VivianQueen + KinkyKing = RockOffense+StoneDefense =Afrindian Ascended ArtistCHD’s IniVerse RealiVision vs Religion-Politics!!

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 Who dat dar, who dat ova dar… who dat gul ‘n dar, look at dat fine gul….. man it ought to be a law against that fine chick, saa baby.   bigmouthman.gif

VivianQueen & Kinky King, The Biblical Adam & Eve Thing; Let freedom’s liberty bell ring; His & Her poetic song to sing._         

BUTT beauteous bottom backbone rear ending; In the blessed benefit beginning; Genesis genius skin’ ‘n grin’n; There were no such thing as sinning._   who dat dar ova dar, dars gol ova dar ‘n doz moundans…

The original Woman & Man; He & She may We’s & Us’s understand, “inner-stand and over-stand”._ This outstanding command; Across the geographical land; According to Divine Will’s Plan._


Y’all betta com’on ‘n dat house, stop makin’ up all turtle_an012.gifdat racket out dar…

 Master Mind Melanin Messiah; Merchant mercy money made on Mt. Moriah; A religious political pariah; Fraud in fact liar; Devilish lies told by the false Christian church house choir._ muummhuh        I’m talking about ocean sea salt surf; Her Healthy Happy Holistic Humankind Birth; Love Goddess Mother Africa Nature Earth; She bored-carried and delivered upon Her turf._

        Now listen up…. One and two people paired; Sex gender sets lionguitar_an353.gifequably faired._ Solar Sexus Souls; From the ancient African historic days of olds._Years ago never odd Butt molded mod; Who had a Son of SUNGOD; A Daughter of delight-dirt-clay-mud and sod.__

piciloplayeran455.gifThe Homosapiens sapiens species; Two-legged upright walking persons who sees; Free of any unkind stereotype disease; Exploring the earth as they naturally please._

A blueblack beauty booty butt body babe bio-balance; Born immaculately by way of LoveSexRomance; Our Heavenly Father & Earthly Mother’s dance; Compatible companions that prance; At a glance this is ArtistCHD’s strong stance.__My Iniversal RealiVision; Vs religion; A definite decision; Of accurate precision._ And beardrummer_an454.gifagainst dog infested po-lice-poli-ticks ; Blood sucking corrupt criminal mites misfits._

Scientist says after created; Everybody else mutated; Fine-Fit Feminine Female and muscular masculine male mated; Boy and girl dated; Was this also incest ill-fated; Sister and brother XXX-rated?_ How else could humans happen on the run; Mother and son of gun; Having lust-loving sexual fun, Father and daughter under the shinning sun?!_ Shall sensible society face; That creative evolution is by the free gift of grace; Was there not only one single species called human race?.__

Therefore what is immorality morality; How do you define perverted sexuality; Do it conform with truest reality; How did the family start in actuality; Wasn’t it by way of innate divisibility._ Cells dividing and multiplying; Learning how to keep on lying; Intense sunny hot days frying; Stealing from one another never buying.__ who dat ova dar… who dat sneakin’ in rockingturdle.gifmy house in da back doe,… yeah they’a steal everything ya got brother….

Now here individuals are today; Right now looking for full proof I say; About who to worship and pray; For as Lord & Savior they may.__ Be the indwelling; God-self spelling._ Under the moon light paling; Lilly white melanin hormones failing._ Or under the bright brilliant brain; Big optical seeing third eye in the sky so sane._ Of the pineal gland; Using both hemispheres so gallantly grand.__

Two halves to make a cracked whole; Wife and husband plays their royal rich role.__ Witty wise women-mannish men; Having no mythological original sin._ No need for any allegory; Man made up unholy bible story._ AMON AMEN.

jackass.gifWho dat dat ova dar… man look at that fine woman…. look at that Ass brother. Boy she gotta BUTT!!!

ROCKOFFENSE=STONEDEFENSE: Means Merchant Mercy Money=$$$, made by honest methods, wise ways, and artistic talents in techniques. Yes We’s & Us”s are talking about intentional Fabrications, Butt, within it the word’s True-Up definition of being positive in profession. In this stated manner there is no nasty nose negative connotations or counter-productive meanings.

YES, the posted-displayed artwork, digital designs, are smaller size reductions from the full-large size original versions. They will no doubt start to fall apart, if and when copied from the WordPress portrayals; in an attempt to enlarge them. Without becoming too technical about what I‘m saying, pretty please respectfully request ArtistCHD‘s authentic high resolution, huge museum size quality image files, as a download. And or, you may BUY NOW, purchase many of the art specimens from Payloadz Business Web-site catalogs- of digital artwork and musical song sound tracks-MP3.

Moreover, of very significant importance, is that once you invest, pay for the original-authentic image file for a specific art exhibit, then, we would want to also appreciate the profession quality that an expert printing, photo lab-copying company has the equipment and experience to produce.

My first suggestion is Fed-Xpress because of their high tech computer systems. And does great digitized reproductions of original image files, particularly, those that were created in the high numbers of pixels, etc. So dare to bravely go for it, and here’s there Web site URL: = FedEx Office, + Copy & Print: +

Photo to Art Prints: Turn virtually any photograph or digital image file into a high-quality art print on canvas with one of our two unique photo art options. 

 Artwork-Original Full Life Size Large Design: + COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS:

MusicianCHD’s Revolutionary Evolutionary Poetic Art Form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!  +

Buy Now Instrumental Version MP3 Direct Link: blowinghornear_an251.gif


About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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