UniverseManDeity=CK-NWCA+ PortraitArtistCHD Afrindian Ascent American = MultiplexRacialBody Current Culture Color Complexion


IMMACULATELY CONCEIVED: Portraying animation14.gifpanoramic picturesque perspectives; of the entire Universe’s Organizational Order via Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Manifested by way of our Spirit Science Source System = ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!! Masterfully orchestrated and composed by COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com.

 UNIVERSMANDEITY http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/UniverseManDeity


Tr-01via tr5_instru.

The calling of a poetic prodigy.___ A Multiplex Racial rendition; Mother Nature’s artistic depiction.____A Multiplex Racial Reality; Portraying balance-justice and equality.____Her intuitive creative evolution; She designed an instinctive solution.___A Spiritual Revelation; By way of Divine Inspiration.____ [MP3 vocal and instrumental sound tracks hear me now posted at: http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD ]

Now hear me down on my knees as I pray; Searching for a better way.___Going down to the deep part of hell forevermore; Climbing back up to the top of a rough mountain before.___The end days have come; On earth thy will be done.___
A consummate illustration of all humanity;  A war cry against racist insanity.___ Mixing everybody into one human race; Unified in the body by God Almighty’s grace.____ I’m talkin’ bout the Universal Mind; The Grand Master’s Plan that’s most sublime.____Based on “The Spirit of Truth;”  UniversManDeity... is solid proof.____Just open yeah eyes sisters and brothers; Y’all too Fathers and Mothers._

I was touched by the Holy Ghost; To tell y’all the story that’s oppressed the most.___By the white mainstream media news; Such bias propaganda give us the blues.____Their one-sided negative ill-fate; Creating black-brown-red and yellow self-hate.___Enmity and strife y’all; But Armageddon is their final call._animation2.gif




A portrait face picture for the world to see.__ A Prophetic Holy World War 3;  A blessing in disguise to set the enslaved captives free.___ Those who were forced into slavery; By racist bastards who were prejudiced and lazy.____On the North American continent; Held in bondage by the “white devil” who refuse to repent.___ Shackled by Jim Crow Segregation Laws; An evil conspiracy of bigoted flaws,____ With the blackJackAss Uncle Tom devil; Self-hatred on every level.__

To many of us suffered the CIA’s crack rock cocaine; The United State governments sinister prison game.____A corporate empire of “The Great Satan;”  For Capitalistic money profits so blatant.___  I’m… not mistaken; Are y’all now awakened?.____

Babylon The Great; The worse terrorist with a dirty slate.____History bears me witness; A testimony against their racist sickness.___The main problem in our world today; No matter what those up on Capitol Hill say.____

Now let us come forward with a more militant stand; Claiming our USA Promised Lands. __Taking our justified piece of the American pie; Exposing the racist white devilish lie.____Condemning all those who sold us out as slaves; To hell with their souls beyond the graves.____

The war against this germ is not over yet; Complacency and indifference still beset._ Yet some of us would like to sit back and look stupid; Waiting on the broken arrow of some Cupid.._Fed the poisons of Social Capitalism; Doing nothing to fight white racism._ Ignoring this problem won’t make it go away; Those who sit up in silence and say. _

Nothing to combat this damaging disease; But enjoy the benefits of the struggle that please._

And the cross burning of the Ku Klux Klan; Trials and Tribulations shall force all to stand.___ And do what’s right or simply die; So I warn y’all to hear my protest cry!__

Our Heavenly Father bless the global world; For Mother Earth is a precious pearl. __By the grace of God; ‘N Lovin’ Faith honoring our only Lord.__Amen, Thank Y’all! MP3 vocal and instrumental sound tracks now posted at: http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD  or ALBUM: 5 MP3 song sound tracks, vocals-instrument, plus DixieDevilDeity: http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/UniverseManDeity




Yes Our MultiplexRacialBody of Color Culture Complexion; A portrayed pleasing pretty perfection._ Skin pigmentation, Deliberated adaptation and mutations; Of our Global World Nations; Her evolutionary creations; Via bio-seed plant incubations._ Truly dark shades, tones, tints; Ethnicdiversity She did invent._:Beautiful black-red-brown, tan, yellow, pink, white. Reflection of prismatic spectral hues of our radiant LOVE LIFE LIGHT._ Happy healing humor laugher’s lovable fun: Radiant energy’s Solar System Spirit Source Super Star Sun,
The Conscious Cosmic Currency Creator & Gigantic Generator; Gracious Gifted Giver; One that SHE does delightedly deliver; Diamonds, pearls, opals, emeralds, gold and silver.__ Indifferent to our suffering sinister serpent sins; And therefore offering us maximum freedom to thrive in the outs and ins._ Or to faithfully fatally fail; Ineptly put in jail without bail; Being a living nightmarish hell; Political prisoners can rightly tell.__

Happiness is our own chosen way; This is the Universal Eternal Law & Organized Order today; So may we wishfully wisely pray; Needing no religious dogmas I vehemently say.__I’m talking other wise about extreme heat synergy; From compressed and condensed energy._ For out of this intense hot blazing flames of passion, Do our creative juices freely flow in financial fashion._ Innately inborn as a real live organism; Plants-animals-homo sapiens species of humanism._Thus as a direct and proximate results; Envious grown-up adults; To Stop Point Blank Period their jealous insults.__


However Hate vs Love; Under the heavenly skies above._ Illustrating the Insanity of Humanity._ Using the creative evolving brains; Through gratitude’s gains._And know-how; Not to humble heads to bow; Because by natural law; Willingly we all possess a hidden flaw.__ No longer permitting mankind to degrade, Discriminate against what MotherAfricaEarthNature made; No matter what tone-tint-tan or shade._ Can’t anymore destroy organic life art forms; Via military force of arms.__
Inclusively, the haphazard and intentional mutilation of the human being species, through the dirty underhanded scientific experimental medical practices. Compounded by this religious fanatic cries; Psychotic behavior of torture and torment of those that dies, and the lies; How human bodies fries.__ Due to passionate sexual desire; And sinners burning in some fictitious Hades Hell Fire!!!

Which religious myth is a fairy tale fantasy fiction founded; Upon untrue stories so sickly ungrounded._ My real live visions;Where real live human beings make mistaking decisions; Get themselves trapped and burned up; In raging grass-brush-forest fires of bad luck.__ And are incinerated; Ashes to dust particles degenerated._ However many of us to save; From early death in the cemetery grave._Or simply set to flames by murderous other persons being fire bugs; Pyromaniacs starting blazes as arsonist neighborhood thugs._ Perhaps such as being burned at the stakes; These inquisitors are religious fakes._
In the scheme of things by way of Mother Nature, She allowed for the creation of imperfect creature; Seeds selectively chose for their feature._ And to permit certain numbers of genomes; Develop into mutations who roams._And that are not totally perfected yet inlets; This means that there are apparent human being pets; Who are what I call bad seed bets, Who are degenerative in their bio-genetic structures of regrets._

LOVE GODDESS MotheraAfricaEarthNature

 Causing all manner of mankind made troubles playing colorblind; And causing problems to others of seemingly unlike kind _They hide silently in the surreptitious midst; Of the good seeds they insist; Positive progressive productions to resist.__ Thus waiting their chances to do what they are programmed to do; And that is spoil rotten and ruin wholesomeness through me and you; a multitude of unseen channels to._ They are as it is in a living state of negative realities; Relativity relatives of fatalities__ But let us be as innocent as a dove; No harmful germs- bacteria, and closely akin to hatred and opposed to LOVE.

She also created the conditions; For the potent product positions._Of wholesome seed programmed instructions; Healthy bio-genotypes, bacteria productions._ Carrying repentant potentials; Having quality’s credentials__ To change in the sense; Of creative evolutionary suspense.__ Become well adjusted developments; And adapted to their healthier living environments; Able to made self-employment improvements._

Healthy happy in this strict manner means; From a contextual character cultured crystal clear cleans; Our perspectives by way of envisioned dreams.__ By the free gift of saving grace; Informed faith of the Holistic Human Race!!!
In other words we can better ourselves, improve our standing from ground level zero on up scale to the high level of achievement success. Of course, through intended reason, deliberated thinking, purposed use of our bright brilliant brains as they are. Working hard and smart with what we have some degree of controls over; being bestowed endowment gifts and natural born talents
The same way the authors of the Holy Bibles, New & Old Testaments, borrowing-sharing-stealing form historical mythologies, tall tales of the ancients, etc., so shall I employ many written Scriptures as they are in words written: “Study to show thy self approved unto God”, And to me this mean your god-self, the divinity in mankind-womankind-humankind.
Requiring no outside or external (human) godlike figure whatsoever; Other than the Great Big Ball of Flaming Fire to endeavor.__ Our Optical Seeing Eye in The Heavenly Sky._ Being no sanctimonious religious fraud; Truly as our Solar System Source Super Star SUNGOD!!!

P 4………..
These false vs true Christians, Believers who’re pedestrians_ In their man-made human being god or gods as, Other than themselves has.__Are poisoning the wholesomeness of all humanity with their religious political insanity and egotistical vanity; No strange wonder why there’s crazy calamity.__Which scriptural test can-will-shall and is being used for and against them; Hanging not from an accursed cross but a tree limb; Or pushed into the deep blue ocean sea to swim.__ As a testimony of truth vs lie; Knowing good vs bad is why._ Buying right vs wrong as we could and should and would.__So forth and so on making meaningful mercy money decisions. RealiVisions vs Religions!!

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa

Son of SUNGOD = The Original Creative ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creatives Arts pt1

COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/

Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs = Miracle Mystic Mind Money Magic + Cosmic Conscious Conscience CREATOR’S Occult Occurrences – Cognizant Clairvoyance ColorComplexTrix Currents = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Activated Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Actual Applied Awareness =$$$

LOVE GODDESS + Queens Current Color Complexions = Rare Rich Royalty + Pretty Pattern Princesses = Fine Fit Female Fashion Fabrics + Feminine Financial Fortune Finders = Wealth + Riche$

Sassy SashAss Sexy She Shitter-Shift-+Solar Sexus Soul Savior’s SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

TO LOVE THY SELF AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HEART+DEITY=DIVINITY Indwelling ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! pt1

HIV vs AID = MENTAL VIRON = Mental Viruses Myths pt 1

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Rock Offense Stone Defense = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = pt2

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Clean Cultured Cash Currencies = Spirit Source Science System pt3

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Explosive Exercised Essence Expansion = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD =

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Hip Hip vs HipP + LapP CyberJazzBluesRapP = Spiritualized-Solarized-Romanticized Musical Songs Homemade pt5

About ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian

The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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