Urban Race Riots+Civil War + ArtistCHD’s RealiVision vs Religion!!






Urban Race Riots & Civil War; Caused by white supremacist racism by far.__As a direct and proximate results; Racial prejudice, hatred and discriminatory insults._Engaged by bad Euro-Caucasians; The white Anglo race on all bias occasions._ Those with a superiority sickness of their minds; Bigots and hypocrites of all natures and kinds._
Always painting on the stereotyped negative black face; Then vehemently denying that it had anything to do with race._With the press associating us with illegal drugs-violence and crime; While hiding the pearly white pale faces from the cameras all of the time.__
Even during natural disasters we are printed in their cover page; And this is exactly how history gets grossly distorted at every stage._No positively not the white ran system is not colorblind; Butt the Caucasian owned establishment has run completely out of time._-For people of dark melanin skin color won’t take it anymore; All over the nation and world oppressed people are extremely sore.__
They have spent billions of dollars to silence our protest cries; Butt Urban Race Riots & Civil War caught them by sudden surprise.__ The mainstream news media formed their evil conspiracy; Promoting the system’s false version of democracy.__ The mouthpiece of Lucifer Satan The Racist White Supremacist Devil; Butt mind is the voice of the poor down trodden masses on ground zero level.__
Supporting Characters says: Yeah down with white supremacy and praise the Lord…..Yeah stop racial discrimination and hatred…, Yeah step down heavy on racial discrimination in our nation…, Caucasians have a superiority complex and need to take some of this dip…, Si Senior stop the war and end racism…., we’re all human beings…, Yeah send the enemy to the deep part of hell fire….
We have found unique, original creative ways to be heard; The satanic White Power Structure can now hear the charge of the spoken word.___ Civil unrest in our cities and out in the suburbs; To think that we are just trouble making scum is absolutely absurd.___ Calling us criminals, thieves, looters and degrading names; Is apparently the Evil Doers insane shifting the blame game.____ But we are making our gallant stand; A quest for racial justice, equality now upon our demand; Which is essential to the Grand Master’s Divine Plan; To uproot white supremacy from every country and earthly land.___
Yes, we can and will terminate this deadly killer disease; Because it is a serious threat to people of color here at home and over seas; And we don’t ask for permission, beg and say politely pretty please; For we are empowering ourselves with determination and ease. _
Thus, can and will continue to bravely fight; The racist System back every day and night.__ No matter what the white authorities and official say; Positive change is right on time and now here today to stay.____
Bloody police brutality is the real fault; White cops are the same ones back in the 60’s African Americans fought.___ They are the guilty culprits who incites Urban Race Riots; Then expect for us to remain subdued, peaceful and quiet.___
The hate-mongers give the Caucasoid citizens the socio-economic advantage; But now the benefactors of racial hatred has a hard case to manage.___ I’m talking about the middle and upper privileged classes; Those who profits from their egregious acts and deeds producing these violent clashes.____ These ungodly demons want minorities to be unarmed, and defenseless; So that they can run roughshod over our rights with us having no way to resist this.__
These Euro-Americans refuse to stop their harmful practices and policies; Therefore all hell has broken loose giving out no apologies.___ It is all a part of Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III; Inspired by the Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature I can clearly see.____Far beyond the wicked state of white supremacy; A blessing in disguise for you and me; To set the enslaved captives free; Unto the perfect law of liberty.___
A shock wave is spreading across the towns-cities and nations; We deplore the ghettoization; Of our black-red-brown and yellow community concentrations; And demand pay back for historical damages through reparations.___ For long-standing devilish Colonialism; And the cruel black slavery of whites’ Imperialism.___ Which created these dirty cockroach infested slums; And river rat ghettos of impoverished streets bums.___
Yet it is also the smart and educated youth; Who the renegade Anglo cops racially profile, and target to shoot.___Down in cold blood on the inner city streets; But Urban Race Riots & Civil War will certainly teach.___The System and Establishment & Governments to learn; A good school lesson while watching their God damned corporate empire burn.___Set to the flaming fires of Hades and hell; Down with their sinister Prison Industrial Complex and City Jails.__
This last section will by my post comments and statements:
Now, shall our good white friends and love-ones join in with us; Or will they side against the people of color feeling that they should or must.___Will the decent Europeans and Americans come out of their house; And overthrow their oppressive governments and leaders to oust.___
Thus, clean up Congress and the Senate too; And git rid of warmongering presidents I inform you.____ Take control of the Pentagon once and for all; Or shall they  sit back and witness the United States of America & Europe fall.___And these are the end time days of reckoning y’all; Do you hear my prophetic messages and last final call.___ This is the best written story today by far; Urban Race Riots & Civil War!
Thank Y’all Very Much For Staying In Tune and in Touch With Me….Goodby for now.



Urban Race Riots & Civil War
(background says: We got to stand up and fight for our rights… fighting back… standing up…)
Yes, this racist white supremacist super power has gone way too far; Now we’re going to have to face urban race riots and civil war.__It is a direct threat to all earthly humanity; By reason of its devilish insanity.___ (sings: we got to stand up and fight now, and this is exactly how….) Now listen Up! Yes, this deadly serpent and dragon and sinister beast; Trying to rule, dominate, terrorize and police.__ Protesting civilians here at home and over in the Middle East; With its nose stuck in everybody else’s business causing bloody wars and no peace.__
( Redneck Red says): You’re right brother Davis, the racist white supremacist are all over the world sticking their nose in everybody else’s business… they need to take some of this dip!) (First Lady Lou says: That’s right brother Davis, there’s no time for this sittin’ back acquiescing and sucking up…praise the Lord son.) (Yah, brother Davis this is Churchouse Geechi Deacon Dan, we got to stand up and fight now.)
Therefore, we got to bravely fight; Stand up for what is clearly our right.___
Yes, for our freedom of speech as we see fit; These terrorist white cops are full of prejudice bullshit.__ The United States jails and prisons are filled; With Indians, Mexicans, And Blacks who they didn’t murder and kill.___(“The great Satan”… their occupying force.)
This is a serious legal cause of action; A civil war against Lucifer Satan the hateful Devil’s corporate empire with a heated passion.__ Defending ourselves from the bigots many attacks; Racial Profiling and targeting red-brown-yellow skin colors and black.__ Shooting us down in cold blood in the inner city streets; Police brutality and discrimination to say the least.__ Creating urban race riots; Yes, butt they want for us to keep silent and quiet.__ (but we gonna kick up a stink and raise a lots of hell…., mi amigo-we are going to fight the Gringos back)
But we got to fight for our rights now; And this is my choice of weapons, CyberJazzBluesRap and God Almighty’s Eternal Law.__ Of course carried out by all legal and God given ways and means; Sober, drug free, healthy, mean and clean on the battle scene.__ Because I’m blessed by the free gift of artistic poetic grace; Here to help save the whole living human race.__ (wooooo brother Davis…git back up on that gun-mount and fire at the enemy….. their racist religious politics!) ….Sure I will!___

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