swine-pork-hogs-pigs, then move on to condemning eating “red meat”, shortly after all fleshly meats, next they verbally assault cooking foods, meats and vegetables alike. Thus truly terrorizing the minds of naïve and gullible listeners, readers, hearers of their words of werewolf warlock wicked witchcrafts!!!!



6th Spiritrix  Suspension = Spirit Source Science Sytem x
Sovereign Systream!!!

About Me Myself I AM page:  Saving Souls, Saving Kids, Children, Teenagers via Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts. http://artistchd.webstarts.com/about.html

1. TWENTY FIRST CENTURY CYBERSPACEAGE COSMIC CREATOR’S  COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE: “We come together to celebrate the seed as a symbol of the beginning, as the regeneration of life, as life’s potential, and as the beginning of generating abundance and prosperity. The seed represents independence, self-reliance, and empowerment. It represents growing and supplying our own food; self-reliance and self-determination in supporting, nurturing and guiding ourselves along the path of being whole, being healthy and having abundant life.” – Seba, Heru-Ka Anu http://www.hebperet.com/

2. NEBULA Negative-Neutron-Neutral, silvery gray zone, area. Surrounded by a righteousness ring and resonating, resounding, reverberating reality. Only the body brain’s thinking thoughts, mind’s material matter digitized, inverted, are permitted passage, earnes a ritual right…, has permission to enter these talented gates of COLORKINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Particular Per-suns, may be bestowed better benefit blessings by being; currently cultured clean. Earning their sacred spirituous symbols, secret safety security; PASS!!!

3. While a few other 10% to 12% Rare Rich Royal individuals and their Solar Sexus Souls + Suspending Spirits, mighty have all of their sinful criminal acts and bad deeds divinely decreed cleansed, deliberated, purified, sanitized. And not ever charged or imputed against them?!

4. ChristLikelynity = Cosmic Co-Creator, CyberSpaceAge corresponding computation, coordinating concave cosmic composition; cellular circles and climatic cycles. Picture things in my mind thinking them into being realities. Whatsoever, one chooses to think, the thoughts that one decides to digitize into the Fifth Dimension Dream Domain, manifest material matter, paralleling them. And the bright brilliant brain’s mind may be pre-programmed, with mentally meditated methods = MASTER1 Melanin Media. Meaningful Messiah Mental Models!


Ashra Kwesi talks about how Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa, invented, discovered, created certain clinical understanding. Plus the circumference of the earth and much more meaningful medicinal things, that the European Caucasian Caucasoid man falsely claims that he did! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrzMDHoLgSQ&feature=related


1. Musical Metaphysical Mediums, mp3 Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts + 21st Century CyberSpaceAge CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!http://artistchd.webstarts.com/ Open new windows to view.

2. Positively Plus+ adding, Musical Metaphysical Mediums, of an invisible, unseen, magical, mystical, miracle making MASTER1 Melanin Media. Mastermind Messiah Mental Models, membranes + bright-brilliant-brains, operating over mountainous mass material matter.

Positive panorama phenomena, pyramidal photons + protons, neutrons + eco-electron energy entities! Electrically charged currency climatic charged changes. Of the prismatic spectral hues of the  Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix!!!

1. DEIFIED DIGITIZED DISCS: Commonly called flying saucers, spacecrafts. Howsoever, as I’ve envisioned and imagined, pertains to computerized compression chambers, condensed conditions and circulating circumferences, concurring circuitries. Advancing atomic technologies, mechanical mind and membrane memory methods of moving around, traveling up and down, to and from place and locations, etc. Yes UFOs = Unidentified Flying Objects, digital discs that do indeed disappear!

2. Mirror Image Inflexion interiorly, as it is a mirror image reflection exteriorly. One goes deep down inside the mind’s thinking techniques = talent technology, to visualize and picture perplexing perspectives. And at some point projection, one perceives their true realities reversibly. No longer looking downwards, butt, begun to be looking upwards again at their outer-space sunshine of SUNGOD.

3. Under executing equivalent laws of gravitational pull and electromagnetism, exists Down becomes up and up becomes down. And ether way one looks at things, they themselves are upright.

4. IMAGINE: Each world has their interconnected, interrelated intersections. A layer of hot molten lava, volcanic material matter, mantle’s metallic moving substances, iron-ores, mineral deposits, fuel emissions, gasses, in between the plates, platforms and or planes perfectly positioned. Dynamically, dually and doubly disc dimensional. Physiologically + biologically balanced!! A watery, fluid flotilla foundation! A flying saucer systemic system’s sovereign systream!




4. SOLAR SEXUS  SOULFOOD: Happily harvested healthy, humanely harnessed, calmly composed, collected currencies, controlled constellations, conglomerations, concentrated creative colorations. Deliberated decreed divinely, directed decisively, towards designed destinations. In factual righteous realities our truly purchased, paid personalized POWER!!! Via paved patterned pathways of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = SOVEREIGN SYSTREAM!

“We come together to celebrate the seed as a symbol of the beginning, as the regeneration of life, as life’s potential, and as the beginning of generating abundance and prosperity. The seed represents independence, self-reliance, and empowerment. It represents growing and supplying our own food; self-reliance and self-determination in supporting, nurturing and guiding ourselves along the path of being whole, being healthy and having abundant life.” – Seba, Heru-Ka Anu http://www.hebperet.com/


1.  YES Y’all know now to not faithfully Vote butt dutifully NOTE: “The ankh is the (our Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa Kemetian) Egyptian hieroglyphic character that means life or living. Ancient Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand with their arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the Egyptian Cross, or as crux ansata, Latin for “cross with a handle.” http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Ankh

4. YES: Better Beneficially Blessed: The parenthesized correction of the Europeanized discriminatory deficient, Anglo-American anemic version, is my own proficient Africanized actuality, for the historical record of total told truth!!! Basically because, We’s & Us’s are taking back what righteously + Spiritiously belong to z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz HueMainKind beings; of our owned ancient ancestral Africoid Africa’s authentically authorized artistry. Without question! Period.

“GET OUT OF RELIGION, IT’S NOT REAL.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJnfx1ZV_s0&feature=relmfu

DIVINELY DECREED + DELIBERATED DECLARATION DAY of HUEMAINLAW: Officially Constituted concisely on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012 at 12:00 am.

Yes I solemnly and spiritually summons The Eternal Universal Powers + Forces of the Ether that Be, to install, instate, institute this respectful request. And AmeriAfrindain ArtistCHD, the Inspirited Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul presiding over and residing inside my living human body organism, now Know instinctively, intuitively for a surety, and confidently so, that this decision as a declared decree by divine deliberation!!! Read later: http://christlikelyen.blogspot.com

Gravity on one side, and gravity on the other side. Concurring, coming together into a ColorComPlexTrix Compact Disc Digital Dimension. Completely compressed compass. The very same Spirit Source Science System, Sovereign Systream, interior, that allows airy atmosphere around our oxygenated, entire exterior Global World Nations!

Evidential Proofs: This is exactly why we have precious gem stones, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, opals, and all manners of metals, material matter. They are known to be the direct results of extreme compaction and compression, of center carbon core creation. Caught, contained, crushed, composite or composed between two opposing forces. Gravitational pulls coming in upon itself!

PORK POISONINING PREJUDICE PUBLICIZED POLITICAL PROPAGANDA: Initiating inside someone’s radicalized religious beliefs, wicked witchcraft werewolf warlock worshiping, sinister satanic services of petty pedophile priests. Prejudicing the public people’s minds with their tissue terror, telling them that by eating swine, domestic or wild boars – hogs-pigs meat, is unhealthy or unclean, ungodly and unholy. Profusely spreading their untruths claimng that blacks high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, obseity, etc., is due eating pork. And these dumb down dupes, bribed, brainwashed idiotic ignoramuses persist to make their false claims. Destroying the interior and infrastructure of the African American economy. Equals efficient economical Solar Sexus Soulfood Services!!

Although scientifically and Spiritiously vs religiously, we now know that the correct causes of these degerative diseases, is refined white sugar, white flour, white salt, white bread, artificially adding agent acids. And eating excessive amounts of corn syrups, starches as chemicalized carbohydrates. All Caucasian Caucasoid criminalizing crazy concocted craps commercialized and capitalized! 

Misinformed & Misled Mindsets: Even well meanig members of “Black Liberation” leaders; “Black Power” pundits. Haphazardly and habitually, inducing a bogus bias belief based on pseudo-science’s falsified clinical studies, and medical money making manufactured myths!!!

Then, shortly afterwards, here comes these thoroughly misinformed, mentally indoctrinated, supposed to be better educated, want to-be black leaders, nutritionists, dieticians. Those tall tale tellers who have read these European journals, clinically concocted concepts of chaotic confusion, then calling themselves coming back into our Africoid African melanin masterminds. Hoping to hip We’s & Us’s to their thought to be better nutritional findings. And by slanderous language, they try to glibly prejudice our brains to become self-abnegating asinine asses like them.  Self assassins! Nevertheless, due to Divine Decreed Defenses, positive protection, they are permanently locked out of COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS!!!

AWARENESS AWAKENING: Means for y’all to fully comprehend by artistically apprehending these actualized relativities. Some things may seem simular butt, are very unlike each other. What they might teach you to be unhealthful, is for many persons, individuals, very healthful. Certain eating habits bad for one human being, could be good for another human being. An alkaline dietary dish may suit a female of Femininity, perfectly. However, on the other hand, a male’s masculinity, might need to eat an acidic high protein meat meal, more than anything else.

Also, while sitll in the surreptitious midst of religiously, finding faults with viable scapegoats, they deliberately distract people’s attention away from the real facts of reality, that the capitalist companies, has laced our plant sugars with cancer causing chemical concoctions. Organically grown or not; cutting off pathways of attempting to escape subjected subservient slaves! And has done the exact same insane things to real mined minerals as sea salts. Grossly distorted their native-natural states of being healthfully healing hollistically and humanely!!

NO MORE MEANINGLESS “NEGRATUDE”; One shoe or shirt don’t fit all.  Common senses should say so succinctly. That the contagious concoctions have humanized, manifested themselves into material matter members and their membranes. And has built up their resistances against truths, immunities, until they’re totally told. These inhumane health freaks, are so overexposed to the fraud in fact lies of leading liars, until they have converted and perverted themselves over to becoming worse than the initiating inordinate contagions of corrupting contaminations. The main sources of the sinister satanic sickeness syndromes!!!

‘The Lord SUNGOD helps heal those who help heal themselves: Therefore, by me completely comprehending these truths in Spirit and in reality, what I’ve personally learned how to do, is go out in my yard, and pick potent plants that are filled with vitalizing nutrient nourishment. Grab a hand full, bunch of fresh Chlorophyll enriched and enlightened mustard, collard, turnip greens, aloe vera plant, and place them inside a good blender, then, happily drink these juices + plus fiber. As a detoxifying tonic, totally financially free of monetary costly charges. No capitalist capital cash currencies needed to be spent in buying bogus commercialized products. Thus truly conserving and saving your soil’s resource energies! 

BUTT; believe my mentioning these truer things to yawls, how that they, are those closest to you, who posed the greater damnation, demonic damages, due to winning your trust. Which is where one permits themselves to be deceived, allows their minds to become misled. So beware, of those always reminding you of the  swine eating “white devils”; yet ignores themselves, the bigger BLACK DEVILS!!!


6. AN HONORABLE SALUTE  mp3 = Honoring Humanity’s Legal-Laws +Legislation of HueMainKind: By creative conception meaning by definition, things that belong as native or natural to all human beings, worldwide. Essential elements, substances, material matter such as nourishing – nutritional,  healthy food, fresh water to drink freely, secure shelter, clean clinical aid and safe medications. This law governs so named civil rights and human rights. With HueMainLaw being an all and in all encompassing primary principality, of INTERVENTION DIVINE. mp3. The dominate domain that completely covers citizens causes, consummately, thus those that are fundamental needs, requirements, as opposed to being only wants, wishes or desires!

7. YES: We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests, are actually now today doing! A substantive due process of Spiritualized Law is taking place, going unseen and undetected. And herein perfectly portrayed in a pretty presentation as a Pyramidal Panorama Phenomena. Flying flag, banner, emblem and Sacred Spiritious Symbols, Secure Safe Secrets!!!

SOLEMNLY SACRED Son of SUNGOD’S spiritious prayer: Our Heavenly Father SUNGOD, shining serenely in the crystal blue skies, honored hallowed is your name. Your ColorKingdomNWCA has come, upon planet LOVE GODDESS Mother Nature Earth; as it is in the heavens CyberSpaceAge. You have given We’s & Us’s this delightful day, our daily dinners, bread and butter, milk and sweet honey, and fresh clean rainwater to drink and healthful foods to eat. And you are the only ONE who can forgive trespasses against humane, spiritual, natural and universal laws, and not mankind-womankind-humankind.

YES: If in fact some bodies want to ban the N…word, as they exclaim it being a racist ‘White’ man’s negative name imposed on the ‘Black’ man. OK, fine and dandy, BUTT, my melaninated mastermind, more meaningful method, is to also, ban the slave ship master whip Cracker “God” devil damned word too!!!

Basically because, Africans in America, and of Africoid Africa, do not necessarily understand what the Europeanized “God” concept truly means. For if they did, then, most would stop idol worshiping the title name. And in actuality, they both are derogatory expressions of hatred towards dark skinned pigmented people’s populations worldwide. Even if in truth, the perception of a Higher Being, Superior Power originated in Ancient Kemet or Egypt, it has been perverted, poisoned and politically polluted!!!

Therefore, my True-Up U-Turn strategic stance, is the unified words of wisdom, title name: SOLAR DEITY SUNGOD!!!! That has never been subjected to any stereotyped submissions, slavery, nor sinister satanic sorcery. HEATXZ, is not and never can be a man made manufactured mythology. Its truest testimony tells the total truth about how hot, heated, warm the nature of its being is. Living creatures, animals, plants, humans, all feel the radiant rays of eco electron energy entities. A real revelation in and of itself!

Anything existing outside of our solar system, is of the imagination of wonder. Make believe, fairy tales, folklore, myths, and unreal gods and goddesses, angels and spooky ghosts. And in many ways pure nonsense!

FULL FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: We’s & Us’s are defining what words and thoughts and things means, from our originating perspectives. Bravely and boldly taking back the common decency that belongs to American Afrindians.

Moreover, our originating ancient ancestors, never had a vocabulary word name “God”! So let us be crystal clear on this truth. And that’s a European concept, interpretation and definition. They would not know what in the hellish world on planet earth y’all are talking about?! So then, it is a better benefit blessing, to do away with westernized wordings, with wickedness attached them all together! That is of course, to those who self-righteously try to tell others what words are good and bad, right and wrong, can be said and can’t be said. Both are bogusly wrong: The nasty nose N… er word and the label “God”; who is a biblical mythic murderer, serial killer, rapist, robber, raider, intruder, invader, occupier, oppressor, repressor and depressor of our original HueMain Rights = that’s a real live Whittie Nazigger or Nazigga!  Now what’s up with that “my Nigga”?

Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt3


 AM I “anti-war”? “anti-racism”? “anti- U.S. Government”? Well, I Spiritiously pray tell y’all that what We’s & Us’s are, is Ante-war, Ante-racism and ante-US Government. Coming cultured clean far in advance to any of these newly formed faulty foundations of fraudulent fakers! And also y’all know that American Africanists are moving forwards and upwards toward the ultimate highest achievement successes. Entering the era and time period prescribed as our USAA PROMISED LANDS!!!

‘The Lord King SUNGOD Almighty helps those total truth tellers who learn how to help themselves.’ We can only lead our own selves into terrible temptations, in order to mislead others astray; withstanding, having a sober mind-body and brain to freely think and reason rationally, herein held accountable thereby. It is our personal responsibility to maintain and sustain its good health. And when we pay homage and honor to your glorious majesty, our Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls are delivered from all wicked witchcrafts, criminal conspiracies. Divinely decreed protected from all “axis of evil” energy entity “enemy combatants”; whatsoever and whosoever they might be.

Forevermore this is your ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts, free gifts of grace, the forces of power and the rare-rich-royal Crown of Glory, and everlasting Love Life Light Locks. ANKH AMEN-RA!

Ua-t Kemet – Path of the Sacred Society by KemetWay ParAnkhin Education Airdate:Tue, February 28, 2012 He places strong emphasis on growing our own food, homegrown green gardens and colorful crops. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kemetway-parankh/2012/02/29/ua-t-kemet-path-of-the-sacred-society



1. My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs: Certainly as Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, can clearly envision and spiritually see; humanity is Officially Counting Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3; A better benefit blessing in surreptitious disguise to set the enslaved captives free; Unto the perfect law of liberty._ ’And blessed is he or she; whosoever, is not made offended in me.’ Basically because I tell y’all the total truth, seeing how that only THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH mp3, can and will and does ‘set you fully free.’

2. POSITIVELY: Plus+ produced-published, in our New Testament Bibles, and in many cases simply borrowed, shared, or copycat plagiarized our Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa’s Egyptian-Kemetian Sacred Spiritious Symbols, Sacred Scriptures-Scrolls, Secrets, sayings and sanctimony. Surely this Euro-Caucasoid CaucAsian White man, Mr. Desiderius Erasmus wisely well wrote wealthy worded wisdom: “You shall know the truth, and the truth well make you free.” And also, there were other eloquent speaking persons helping him devise these demonic plots and plans to take political power positions; under the umbrella of radicalized racist regions of the Renegade Rouge Reptilian Race!!!



3. Yes, a very talented and gifted writer and poet, aptly astute artistry, Catholic Priest of the now today’s Christendom Church Catholicism of the “Vatican Pope”.

4. Thus truly he was hired to scribe the biblical, textural scripts of all 9 good news gospels. And as he helped fabricate fictional fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Very imaginative and creative, he lorded over the bibles Christianized characters, personalities, expressly, the purported and talked about so much; 12 Disciples & Apostles!! Matthew, Mark, John, Peter, Paul-Saul, and y’all name the rest; by reading righteously. And glibly made up the manufactured mythical make believe White male ”sweet Jesus”; Lord & Savior & Messiah anointed one, alleging that he was The CHRIST HORUSHEART DEITY!!!!

Research Study Section

5. . Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (sometimes known as Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam) (October 28,[1] 1466/1469, Rotterdam – July 12, 1536, Basel) was a Dutch Renaissance humanist and a Catholic priest and theologian. His scholarly name Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus comprises the following three elements: the Latin noun desiderium (“longing” or “desire”; the name being a genuine Late Latin name); the Greek adjective ἐράσμιος (erásmios) meaning “desired”, and, in the form Erasmus, also the name of a St. Erasmus of Formiae; and the Latinized adjectival form for the city of Rotterdam (Roterodamus = “of Rotterdam”). http://www.wikinfo.org/index.php/Erasmus

And he wrote as it is written: “Study to show thyself approved unto God.” And I wrote re-Africanized words of wealthier wisdom: ‘Students study to show yourselves appropriately approved by our One and only GODSUN_or_ SUNGOD’S Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, of our Spirit Source Science System – Sovereign Systream, of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!





Research Study: “Since the word “myth” occurs quite often when dealing with the subject of the Ancient Sun-gods, it is necessary to define it so that we may the better glimpse the nature of the subject. To the modern mind the word carries with it a derogatory implication. To reduce any subject matter to the status of a myth is the “kiss of death” to most people and immediately renders the subject at hand as worthless. This comes from growing up in a modern culture that is “literalistic” to the core and has either forgotten or never learned that the medium of “myth and legend” was the very genius of the Ancients to capture Divine Truths for all eternity.

Just think for a moment; here we live some 15,000 years removed from Ancient Egypt but the myths of Osiris, Horus, and Isis are yet worldwide in our day and as should be expected the myth of Osiris, Horus and Isis can be found upon study to be the very underpinnings of almost all world religions today. We have heard of these names but few know that the very substrate of their religious worship today, regardless of the name of their religion, come from this origin of Divine Spiritual Concepts which were originally represented by Egypt in their myths of Osiris, Horus, and Isis. The irony is that our “Jesus Story” which is the center of our Western Occidental thinking finds its origin right there in Egypt with Osiris, Horus, and Isis as well.”


YES: Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, ascendant ancient Africoid Africa’s anointed and appointed Ancestry + Authenically Authorized Artistry: My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs via a Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religiion = Real-Live-Vision!!!
With all due respects and just regards to the writer in the aforementioned paragraph, I AM Divinely Decreed Commissioned, called + chosen, to tell the total truths = 100%+.SPIRITUALIZED Worship with wiser ways, perfectly paying homage, with AN HONORABLE SALUTE! mp3
And this strictly means absolutely not simply 99% partial truth, while leaving the other 1% completely out! No half truths shall successfully succeed, nor are ever going to earn an Honorable Salute, and receive a ritual right of passage past positively paved patterned pathways. Nor be granted a PASS!!!



Solar Sexus Soulfood + Funky Soul Song Season!

Y’all may dutifully cast your NOTE vs. Vote: That the word and meaning and or expression “Religion” & “Religious”; has its origins in the Euro-centric worldly western white wicked witchcrafts and sinister sorceries. Expressly, of the recent arrivals as the mutant members, called Caucasus Cave CaucAsian Caucasoids. Who, they invented, concocted the manufactured misnomers, misinterpretations of myths-mystery-magic, and mindless misunderstandings, of our owned Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa’s Artistry.
Truly thus, righteous recognition, freely given to our Ancestors via high Holy Heavenly Father SUNGOD, from the perspective planetary sphere LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature. And paying the uppermost respects and righteous regards, is exactly what We’s & Us’s were actually doing divinely decreed + declared deliberated, Under One HueMainKind HUEMAINLAW!!! 

Furthermore, unfortunately, these untruth telling, appearing and arriving westernized = Europeanized = Christianized White & Pink pigmented people, should no longer be confused with z-Whitxz + z-Pinkxz Authentic Africoid Albinos. Specifically stating, I’m talking about those mutant members who are still stupidly striving to write inside all of their learned literature, books, historian journals, news papers and all manners of major mainstream media, misrepresentations of meaningful mythologies. Fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

So y’all notice how I’ve contrasted the two superficially simular looking light skinned human beings. Because, basically they are not the same, sensibly sound and sane societal citizens. One has remained an African Africoid and the other is a climatic conditional Caucasoid CaucAsian!

In particularly by, artlessly attaching their fabricated fictitious wordings; “Religious Worships”; to our owned SPIRITIOUS worshiping wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom = well worthy of Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam Maat!!!

Currently Cultured Clean Crystal Clear + Completely Cured + Correctly Clarified: Meaning by definition, ColorKingdomNWCA, cleaned up and cleared out all of the inordinate impurities, screened, shifted, sanitized – sterilized the bad bacteria beliefs. Filtering the present perversions by artistically applying appropriate approaches, such as using the historicity of Ancient Ancestral Africa’s; Center Carbon Core Caddle, of compassionate care and comforting concern for Her earthly humanity and its sanity.
Eliminated, exterminated into extinctions the hidden agendas of imperfections. Ousted all of the unethical unjust ugliness, inordinate immorality, neutralized or removed the perverted politicized pollution poisons. Those traditions of treachery, that were put or placed inside the positive positions of our owned originality and correct current creativity. Such as Soul Food + Soul Music, that has become blatantly made to be bad by bogus bigots who are bias and prejudiced against African Americans customary cultures and culinary cooking.

Even some senseless so called black nutritionists or dieticians, have read these tissue terrorizing books and medical journals written by their historical slave masters and wicked western whip crackers! Then turn around trying to tell We’s & Us’s about what they think that they have learned. Yet don’t KNOW a damned thing!

And then, when he can’t degrade and denegrate nonwhites himself, so other stupid stooges or ‘good coloreds’, runs out to do the devilish white man’s dirty dealings. And tell blacks that what their ancestors cooked, dearly beloved mothers and grandmothers prepared for them to eat, is what kills African Americans. Which in essence, is history repeating itself, under other deceptive disguises, as alleged expert dietitians. Butt, are only modern day Negro slave catchers as capitalist crooks out to make a fast buck and in hopes of casting criminalizing bad luck!!!

Negative adverse programmng; Instead of building up better benefit blessings, too many of those promoting book sales for pure profits = financial gains, are breaking down positve and productively progressive developments and business arrangments, artworks going on inside and outside of the local neighborhoods of cultural colorations!!!


And as We’s & Us’s have elevated our art forms, enhanced the preparation of our foods, improved our eating habits, with healthier and more wholesome produced, homegrown green gardens and colorful crops, some so called “Conscious Community” Blacks, are persisting to castigate, criticize and curse our cleansed cultured causes. Even get their asinine ace of spade asses on digital radio talks shows, online, to spew out over the airways, their truest ignorance. Mostly by alleging that they believe the old-school system of thought, were better and that Blacks needs to go back into the 1960s and 1970s, when music was real.
Butt, these dummies are not artists themselves who know how to play various instruments. Yet they talk at Us and about actual artistries, from the outside of any true experience, playing horns, organs, pianos, guitars, basses, drums or what have you.

The Publicized Prejudicing Propaganda Put Down To Build Them Selves Up Superficially: And have the gall to proclain that today’s songs or musical compositions, are too technical and not real and are “fake drums”. Butt, he and they, don’t know that another human being as a Master Artist, used their great genius to create synthesized and computerized compositions. And actually can play many different musical instruments, live or keyboard performed. It all requires the very same skills, talents and natural gifts of grace!

Righteously Reveals: http://musicianchd.wordpress.com. ‘A doer of the words of wealthy wisdom, and not simply just a listeners and hearer only talking tong twisted trailer trash!’
Although, selfish dis-spirited, profiteering book sellers, published writers, are attempting to tear down that in which they can’t comprehend, nor completely understand. Out of their owned ignorance in ignoing the facts of totally told truths. And this habit of hating on those of us who are evolving creatively into our 21st century CyberSpaceAge, is backwardness, is Niggerishness!!!


Moving forwards + upwards: Instead of always whining and crying and criticizing those who are antagonistic adversaries of the Arch Angel Alien AGENT, I HAVE wisely weaponized + mobile method militarized my ownership of innate-intrinsic-inborn SPIRITIOUSITY. Which automatically is strategically set and sacredly staged to counter-combat the evil enemy energy entities or Europeanized Religiosity!! Inclusively, rebuking and rebuffing, Uncletomists – Samboists – Selfhatists by-products, of invidiously insidious INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!!

ChristLikelyen Churcxz CyberSpaceAge: Mind + Spirit = Spiritious Sanctuary. Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination. Thus the truest thinking bright brilliant brain of everlasting leading Love Life Light Locks!!!

Meaning that this is a paved patterned pathway of wiser worshipping, wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom. Having a healthy holistic, happy and humorous, concentrated, contemplated, meditated focus on planetary sphere Mother Earth Nature!!!

Absolutely no material matter as building constructions, conventional churches, made or manufactured in wood, mortar and metals. Butt, better beneficially blessed, by being bodily born, in human flesh and blood, bone and marrow. Where one goes abysmally deep down inside of themselves, in profound psychological prayer, and in a meant meditating mentally.


THE SOUL: Has to be fed Solar Sexus Soulfood! And that first comes through the Spiritual realm = ethereal energy entities. Entering or coming inside the HueMain body domain of the living organism. By psychology pathway of the thinking mind, into the brain for processing and assessing.

Thus truly assimilated after insemination. Apprehended then comprehended consciously, then sent silently and spiritually to the inner conscience receiving station. Being the center carbon core creation cradle, artfully forming Soulidarity!

This is precisely why ‘I’m endeavoring to keep the unity of The Spirit of Truth, in the bond of Love Peace & Harmony.’ Calm composure of body-bone-flesh, mind – mental, heart-blood, spirit-soul; together unified a one under HueMainLaw!!!

YAWLS see serious success solemnly, spiritually and how severely these Forces of the Ether that Be, originate-operate-communicate and create realities. Manifested material matter via the HUEMAIN, flesh and blood, bone and marrow!
First one has to realize that they might, potentially as a possibility, of being better beneficially blessed by bestowed native-natural endowments. This is the number one substantive – subjective due process of positive production. Which has the essential elements exercising, executing existences, of intuitively and instinctively and Spiritually KNOWING. And this does not mean intellectually thinking that one is intelligent enough by only believing. Basically because, these things goes remotely far beyond rational reasoning and learned logic. Entailing acknowledging, apprehending from the subterranean regions of the Cosmic Con-Science or co-creator conscience. Surpassing what is called cognizant conscious. Equals = consummated comprehension!

Secondly, an individual per-sun, is required to actualize these anointed and appointed, aesthetically, authentically authorized Artistries, of one’s owned Ancient Africoid Africa’s Ancestries. Ya see, there’re Decreed Divine Dual-Double DNA CODES = XXYY, plus+ preprogrammed membranes messenger RNA. Deliberated dynamic equalized-equilibrium biological balance. Artfully applying both bright brilliant brain hemispheric sides = left and right lobes as a globe. Symphonic synthesis and sanely sound synchronization. A financed free gift of graciousness, greatly grand genesis genius!!!

Thirdly, z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz, are natively, naturally born blessed best as better basic beneficiaries. Basically because, of our ownership of an activated, actualized, appointed and anointed Pineal Gland. The “third eye” that permits one to generate, create clean cultured currents, compassionate compatibility among and between HueMainKind. Love Peace & Harmony via Love Sensations Spirit Sublime via SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM’S SOVEREIGN SYSTREAMS!!!
Of course, that is strictly and specifically meaning MASTER1 Melanin Media, made exclusively, for Mastermind Melaninated Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums. And, if in actualized reality, in Spirit and in Truth, one is inside their truest, honest, sincerest Africanized minds. Meaning methods of ancient ancestral Africoid Africa, as opposed to being inside the imposters imposed mindsets of being de-humanized and Europeanized!!!


COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, unlocks the Love Life Light Locks, Sacred Spiritious Symbols, Secure Safe Secrets. Something no so called Caucasus Cave CaucAsian Caucasoid, has the means, methods, nor mentality, to do. He is criminally cut off from our Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR!!!
And this is exactly why White males and females, most of them, are so hideously hostile, heinously hateful towards the Negroids, Africoids, Humanoids, of deep dark Melanin skin pigmentation and cultured coloration complexions. Which in turn, correctly explains why Whites & Pinks, has been and still are so religiously ruthless, reckless, as of the racist renegade rouge REPTILIAN RACE!!!


Spiritless Sayings + Soulless Sermons: Every piece, once, minute mechanism of advanced modern technologies, he alone, has weaponized. Perverted Sprituality and converted it into Christianized, Islamized-Muslimized, Hinduized, Judaismized Religiousness. Then aimed armed militarized weaponries, ill-will wildly at others who look just like himself, and racially profiling nonwhites, as people of color who don’t look like Europeans and Lilly White Anglo-Americans.
Incapable, of creating calmly composed compassionate care and charitable concerns. Only superficial political pretensions, phony attempts of apprehending the primary principles of Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madam Maat and high Holy Heavenly Father SUNGOD!!!




Came Curltured Clean Currently, with the Power and the Rare-Rich-Royal Crown of Glory. Forevermore, everlasting Love Life Light Locks, Amen-Ra.

Brother Runoko Rashidi show more slides of portrait pictures of the various Blacks in Europe. And the Black Popes, ‘from about 195 to 200 A.D‘. or A.C.E. “I think he was about the 13thPope, and he was responsible for Easter being celebrated on Sunday, every year. That was his contribution. And then we have this brother by the name Mitiodus? Mentiodus come to us about 310 A.D. And Metiodus when distinguished because, it was under him that (Emperor) Constantine, converted to Christianity.” ‘All of this European history happened under the reign of an African Pope.” “And you have a third African Pope named St. Galacius. Now I’m not a Christian, and I can’t git over the fact; if nothing else, the first slave ship was called the Good Ship Jesus. I can’t get over the fact that, in Mombassa Kenya today, you have a slave dungeon call Fort Jesus. Now I’m not trying to step on anybody’s toes, because I try to respect everybody’s religion….. But if you are a Christian, you need to know something about the history of Christianity; whether you like if or not.” “We must be seekers of truth, and sometimes the truth is not what we want or what we expect.”

Pt 6/9 Africans in Early Europe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ngf72TLRow&feature=related

Brother Runoko Rashidi show us many Black males and females, in power positions, worshiped as gods and goddesses. Black Knights of the Round Table with King Author. He reveals picture portraits of Russia, Germany and other places in Europe. A hidden history of outstanding Africans and the Black presence. 14tt, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th centuries.

Pt 7/9 Africans in Early Europe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRMxTERzs_A&feature=related


Albeit, nevertheless, might I give y’all my personalized take on all of this, about these things that went on and presently still are going on right now today. In those by-gone days of old time periods of historicity, according to what I’m gathering by listening to speakers and reading their literature, is that the ruling elitist Africans as Black Egyptians; of later dynastic pharaohs, kings, kings, emperors…, played polluted, poisonous publicized propaganda, and politicized religiosity of the White Europeans. Mimicking monkey see money do, copycat parakeet repeat after me poly want a white whip Cracker slave master!!! Uncletoming, Samboing = Self-hating!!!

Likewise, sold out on Maatien Spirituality‘s Spiritiousity. And, wantonly, willingly went along with wicked western world wicked white witchcrafts and Serpentine Sorceries as Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sinister Snake Serpent SYSTEM SATAN!!!

Moreover, to buttress my beliefs and to surely support what I’m saying to yawls, is that some of our owned ‘Black leaderships’, back then, as well as today, didn’t and don’t give a dog-gone about African unity. Seeing how that there was no such of thing in existence, as discriminatory “racism”; as these European White & Pink pigmented people, called CaucAsian Caucasoids, worshipped the Negroids as gods and goddesses, kings and queens. Plus+ ‘Black Popes & Priests‘; who were their scholarly educators, talented teachers of philosophies, psychologies, the sciences of astrology-astronomy, music-art-dance, on and on forevermore making many mistakes. Gross errors!!!!



Furthermore, this truly means that these prestigious Africans were being glorified, deified, and praised by the White Europeans & Yellow Asiatic Eurasians; as Greeks and then Romans. Who must have learned how hatred worked best for the selfish, pompous, mentalities of granduer and great genius. And these whites surely saw how that the integrating blacks treated other Africoid dark melaninated tribal families, who were left behind, not so well educated in the royal schools and institutional universities of higher learning, as were the privileged priestly Pastoral people. Which realities parallels today’s activities and self-centeredness. Who apparently to my mind, said to hell with worshiping womanhood, females are second class citizens, ‘men loving men is the greatest Greek love’…., and down with the Maatien Matriarchal FEMININE principles; and adopt the Euro centric “Honky Ideology” of primary principal Patriarchal MASCULINITY!! Equals- imbalance!!

While some of our prominent people of Africa’s Egyptians, who were initially Kemetians of Ancient Ancestries, pre-historical and pre-dynastic. Lost sight of where they originally came from. A longstanding tradition of customary conditioning of Spirituality.

And as they were partying, eating and drinking, giving unto marriages of foreign females of fairer features or lighter skin complexions. Happily having fun and gambling games with their newly found White friends, associates and affiliates. Butt, the Solemn Spiritualized sentences were also being Summoned; by our ancient Ancestors of the highest heavens holy hosts. Against them for forsaking the promise, the brotherly and sisterly Love Sensation Spirit Sublime!!! mp3



1. YES: Avenger Ascend AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christ Horusheart Divinity, listened to and heard the recorded audio words of the late Dr. Min. Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. On Saturday, January 15, 2012 … at about: 3:52 pm. Online Internet “Digital Underground” by Mr. J. R. Stanton Sir.

2. Moreover, this I KNOW vs. believe or think, is the punctual period of time; when he set the strategic stage and series of steps, that would eventually be his major down fall. Leading to a fatal finalizing fate. Unfortunate physical body death, demise of the human flesh and blood, bone and marrow!!!

3. Meaning, M.L.K., was called back to the Spiritualized, Solarized, Colorized realms, realities of Energized entity entities, of our One and Only SUNGOD!!!

4. Basically by stepping too far out of proper or appropriate alignment, of our Afrindian Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How. To stay within the Divine Decreed Domain of Protection + Guidance + Maatien Rock Offense & Stone Defense, of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. The solitary Solar Sexus Souls SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = SOVEREIGN SYSTREAM, of our Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR!!!


5. Pretty please politely permit me to explain what I truly mean, and with all just regards and due respects paid to Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plus+ all other Christianized Civil Rights Leaders of the 1950’s and 1960’s; whosoever, they may be?!

6. Blatantly Big Bogusly Bias Bigoted Mistakes Made; due to believing in or acting as though they truthfully believed in; these western wicked witchcraft White worshipping, of some so called Caucasian Caucasoid Christian “Jesus Christ” Lord & Savior. Wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly and or unknowingly, foolishly teaching and preaching him to be, as Africoid Africans “God”!


7. Under One HUEMAINLAW: They were self-condemning, self-denouncing, self-degrading, self-discriminating against themselves. No material matter about good faith intentions, strong desires, wishes or wants to be set free unto the perfect law of liberty. Strictly and specifically due to the Laws as stated in the aforementioned sentence, are unchangeable, unalterable, unalienable, unmovable and unforgiving!!!

8. No respects to persons whatsoever, in the minutest least! Baring nobody, and giving no one an automatic religious ritual right of passage, nor shall a person, individual or group thereof, receive a Top Sacred Secret Scriptural Spiritual Security PASS!

9. OK Y’all Know these truths too: When any one, anybody, confess and or profess and proclaim that he or she is a Christian, BEWARE! So listen very closely at what M.L.K Jr. openly said before a listening and looking audience, and then, connect the criminalizing dots and dashes of demonic decision making. As he and many others were taught to do in the westernized, Europeanized, Americanized, de-Africanized, theology schools, colleges, seminaries. Institutionalized Racism’s indoctrination, mis-education, duping – bribing – brainwashing, to its complete controls over his or her, minds.

10. “We are Christians” ’and we are nonviolent’ “we believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ”! He proclaimed and professed. “Nobody can doubt the teaching of Jesus”! As I was for most of my owned life: he says; “we are Christian people”. That’s of course until inverting into a ChristLikelyen: http://christlikelyen.wordpress.com

11. SPIRITIOUSITY = opposite to Religiosity!! Nobody can possibly unite, unify, reconcile the two opposing forces. One of them is a native-natural innate-intrinsic-inborn Spiriiousness, and the other opponent; religiousness, is a man made manufactured meaningless myth or MENTAL VIRON = “Mind Virus”.

 12. Also completely comprehend and apprehend these stealthy silent subliminal messages being implanted within the subterranean region of the deeper inner mind. The exciting oratory speech, about racism in the USA, which carries strong emotionalized feelings, that upset the congregational worshippers. A distraction redirecting their attention, away from the intentional Christianizing cause behind these protest cries. Facts of reality that is exactly what they are, regardless of political religious rhetoric!

13. Pay strict attention to what I’m telling you righteously now today. Know that the speech being given about Ms Rosa Parks being arrested for failing to get up out of her bus seat and give it to and let a white man have it in her stead. And also completely understand, that he was very astute, apt, cleaver, and polished. Systematically and systemically recruiting proselytes, many more members to join with the blind faith following worshippers of the Black Christian Church!! MLK Jr. professes: “we believe in the Christian religion, we believe in the teaching of Jesus.”

14. Howsoever, this “Jesus” never truly existed, and no historians, anthropologists, archeologists, bio-scientists, nor anybody else, can find him or his remains. Having absolutely no recorded history, outside the biblical texts called the New Testament Bibles.

1. REVELATIONS: As a direct and proximate results, attempting to use the existing white racism and ungodly and unholy hatred, to lead and or mislead the lost flocks to some White male person being; “sweet Jesus“. And Afrindianized it is wisely well written: ‘The stealthy shepherds leads their flocks remotely far astray.’ ‘He or she who unwisely trusts in mankind is a fool.’ Those, naïve and gullible herds of docile domestic cattle, kinky-nappy – woolly haired sheepish people of color, into the caged coral; of every foul spirit, unclean false Christian corruptions, and hateful black bird.!!! SUNGOD Forbade!!!

2. As I HAVE envisioned, imagined, instinctively-intuitively and Spiritually KNOW, that these types of fictitious fraud in fact devilish lies, taught to him by satanic leading lairs, ended his life hereon planetary sphere earth!

 3. African American Black Baptist Christian Church house Protestant preachers, pastors, deacons and clergy, were all badly bitten by bloody bats, blood sucking vicious viral vampires of European origins and of the White Caucasian Caucasoid Roman Catholic Church Vatican Popes, Priests, Bishops and clergy. And they, themselves, were blatantly bitten by the Racist Religious Renegade Rouge REPTILIAN RACE!!!

4. Lethal pit viper venoms, poisonously toxic: So severely and seriously suffering, Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, of the Sorcerers Sinister Snake Serpent SYSTEM SATAN!!!

5. When I say come currently cultured clean, also, meaning “Divesting” ourselves of all these terrorist religions. Basically because, We’s & U’s don’t need these inappropriate politicized props, to talk truth about our negative or adverse states of being treated inhumanly. Nor do any of us need outspoken personalities, to remind us all about the harsh realities that we are facing and experiencing today. They are self-evident existing realities!

6. Therefore, melaninated people of color, are to seek Problem Solving Solutions, correct answers, so that the proper pathways are taken, individually and as a collective citizenry. Which screens and filters out contagions as religions, contaminants as of falsified Christianity’s insanity and inhumanity!!!

7. Removing all conceivable artless forms of ulterior motives and hidden agendas, of self-hatred, self-abnegation and self-subjection, etc. And if or when our wanna-be black leaderships, wish or want to help heal us, then they themselves as a mandated must do, be healed first and foremost. Overcome cleansed!!!

8. KNOW NOW: That today’s so recognized to be: “Black on Black Crime & Violence”; initiated with the internal warfare battles between so call Christian churches. Fighting one another over political power positions, and controls of the “Negro” society and or “Black Family“. Mr. King and Mr. Jackson and several others, bucked heads hardly, competing against each other, tearing the other preacher brothers down to build themselves up higher. And these fights took to the inner city streets, urbanized, before the brown and black faces of Church going citizens, and none church going youths. They witnessed their fathers and mothers, grandparents, fussing and fighting, arguing in out of controlled tempers, and domestic violence, disputing over the; de-Africanized, unholy biblical texts. As they saw first hand, hegemony hate and hideous-hellish hypocrisy!!!


1. Albeit, by the time Dr. Min. Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.; was approaching his transition, transformation, transfiguration, from false Christianity to true Christianity or ChristLikelyenity, he was called back to his MAKER, via an assassin’s bullet to his head! Thus to abort his anti-war, anti-poverty, anti-racism, worldwide global mission!

2. Nevertheless, another child had been born better beneficially blessed. Growing slowly, methodically at his own timely pace and pleasure, as a portrati artist. A young lad who was shy, coy and quiet, mild mannered and soft spoken. Respectful of all adults and senior citizens as elders. He attented Christian church services on a regular basis, from being a baby boy all the way up until a full grown mature male and beyond. An aptly astute avid “Holy Bible” & New Testament text reader. Always ‘n lovin’ faith Spiritiously as opposed to religiously.  Learning and developing and growing in wealthier words of wisdom, much wiser than all those who came before him. And he has something more meaningful and powerful than the rest who rushed out in a hurry, hastily, so fast as shooting superstars, yet burnt out quickly and ending their lives much earlier than what they had expected. Guess who I’m talking about yawls? Yes to “know thy self” is TO LOVE THY SELF! mp3.

3. KING surely Snake Bitten: So was The Nation of Islam Muslim Min. Malcolm-X Little Shabazz Big Red, and Min. Khaleid Mohammad. As each individual had began to find out about the fraudulent brothers and sisters; prominently popularized leaders, of the White man’s racist Reptilian religious faiths. And were short Stopped-Point-Blank-Period.

4. Realization + Actualization: These courageous African American Black males, who physically died early in their lives, called in to their MASTERS, yet their Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls, Spirits were returned to Me-Myself & I AM Avenger Ascendant AmriAfrindian ArtistCHD. Called, chosen, commissioned, anointed and appointed. Spiritiously and never religiously residing, butt, living inside my bodily person being human. Their energy entities exercising, executing existences. Traveling through the paved patterned pathways, via THE COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF COLOR KINGDOM NWCA!!! http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

5. DEFINITIVELY: And all of the internal envy, jealousy and strife, from other brothers and sisters, can’t currently change nothing about my self-confidence and Spiritualized sovereign surety!!! Besides, who in the world on this planet earth are you?


YES My own son S.C.D. at the young teenage of 19 years old, was shot one time in his chest, and was killed, murdered by a gangly group of wicked white whip “Crackers”. Crazy Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creatures!!!
Bryan, Texas: He was an athlete who had received a sports scholarship, to attend one of the predominantly Euro-Anglo-Americans colleges. Up there in Springs, Colorado; and as he and his football friends, were leaving out of a fast food restaurant, after a game, my dearly loved son S.C.D. was unmercifully gun down. By these terrorist “pale face” hateful “Honkies”! Butt
, believe my telling y’all that some of them ended up dead, 3 on the mortician undertaker’s slab also, lying in slumber state deceased. Mysteriously, through unknown sources of revenge and retribution. Details, of which I shall stop talking about that deadly case, that happened back in 1989! Pay back is a real Mother F….er!!! Good riddance!



 = Sons of SUNGOD MASTER1 Melanin Media =  

Mastermind Melaninated Messiahs!!!






Love Goddess Cynthia McKinney Madame Matriarch MAAT USA Presidentress +We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests = MAAT’s Wings of Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship + COLOR KINGDOM NWCA AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD anscend ancient ancestral AFRICA’s Egypt = KEMET+

THE BLACKXZ & BROWNXZ  HUEMAIN HOLISTIC HEALTH HEALING HIT LIST: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Phillip Valentine,  Bro. Bobby Hemmit, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Mr. & Mrs Obama, Ms Cynthia McKinney, Ashra Kwesi, Pastor Ray Hagins, Cornel West, Mr. Michael Eric Dickerson, Mr. Tyler Perry, Chris Rocks, Andrew Young, Ms Oprah Winfrey, Sara Suten Seti, Dr Leonard Jeffries, Mr. Bill Cosby, Anthony Browder, Rev. Eddie Williams, Mr. Mark Dean, Ms Marimba Ani, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti?, Dr. Ms Alveda King, Dr. Ms Michelle Rene, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte?_ Redemption + Salvation for Mr. Bishop Eddie Long who was misled astray by false Christianity; Mr. Collin Powel who soldout on Iraq WMD myth, Ms Maya Angelou-poet, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr.  Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti, Russell Simmons, Dr. Delbert Blair, Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, Dr. ChenziANKH: “Per Ankh”, Lebron James ……and this outstanding listings is an artwork still in progress. ….>>> via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

EQUALS = Those Africans in America who are summoned, called and chosen to stand up and fight back bravely, boldly at once, immediately without delay. Indubitably, UNIFYING their bright brilliant brains, against all conceivable artless forms of: Racist White Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, of the System’s Sorcerer Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!! 


Black Females Sterilization-Hysterectomies Planned Parenthoood good and bad…

YES ME MYSELF I AM ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger. Now today giving to y’all his Divinely Decreed Deliberation Declaration. Specifically and strictly about eliminating, exterminating into extinction, the sinister seed sources sown satanically. Stopping point blank period Planned Parenthood’s abortion mass murders, before black, and brown babies are born unblessed. Basically because, once our females become impregnated…, she is now then an expecting mother, of another human being living inside her stomach. Completely comprehending this time tested truth, meaningful measures are to at once be taken, to avoid having to abort-abandon later on. Promocracy planned parental prevention preservation!


BlackLibTV created a video on Black Liberation TV Black Liberation TV ; April 1 at 11:38am: Pastor Ray Haggins talks tough against the Bible teachings telling Africans in America as Blacks, that “God” cursed them. And he calls the Christina worshippers, ignorant Negroes, basically; “Stupid Ass Blacks”; “Dumb as Negroes!”  (D.A.) And I vehemently profess that they Evil Enemy Energy Entities!!!

Moreover, this story is a follow up on his trip overseas – across the oceans, to Ghanna, Africa. Going off into the old-age slave dungeons of devilish demise and demonic deaths of enslaved Negroids of z-Blackxz by ungodly, unholy, unmerciful wicked witchcraft westernized “Whites”! Better still, crazy CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal creatures!!

YES: These are the dire consequences for foolishly faith following, and wrongly worshipping what “Whites of wicked witchcrafts say and do, think religiously and believe politically. Assuming that what is written in these allegedly: Holy Bibles, is totally true and are the actual words of their man made, manufactured mythological “God”!!!

Which in turn let these terrorist Euro-Anglo-Americans, off of the hooks, out of their criminal Caucasus Caves of corruption. Because, as long as these idiotic ignoramus bible readers, use it to justify there own enslavement, WE’s & Us’s have an extremely serious and severe internalized personal problem. A poisoned and purposely polluted mentality and psychotic mindset! A sure sign of Self-hatred!.

Howsoever, the 10% to 12% Rare Rice Royal truths that are contained within the scriptural texts, stolen from our Ancient Africoid Ancestry; are to be carefully extracted; away from the fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Patiently, re-Africanized, and re-spiritualized thus solarized + soularized!! And this inversion requires an anointed, appointed, authentically authorized Artistry!!! Equals = Cosmically called, chosen, commissioned cause of climatic currency charged changes; composed consummately via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com.

Pastor Ray Haggins slam dunks these Demon Blacks & Devil Whites, wicked witches, sinister sorcerers of the snake serpent SATAN. He says strongly that they don’t even had a soul, a spirit, and are absolutely “soulless”! Or else, they could or would have never treated another human being that cruel manners in which they do and still do!!! Then claming that the Bible said so, go into Ethiopia, Africa and commit criminal atrocities against Africoid humanity!

Although, today, I keep on hearing over talk radio shows, having hosts and guest, still trying to cling tightly to their traditional version of Christianity, Islamic Muslim mentalities. They are constantly coming online, interfacing with our struggles, and efforts to free our owned selves from oppression, repression, oppression. They are more than stuck on stupidity, they are also psychotic!! Insane and inhumane!!

They report all their college certificates, professional degrees, being a so called ordained minister, community consciousness, how they are fighting against inner-city violence and crime. And every other issue and terrorized tissue one can interface, embrace and closely associated themselves with. In a psychological poisoned mind, attempting to justify their RELIGIONS!!!

YES: Satanic forces takes on all skin color complexions, racial-ethnic groups, and converts itself into every conceivable concoction of criminality. Nevertheless, Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, has a Divinely Decreed Detector, as activated sensors, spirituous sensibilities, soundly and sanely sensitized. And can easily tell truth from error, fakers falsehoods from what is totally told truths. And automatically shifts and filters out all antagonistic alien agents and or adversarial arch angels. Absolutely none, nobody gets pass my mind’s sacred security systemic, Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!

Black Liberation Radio, Pastor Ray Haggins’ The Truth Center Web site URL: http://wblr.com/

Dr. Walter Williams says “Divest”; free and liberate your own selves from all man made manufactured mythological religions. Which Christianity means in reality throughout history, the enslavement of Africa’s Africoids. This is his 2006 African Village presentation; about O-Reverend Chicken Wing__“Afrikan Liberation-pt.8” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VECkUi-sbbU&NR=1

Our Occupyneers Optical Optional Optimized Objectives, Comforter Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM NWCA = 21st Century CyberSpaceAge cause of action = Methodically militarized militia mindsets, weaponized worldly words of wisdom + fight fearlessly for full fledged freedom, Divinely Decreed Destiny = under one Deliberated x Liberated HueMainLaw!!!

Blog URL: http://occupyneers-artistchd.blogspot.com/

About Me Myself I AM page:  Saving Souls, Saving Kids, Children, Teenagers via Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts. http://artistchd.webstarts.com/about.html

Musical Metaphysical Mediums, mp3 ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + 21st Century CyberSpaceAge CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!http://artistchd.webstarts.com/

My Wix Web site URL: http://www.wix.com/charles4586/solar-sexus-soulfood CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP + Color Kingdom NWCA theme songs mp3.

Z-BLACKRAYZ SOULPOWER Per-suns Perfect Plan-net Artworks Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascendant Africoid Africa Avenger Avatar ARK ANKH ARTHIEST via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt4

The VegeLeoAugustan VegePlanTerRain Africoid Ancient Ancestral Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + authentic-authorized artisty’s homegrown greed garden vegetables + colorful clean cultured crops via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts Amen-Ra MAAT! or http://artistchd.wordpress.com.

The-VegePlanTerRain-VegeLeoAugustan-AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Africa Egypt=KEMET = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts = True MAAT + HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Cote of Arms!!!

SOULTRIX: Spiritious Sixth Suspension + Filth Dimension Decreed Divine-Deified Deliberation Declaration = Solar Sexus Soulfood Spirit Source Science System = Sovereign Systream’s Son of SUNGOD = Orgasmic Organic Optimized Opioid x Original Creator ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Ascent Africoid Africa Ancient Ancestry+anointed-appointed authorized authentic Artistry Amen-Ra = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts

ALBINO Africoid Africans + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindain ArtistCHD = Christ Horusheart Divinity = Ascendant Ancient Africa ancestry + authentic authorized artistry x ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts x Atom Asar Amen-Ra + Son of SUNGOD – Love Goddess Maat Matriarch Mother Africa Earth Nature. pt1

Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR= My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blog +Son of SUNGOD Avenger AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Africa’s Ancestry+Artistry + LoveGoddess Mother Matriarch Madam Maat x ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts Amen-Ra. pt1

AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HorusHeart+DeityDivine Quarinity4 Indwelling ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! pt1

Read later: http://christlikelyen.blogspot.com



About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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